May Sale: -91% Discount: Windows 1 1 at €14.53, Office €20.38 and How to Purchase and Activate Codes on SCDKey

Saad Muzaffar
Saad Muzaffar
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Getting your hands on games and gaming peripherals can turn out to be quite an expensive affair. With AAA titles now also increasing their prices, waiting for Steam Summer Sales to get your hands on the best deals can get quite tough.

Thankfully, sites like SCDKey act as a shining beacon in these turbulent times, offering great deals and discounts on your favourite titles that’ll keep your gaming spirit alive and thriving.

What Is SCDKey?

SCDKeys Lifetame Sales

SCDKey is an expansive website that offers gaming peripherals and game keys on multiple platforms such as Steam, Origin and UPlay. These games are almost always priced lower than actual retail prices and are therefore, an excellent purchase.

For instance, a Windows 11 Pro key will remain usable for life on that particular machine. And, it’ll be at a much cheaper rate than what you would expect if you purchased the software from Microsoft directly or got a physical key. However, the overall functionality and what you’d expect would be the same!

That’s not all, though, there are some great deals happening right now on SCDKey; here’s a quick look at some of them:

Key NamePrice
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OEM Lifetime Key$16.57
Microsoft Windows 10 Home OEM Lifetime Key$15.47
Microsoft Windows 11 Pro OEM Lifetime Key$23.24
Office 2019 Professional Plus Lifetime Key$50.87
Office 2021 Professional Plus Lifetime Key$57.57
Windows 10 Pro + Ofice 2019 Professional Plus Lifetime Keys$62.82

Note: To get these prices, you’ll need to use the code WHAT25 at checkout!

SCDKeys and Gaming

Let’s take a look at the Last of Us Part I, quite a popular game. On Steam, the price for purchasing this game is as follows:

Last of Us Part 1

Now, let’s take a look at SCDKey, and see what price we are met with:

So, we go from $59.99 to $43.98. This is a discount of about 30%. Quite a sizable amount considering that you’ll be able to play the game for quite a reduced price. To add, this game will be completely legit, and will be redeemable directly on your Steam account.

You won’t need to download a particular launcher, go through some hoops or have a trial version of whatever you are purchasing. The same principle applies to software too.

How to Purchase and Activate Codes on SCDKeys

Here’s a quick guide on how you can purchase and activate codes on SCDKeys:

Purchasing and activating codes
  • Head to the product you wish to purchase, we’ll be using a Windows 10 Pro OEM key as an example here.
Head to the product you wish to purchase
  • Enter your promo codes if you have any and click on Submit Order
Clicking on Submit Order
  1. You will now receive a 25% promo code discount if you use WHAT25
Activating Windows
  • Now, open up your Windows Settings and select Activate
Windows is activated
  • Enter the provided key. After doing so, Windows 10 will be activated free forever!

Final Thoughts

SCDKeys is an excellent place to ensure that you play the latest and greatest in AAA titles. And, if you ever have a broken mouse or keyboard, you’ll be able to get your hands on some epic peripherals too!

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