ZeniMax Studios New AAA Game In Pre-Production

    ZeniMax Online Studios’ new AAA game features moving vehicles and NPC-controlled vehicles based on recent job postings found on their website. ZeniMax Online Studios is the game studio that developed Elder Scrolls Online, released in 2014. Elder Scrolls Online is...

    Konami Has Renewed Trademark for Metal Gear Rising and Castlevania

    It seems that Konami could have some surprises for fans, and with an E3 appearance set for later this year, we might see them return.

    High-Class CS:GO Action: Funspark ULTI Has Begun

    Funspark ULTI is a $250,000 CS:GO tournament that lasts for 9 days and features 8 teams. The event is designed primarily for tier 2 and low-ranking tier 1 teams. But the action is still fun to watch. Some of...

    Returnal Trophies Reveal A Monster Sized Platinum Journey

    Returnal Trophies have made an early appearance on exophase and it seems that the trophy could be a little challenging.

    4 New Projects are Coming From Xbox Global Publishing, Excluding the Rmoured Kojima Gam

    According to Miles, 4 different projects are currently in production at Xbox Global Publishing, excluding the wild Kojima Partnership rumours

    Four New Xbox Games in Development According to Leak

    A podcast featuring Miles Dompier leaked Xbox’s new games in development. The rumor mill never stops when it comes to big gaming companies. Whether it be new games, new updates, or new partnerships, people are always excited about what these...

    CS:GO Pro Joining the New C9 Valorant Roster

    CS:GO professionals floppy and Xeppaa among the players rumored to join the new C9 Valorant roster. The Cloud 9 Blue Valorant team dominated during the early days of competitive Valorant. Tyson “TenZ” Ngo led the team and instantly became one...

    Gyro Aiming Is In Resident Evil 8 for PS5 But It Comes With A Catch

    It seems that gryo aiming is in Resident Evil 8 but its exclusive to the PS5 version of the game, perhaps the next demo will aim for better

    The First Resident Evil 8 PS5 vs PS4 Comparison Is Finally Here

    We have a first look at the first Resident Evil 8 PS5 vs PS4 comparison thanks to the playable Village demo that dropped a few hours ago.

    IO Interactive, the Studio Behind Hitman, is Working on a Multiplayer Game

    IO Interactive, the studio behind the renowned Hitman series, is working on an "unannounced" multiplayer title as per a job listing on the developer's hiring page. However, we're not yet certain if the game in question is a "multiplayer...