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Tech and gaming enthusiast with a keen interest in stories. Believes that Witcher 3 is the only RPG that comes close to Fable 2, the best RPG ever made!
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LEAK: DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part 2 leaked on Bethesda Store

Bethesda just leaked the entire DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part 2 product pagewith screenshots and the official cover of the game.

Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part 2 Achievements Leaked

New achievements for the upcoming DOOM Eternal The Ancient Gods Part 2 DLC have been leaked via Steam and reveal major spoilers.

Rainbow 6 Parasite Technical Test Listed on Microsoft Store, Hints at 2021 Release

It seems that Rainbow 6 Parasite has a technical test uploaded on the Microsoft Store which means that the game could have a release date soon

Elden Ring Trailer Leaked Online; Full Reveal May Follow Soon

Leaked footage from the Elden Ring trailer started floating private channels a few hours ago and now we have it before our own eyes.

Elden Ring is NOT Coming to the Xbox Event in March, But it Can Drop ‘Anytime’ Now

Rumours and whispers pointed out that Elden Ring would make an appearance at the Xbox Event, but that was quickly shut down.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remake Will Feature 3D Chibi Characters; Open World Pokemon Game in Development

It's less than 16 hours before the Pokemon 25th Anniversary event goes live. One of the most anticipates games that's (quite likely) coming is...

Leaker Drops A Major Hint on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remake

A reliable leaker stated that we'll get Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remake's annoucement before Pokemon Day, we suspect it's coming on 24 Feb.

Crash Bandicoot & a Monster Hunter Hero are Coming to Smash Ultimate

According to an anonymous leaker on an archives board, Crash Bandicoot and a Monster Hunter Hero are coming to Smash Ultimate in 2022.

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