Throughout history, there have been times of constant ideology. Many events take shape, and make us what we have become today. Many still continue to happen to this very day, through the thinkers and intellectuals of our times. Those who dare to stand above.  Welcome to WhatIfGaming™,  a publication centered around mystery and chaos of the entertainment industry, founded originally in 1995. WhatIfGaming brings a new aegis from all parts of the world, and adds its own spoken records in the eminence of history. In the mark of time itself. We make the revolution.

We Write For The Masses.

Review Policy

Intricate, concise, detailed, effective. We are among the highest ranking sites in the reviews sector to implement a no scoring policy. Everyone should make up their own minds, and read our own reflections and in-depth professional critic observations on every single product covered. We take a fond interest to all of our reviews, and only review specific products and do editorials to that in which have spent a lot of time covering previously, unlike most sites that have the need to do as much as possible and produce horrible quality of writing. In fact, we get so many review requests a day that we prioritize and actually turn down products quite frequently for review to our dismay, but that is the place in which we live. Remember to look out for our WhatIfGaming Prizes (which includes our WhatIfGaming Editor’s Choice and the heralded WhatIfGaming Best of E3 Award). WhatIfGaming is a place of care, concern, and immeasurable quality. Here, we write for the new era, the latest thinkers of our times. We make the revolution. We Write For The Masses.

We would love to ordain a time and a moment for readers to claim that we take currency of any sort from advertising and marketing specialists for different companies in the entertainment sector, without it tarnishing our integrity. The fact is simply that this is hardly true in any industry, especially the entertainment industry that thrives on this and corporately-owned publishing conglomerates. For this sole reason, despite the numerous requests we have received over the years from prospectors that have the right to reflect on anonymity, WhatIfGaming does not bother with the exchange of money in any form. From time to time, we have developers enthusiastic about flare-designing our site to suit their products. In such a case, we always have an in-house team do this as courtesy and nothing more for a title we are genuinely interested in highlighting.

Editor’s Choice Award – Video Games, Misc.

An example of marvel and upholding prodigious recognition, attaining the Editor’s Choice for a title is no easy accomplishment. Firstly, any review is a strict evaluation of one product Each review is composed of a country code, whether it is a U.S./UK/France/etc review. For reviews with more than 2 European contributions, these will be marked with EU. For other reviews where 2 or less have participated in the full official review, seperate country names will be listed indicating this is officially that country’s review as well. This is not to say that any one country cannot review a title in its own accord separately after contributions to one global-official review of a title or product. A product/title is subjected to what WhatIfGaming believes to be the standards of the day and age. Things are constantly changing as time fleets, and expectations given a climatic rise of technology and industry standards also see a natural change and evolution from a Critic’s perspective. Universal standards are recognized, but also outside of the box thinking is even more appreciated, especially with those publishers and developers with titles that begin to set the standards of their own genres and redefine them for the future. A comprehending and paramount grasp of global standards that we recognize and/or set ourselves given a defining title is something that each and every editor and even correspondent has mastered.  Every video game is upheld to our own highest quality of standards, and reviewed irrespective of any special treatment publishers provide to media such as early previews, demo’s and visit events. Every product is based on its own offerings and anything the publisher promises to deliver. When a game is reviewed, it is always compared solely to the concurrent eminence standards of the time.  We never assume anything about the quality of a game and focus on being as decisive as possible, because we strongly believe in consistency of reviews that accurately describe a product to the most meticulous-oriented people in the world: consumers and intellectuals.

Video game titles will always have competition lurking in the shadows. The central focus of any review lies in the core facets that competition fuels the best within a title, despite how poor or excellent. With its own merit, the title will naturally be held to the changing and extremely high WhatIfGaming standard of the time. This technically means a title that is highly rated several years ago is not better than a newer title of the same series or any title for that matter. As time goes on, and development dates for video games linger, WhatIfGaming naturally (as the consumer) has to assume that developers are working hard until proven otherwise, thereby increasing natural expectations of time to release a product. We naturally pass judgment on a video game title and any product more critically as time goes by because of these rising expectations as gaming enthusiasts and consumers. Reviews might solely be considered opinions by a lot of people, and while we support the right to this philosophy, we also dissuade readers from only taking our reviews in specific as opinions. Our reviews are essentially game verdicts which are defining and we believe they speak for themselves to uphold the integrity of articulating the facts about a title. Reviewing a game for us is essentially a delicate in-depth look and modus operandi for detailing the facts. While any review contains a form of subjectivity, which can be perceived as bias, it is lucid that facts are naturally extenuated on personal experiences with a product. Every WhatIfGaming review is made to uphold actuality but moreover intellectuality as strongly as viable.

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