Upcoming Playstation Games Leaked via SIE Document

Samam Hasan
Samam Hasan
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It seems that a list of upcoming Playstation games has apparently leaked via a Sony Interactive Games document. A spreadsheet showcasing various upcoming Playstation games with their platforms and their primary engineer. This document was first posted on a 4chan thread.

While the legitimacy of these upcoming Playstation Games might be questioned at first of this supposed document, Tom Henderson has stated that the document does confirm a lot of information he knows, but can’t confirm the legitimacy for sure.

What are the Upcoming Games from Playstation?

The list of upcoming Playstation games has confirmed some of the rumors that have been going around recently. First, there was a rumor of the Horizon: Zero Dawn Remaster along with a Horizon Multiplayer game. This is present in the spreadsheet and is now seemingly confirmed.

Secondly, we have another confirmation of the Death Stranding sequel. This is currently codenamed ‘Ocean’. Norman Reedus, who plays the protagonist of Death Stranding had previously confirmed the existence of the sequel in an interview.

There’s also a new survival horror game being made by Firesprite, one of Sony’s newly acquire studios. It was previously confirmed that they are indeed working on a new AAA survival horror game from their job listings.

In addition to that, indie studio Ballistic Moon is also working on a title codenamed ‘Bates’ which is also a survival horror. The name might imply something related to Norman bates, a fictional character from the famous thriller novel ‘Psycho’.

There is also mention of a ‘Games As A Service’ game by the London Studio. This was also confirmed via a job listing before. But, no codename has been given here.

So, it seems that Sony has its hands full with all these upcoming games. We can expect some of these games announced very soon.

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