Square Enix Kicks Faces: No E3 Demo At All

Oh, another day and another hour. This time we debunk a rumor. The latest one that just smashed through the window of hopes is the teary eyed rumor that there will be a demo for Final Fantasy XIII to display engine goodies for the highly anticipated RPG that PS3 people are fond of and 360 people are drooling to have.

Well, stop hoping and praying. Not answered in other words. Here’s what Square Enix’s NA PR has to say:

We have no plans whatsoever to intro a playable demo or any demo at E3 on the FFXIII project.

Okay okay. Hold back the gushing tears of agony. So there will not be any playable demo this year at E3. Does it really surprise anyone? But one thing is for sure, you can all still keep hoping that some form of FFXIII will show up at E3.

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.


  1. Dominated. Public = noobs

  2. Haha. RUMOR CRUSH-ed

  3. We in India fROWN when we hear this : (

  4. Not surprised at all

  5. That’s SE for you :)!

  6. My bf was looking forward to news on this. No demo though. poor him

  7. Sounds right and it makes sense. The game is barely like 8% ?

  8. Sadly not for PC. Would love to play this in HDR with tri-ATI

  9. Yeah, talk about kicked

  10. Big surprise. not.

    Conjuredevil replied on June 10th, 2008 3:51 PM:

    yeah seriously

  11. Sony Fails again


  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Ditto

  14. Square just isnt the same company anymore

  15. No suprise

  16. as long as its a good game the longer the better

  17. This news sucks :(.

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