Modern Warfare 2: New Gameplay and Movement Systems

With Modern Warfare II’s launch fast approaching, some questions remain; what strides are Infinity Ward taking to make Modern Warfare II a fresh experience? Similar to its predecessor, Infinity Ward plans to refine its parkour system, drawing inspiration from Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, as well as with the introduction of all-new features and mechanics; here’s the scoop! 

With Modern Warfare II’s multiplayer maps sticking to a more tight and hard-lined approach to level design; players will be able to meddle with these mechanics in Warzone 2, putting these new features to the test in a larger, more variable playground; using the environment to your advantage!


MW2 movement

Ladders & Ropes

With Ladders, you’ll be able to vertically position the equipment alongside walls, containers, and buildings; though if not supported, it will fall and shatter, causing the Field Upgrade to reset. 

For Ropes, You’ll be able to repel down, and scale up buildings with this tool. whilst repelling, players can also swing through windows, or into collapsed walls. You can also attach the rope to vehicles and players, allowing for a quick getaway for downed players. 

Shifting & Strafing 

Strafing lets you move sideways in any direction, as well as backwards. Say you get too close to a threat, or you turn a corner where you’re at a disadvantage, you can shift out of the area to clear some space and get a better view of your options and surroundings. 


Players will be able to vertically clamber up walls, this feature is determined by the height of the platform you’re trying to reach and mount.


You’ll be able to hang off and grab onto ledges. Call of Duty’s newest mechanic that allows players to reach for impracticable platforms, also reduces fall damage. Players will also be able to use their sidearm whilst ledge-hanging. 


Sliding has since been revised, allowing for players to now slide into a prone position, as well as down angled inclines and slopes. 


Bunny-hopping is dependent on the height a player falls from; the greater the height, the more speed boost you will gain onto your bunny-hop.  

Gameplay features


Exigency hip-fire (Quick sidearm draw)

A feature that allows you to quickly switch to your sidearm with one hand, this can also be done with lethals. 

Suppressor Meter

You can change the size of suppressors and depending on the size it’ll affect recoil, damage, and ranges. There’ll exist a meter that players will be able to mess with and find their balance. 

Weapon handling (Grips) 

An operator will have the option of choosing between a set of different tactical handlings and techniques; this can affect the accuracy and speed of a weapon, some examples include a Magwell Grip, and C-Clamp Grip. 

Magazine check animation

-For modes with limited heads-up-display (HUD), you’ll be able to inspect a weapons magazine count. 

Reticle ammunition count 

New design where reticles display a weapons ammo count, seen with revolvers and shotguns. 

These refined and renewed mechanics will give fans a new learning-curve, that’ll allow players to effectively interact with, practice, and master stringing together unfamiliar gameplay features. 

Ralph Valve
Ralph Valve
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  1. Mehh, they should’ve and could’ve done this years ago! They wouldn’t change a single thing if the sales didn’t go down. So yeah I am afraid it’s gonna be total dog shit again…

  2. No nuke on multiplayer..Just throw it away and start over. SMH. Giving in to all the cry babies and democrats I’m sure

  3. I do dread seeing people slide canceling and bunny hopping repeatedly just to get a kill. But hopefully the game will be fun. Just reverse boost the SBMM. Definitely looking forward to campaign and the game overall.

  4. I returned this game “vault edition” because there are too many cheats and because the aim on consoles is exaggerated on warzone 1 (there is no ban for cronus zen, cronus max and stricke pack, nolagvpn) … and so it will be and on warzone 2, pooches do nothing for normal players!!!

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