SBMM reshaped for Modern Warfare 2

Ralph Valve
Ralph Valve
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Skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) has become a hotbed of discussion over the last few years; it continues to be a source of concern amongst fans of the franchise. Activision has since sought out an improvement to the SBMM framework, assigning a subsidiary studio, Demonware, with curating and refining the system.  

An associate close to Call of Duty describes SBMM as;

complicated, but pragmatic. We’re always looking for ways on improving every facet that contributes to a products success, that’s the initiative […] SBMM is one of those things, as it’s really a matter of trial-and-error.

SBMM plays an important role in sustaining and thriving a player-base, and with Vanguard failing to meet expectations, Activision has had the chance with wiping the slate clean and reviewing the system in place – a collective R&D (Research & Development) effort from several studios contributing towards creating a liberal, yet sensible system. 

A system that accommodates all brackets of skill, high and low. An associate briefly mentioned that the new framework would become less debilitating for the better margin of players, instead of penalizing them, whilst allowing for a protected bracket to coexist for lower-skilled players.

Matchmaking Bot Pools

MW2 guns

With the breakdown of the SBMM system, there are alleged plans to incorporate Bot Pools (PvPvE), for the new DMZ mode, and Warzone 2, on the condition that a player’s statistics are eligible to enter these lobbies. With the overhaul in AI, they’ll be able to track a players’ level of skill throughout a match, leveling and countering ‘Smurfs’ or outright removing the player from the matches

With Call of Duty newly integrating Bot Pools, an associate asserted that this particular system would cater to a specific set subsection of players in mind, the handicapped. One of many accessibility options to be introduced, ensuring that as many fans as possible have a chance at experiencing something that may have previously been unplayable to them. 

Disbanding Lobby’s 

Disbanding lobbies are supposedly here to stay. An associate emphasized its apparent importance in structuring SBMM as a foundation, plainly stating:

if that were to be removed, it would collapse

An associate then went on to mention that SBMM has only become a topic of discussion internally on the backend of Modern Warfare (2019), where a plan of action then followed soon after.

Technically, the teams weren’t prepared for Modern Warfare (2019)‘s wild success. The system utilized for that game was placed on full display, it was outdated.

It’s been put through the wringer with recent titles, but it’s constantly in development and maintenance.

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  • Disbanding lobies destroys any connection with others leading to less play time. CoD will just never be as fun as it used to be.

  • The disbanding of lobbies is almost as bad as the sbmm… If the are going to continue to disband lobbies this game is dead…The lobbies were the best part of COD… That is gone and COD hasn’t been the same since… They have ruined the game and the experience…

  • Skill based matchmaking is terrible I literally have 1-2 good matches and because of these I end up having 10 bad ones where I’m out with ppl who literally shit down my throat sbmm needs to leave stop the lobby disbanding and just let us play the dang game

  • Can have verdansk back please cus caldera it is not good at all verdansk is better and everyone misses thw map how it was and where you jump out of the AC130 so can you guys please bring verdansk back when season 3 battle pass time is Finnished please we miss verdanks

  • Translating, noobs will get extra protection. The rest of us will keep suffering. Maybe SBMM will be a bit loose compared to the previous three titles but lobby disbanding I’d there to make sure you get what you deserve after each game

  • You guys have to quit accommodating to bad players.. We all started at the bottom if you match bad players with bad players there is no improvement. SBMM should be removed good players don’t want to play against demons every single game it’s like we’re in a mlg tournament it sucks. If you want people to come back to multiplayer remove it search & destroy is unplayable since sbmm.

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