VALORANT Patch Notes 4.0: New Agent and More

Ivan Reyna
Ivan Reyna
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VALORANT Patch 4.0 reveals some much-awaited additions to the game, including the official release of the new agent, Neon. This patch will also include changes to how the game is played with changes to the weapons and ranked system. Take a look at our TL;DR of the new patch to get updated with the latest changes.

VALORANT Patch 4.0 Release

The most significant addition to VALORANT Patch 4.0 is the release of the Filipina agent, Neon. She is a duelist with high mobility and is expected to be a counter to Jett. This agent specializes in using electricity in her kit, as highlighted in her abilities. Her contract can be unlocked by farming points up to Tier 5 or spending 1000 Valorant Points.

The patch will also include changes to a few weapons, including the melee weapons, spectre, ares, guardian, and bulldog. Here is a short overview of the changes:

  • Melee Weapons – Improved aiming by increasing the hitbox for both left and right-clicks.
  • Spectre – Nerfed close-range and long-range combat capabilities by reducing firing accuracy.
  • Ares – Buffed overall firing rate and removed spin up.
  • Guardian – Buffed by removing firing rate penalty.
  • Bulldog – Overall buff on gun’s kit.

VALORANT Patch 4.0 also includes a lot of significant changes on both Bind and Breeze. The devs added crates, benches, and other forms of cover to add some variety to how these maps are played out. Breeze’s signature open map feel has been nerfed and will feature more hiding spots upon entry.

New changes to Breeze map in VALORANT Patch 4.0
Image via Riot Games

Finally, Riot Games will be changing the competitive system in VALORANT. The requirement for playing Competitive Mode is changed from 20 standard matches to being Level 20. This only applies to new accounts. Old accounts that have played a ranked game can still play Competitive Mode despite not being level 20 can still play ranked.

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