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Enjoy this everyone. Oh yeah, and wish me a happy birthday!

Posted By: Usman Ihtsham
ON Monday, December 15th, 2008
2:10 AM

Exclusive Coverage: SpikeTV 2008 Video Game Awards – The Horrors and Incredible Chills with: Hideo Kojima, Ted Price, Tony Hawk, Alex Evans, And Of Course: Neil Patrick Harris

Usman Ihtsham In Front of VGA Board

Usman Ihtsham In Front of VGA Board

The video game awards season is a great time to catch up with developers out of their studio’s and in their jammies. Okay, well not exactly but you get the idea. WhatIfGaming attended (finally) the SpikeTV Video Game Awards after much participation with it already and was able to get some quality time in with: Ted Price, Alex Evans, Neil Patrick Harris (What?!?!—Yeah we know) and the master himself, Hideo Kojima. For the sake of making things brief –consider this article in a 1st person reflective perspective.

We arrived at Sony Pictures Studios HQ in Culver City, CA (flew from San Francisco). The atmosphere was timely for these awards and the weirdest part was that the security crew did not bother checking our ID’s? First off, first weird. No worries –it can only get better right? We arrive at check-in and get our exclusive passes to the “red carpet.” You will all soon find out why we have that in quotations soon enough.

Our goal was simple: Meet up with our friends on the red carpet, mingle after they passed the limited stream of media outlets on the red carpet, and then go home (no we did not stay for the show due to complications). Apparently, we did not get the pass for the show which is what we initially requested, but then it’s sort of a give and take sort of deal. Either you meet the celebs, or watch the show. Only complaint we have is that the coordination team had no idea who was actually attending the show. One manager told us:

“Even I don’t have tickets to it!”

Our question poses: Who does?

No clue apparently! But from the seeming influx of pre-pubescent teens and high school/middle school attitude and aged cheerleaders attending the event (the screening —red carpet was off limits) as if it were prom not to mention the children of someone completely random —there was something seriously wrong with the whole SpikeTV VGA 2008 Screening shindig for the taping. Clearly tickets to the actual screening were not given to people who actually gave a damn, but to family members of Sony Pictures and …who knows! Anyone?

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Posted By: Usman Ihtsham
ON Monday, December 15th, 2008
1:03 AM

Sorry Folks. E3 2009 Isn’t Public – Just More Improved

Don’t cry everyone! Just be happy to know that the ESA just contacted WhatIfGaming to say that E3 2009, to take place June 2-4, 2009 is not public as many were hoping after some ridiculous statements about E3 2008 not “displaying the games industry’s wealth.” As I’ve taken position before, allowing E3 2008 as a media only event was the right choice and so is the same case again. E3 2009 is just a little “expanded” to allow for retailers to participate in the convention this time around. There is always E For All everyone! According to ESA:

The 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) will take place from June 2-4, 2009, at the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC), the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced today. The expanded E3 will welcome all qualified computer and video game industry audiences, including international and U.S.-based media, analysts, retailers, developers and business partners to preview the latest in interactive entertainment and technology.

When directly asked if “public,” meaning Timmy and his 4 parkour friends to the game lines will be able to attend, ESA stated to us rather directly:

The changes only include: increased booth sizes, increased qualified audiences, and an intensified focus on reinforcing the improved plans for E3.

Update: Talk about the level of hate mails I just received (around 500) from posting this. This is what ESA wrote to us. We specifically asked if “non-members” of ESA meant anyone in the public, and that’s a no. It just means that people NOT in the ESA group (few companies, exhibitors, and now developers) can gain access to this event in 2009. Public is still not allowed.

Update # 2: Confirmed again. Not Public. Press/Developers/Attending Companies/Business Partners still need to APPLY to attend. E3 2009 will be like the “old” E3′s in terms of scale in the booths, not public attendance. Public cannot attend.

Posted By: Usman Ihtsham
ON Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008
10:59 AM

The Last Guy Review – I’m A Nice Zombie

The PlayStation Network is on fire lately, releasing strong unique titles that truly set it apart from its competition. The Last Guy doesn’t sway from this formula of success. This “quirky” title from Sony Japan Studios is a simple yet complex little game that is haplessly fun to play.


Posted By: Usman Ihtsham
ON Friday, August 29th, 2008
1:28 AM


Graphics Better Than Crysis

Want to know which game looks better than Crysis and requires thee most insane computer worth $25,000?

This video will help. Specs include: 3 HD Radeon 4870 X2′s, 8 GB Ram, DX 10.1 Vista Ultimate, and the highest clocked GPU without the need for extreme cooling at 30 fps.

Now in all seriousness, this guy has no f-ing idea what HDR is about. But he does know how to put on a nerdy voice.

Posted By: Usman Ihtsham
ON Friday, August 15th, 2008
10:59 PM


Viva La Vida or WhatIfGaming and All His Friends

WhatIfGaming Family & Friends

Throughout our lives we meet certain people. Some Most are plain up rude, snobby, and pretentious. Then there are some pretty cool ones. For the new readers, and our old ones who give loyalty another meaning, you’ve all noticed our latest additions of Editors: David Jeffers and Danny Jeffers. While they have been behind the scenes of WhatIfGaming, making all the amazing things possible with the site production and media over the years, they’re taking more of the spotlight (yes, we got your e-mails) and apparently changing it.

So to show my appreciation for two really talented journalists for WhatIfGaming culture, I have dedicated a little video for them from our thought-to-be lost archive of footage. This whole display is out of the ordinary. If it wasn’t, we really wouldn’t be the blog you have all come to know and love. Stay classy Los Angeles, or wherever you are.

Posted By: Usman Ihtsham
ON Thursday, July 31st, 2008
8:25 PM