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Valorant Background

Valorant Skin Collections That Deserve A Second Bundle

Riot already released numerous skins for Valorant. Some skins stand out from

Anwell Patdu Anwell Patdu

Breeze: Valorant’s Newest Map First Impressions

Valorant Leaks shared the trailer for Valorant’s newest map, Breeze, on Twitter.

Anwell Patdu Anwell Patdu

CS:GO Pro Joining the New C9 Valorant Roster

CS:GO professionals floppy and Xeppaa among the players rumored to join the

Anwell Patdu Anwell Patdu

Valorant to Add Assists in Killfeed, A New Map, and more!

Recent leaks suggest that Valorant is going to add assists to the

Anwell Patdu Anwell Patdu

Valorant Patch 2.06, big agent changes and Bucky nerfs

The patch notes for the new Valorant update have officially been released,

Daniel Westrop Daniel Westrop

Best Laptops for Valorant in 2021

Valorant, an exhilarating mix of CS:GO and Overwatch, has the gaming world

Sarthak Khurana Sarthak Khurana

Valorant Launch in India, Vietnam, Middle-East, and China delayed

It seems that the Valorant Launch could be delayed in these regions

Rizwan Anwer Rizwan Anwer