Xbox Showcase Announced Along With Starfield Direct

Xbox Showcase to Happen on June 11 Leading to The Starfield Direct

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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Xbox Series X
  • Xbox Showcase announced
  • Will take place on June 11
  • No more details as of yet

Microsoft has finally revealed a release date for Starfield, their premier release of the year. Speculation had been going on about the title for a very long time. The recent Xbox showcase completely skipped the title and a separate event was promised. Now, along with the Starfield release date, Microsoft has also announced an Xbox Showcase that happens on the same day as the Starfield Direct.

Xbox Showcase For June 11 Announced

The Xbox Showcase has been scheduled for June 11 along with the Starfield Direct. The news came from the official Xbox Twitter handle. No additional details have been revealed as to what the showcase will cover and how long will it be. But in all fairness, it’s still quite a few months away, so we’ll probably find out the details near the event’s date.

We know that the Starfield showcase is different from the actual showcase so there will be other titles shown as well. We also know Microsoft has some other major titles planned as well. Forza Motorsport is also expected to drop this year so we might hear about that too. Also, Microsoft has Avowed in development, which we also hope to hear about at the Xbox event in June.

What do you think will be showcased in Xbox’s June Showcase? Let us know your opinions in the comments down below.

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