Ever wondered who gives you such incredible articles? Wonder no more. It is time for you to meet the staff that has a natural glow as warm and tender as the morning sun. 


The WhatIfGaming Staff is not only made up of glorious writers, but enthusiastic gamers, and yet-undiscovered professional. That is why our articles are factual, studied, and well researched. We are nerds. I mean, we love gaming.


If you feel our articles are true and tested like a new bulletproof Tesla.. ok, bad example. But they are! And it’s because we live what we write. We wander from practice to theory to writing. It’s not just a matter of recycling others’ articles and looking for adjectives synonyms. We have our own tone, voice, and opinion. We hold accountability for what we write and publish. 


From hardware reviews to game reviews (our favorite part, games CD keys!), our reviewers study, experiment, play. And then, after grasping its core features and mechanics, they articulate their viewpoint and perspective on said review.


Our news editors are swift and accurate. We don’t just copy and paste press releases, but we try to make a parallel between them and other news in the gaming world. Our leaks are examined, cross-referenced, and often proven true. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you how we find them, otherwise, we would have to ki… ahem, moving on. 


We write up-to-date guides to games that are trending so you don’t get stuck in a game or in case you want some tips to get a headstart on your friends. Our guides are often considered synonymous with cheats because they will make your life so much easier in the game that it can’t be something honest or real. But believe us, it is.


So there it is. Each of us may have a different preference, perspective, and writing, but we all have something in common. Our passion for games and the drive to deliver something distinct to the community.