Xbox to Hold a Showcase for Upcoming Titles Soon

Reports suggest that an Xbox showcase is set to take place soon

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • Xbox showcase could be happening soon
  • Will feature Redfall, Forza, and other titles
  • Will offer an intimate look at Xbox titles for 2023

Xbox’s absence at The Game Awards 2022 was a major disappointment for the fans. While people were curious to know more about Xbox’s plans for 2023, their no-show came as a huge letdown. But it seems that Xbox already had plans for 2023 as a new report claims they are set to hold a showcase for their upcoming games this month.

Xbox Showcase for Upcoming Games

An Xbox showcase has long been rumored and it seems that it’s finally upon us. Xbox Two Podcast in December revealed that the showcase is planned but the exact date wasn’t known. Now, according to Jez Corden of Windows Central, the Xbox showcase titled ‘Developer_Direct’ is set to take place on January 25, at 12PM ET. The date may be subject to change. Tom Henderson has also corroborated the news but states he can’t confirm the appearing titles.

It seems that Xbox fans who have been eager to know about Redfall, Forza, and other Xbox titles will only have to wait a few more days. Windows Central claims that the event will feature a deep dive into Redfall, Minecraft Legends, Forza Motorsport, and ZeniMax Studios. The source states that the show will offer a more intimate look into these games.

Xbox titles for 2023
Xbox titles for 2023

A curious elimination from the list is undoubtedly Starfield, which could be Xbox’s heaviest hitter for 2023. According to the source, Starfield is rumored to skip the showcase as it might be planned for E3 2023. While fans have become worried that Starfield could be delayed again, that might not necessarily be the case. There are still plenty of months left in its rumored release window. Or maybe Starfield does appear at the showcase as a surprise reveal.

Everything at this point is a rumor, Xbox has neither denied nor verified the news. But if a showcase is indeed planned we might see an official announcement soon. We learned earlier that Ghostwire Tokyo could be coming to Xbox in March, and with other exclusives also lined up there is a high probability that the showcase happens soon. But what gets showcased at the event is to be seen.

What games you are looking forward to the most at the Xbox showcase? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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