Wild Hearts CG Trailer Showcases Stunning Visuals

Wild Hearts CG trailer Showcases A Beautiful World Threatened by Kemono Beasts

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • Wild Hearts CG trailer revealed
  • Showcases a beautiful world
  • Demonstrates the threat of Kemono beasts

EA and Koei Tecmo’s Wild Hearts has just showcased a brand new CG trailer. The trailer reveals the threat to humanity from a specific beast as they try to eliminate it. Wild Hearts puts you in a world infiltrated by monsters much like Monster Hunter. We don’t really know how the game will be, but the trailers so far promise an impressive title.

Wild Hearts New CG Trailer Emphasizes Threat to Humanity by Kemono Beasts

While the Wild Hearts CG trailer doesn’t show in-game footage or gameplay, it does showcase a kind of beast called Kemono. Moreover, the trailer also shows humans fighting the beast and various other monsters through different weapons and techniques. All this has been set in a gorgeous CG world that the game is set in. You can watch the trailer here:

The trailer’s description reveals further about Kemono beasts:

Kemono are giant beasts that have fused with their environment, as beautiful and as deadly as nature itself. For as long as the village of Minato has existed, our people have lived in fear of them: In dense forests they are ferocious as wildfire, and on the grasslands they are unstoppable as an incoming tide. Only through mastery of a mysterious ancient technology are we able to fight back.

Wild Hearts Kemono beast
Wild Hearts Kemono beast

Wild Hearts takes a unique twist on the hunting genre as you will be able to fight Kemono and other monsters using ancient technology. The game will be playable solo or with co-op.

Apart from the Wild Hearts CG trailer, we have had others that demonstrate that the world is as majestic as the CG one. The infusion of old technology into weapons to fight monsters does seem like a cool idea and we are looking forward to the title.

What are your thoughts on the new Wild Hearts CG trailer? Let us know in the comments down below.

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