Hades for PS4 has been rated by the Korean Gaming Board

    Hades is one of the best games of 2020 and won tons of GOTY awards from multiple publications. It is Supergiant Games' best title yet and incorporates some of the best moment-to-moment combat, with exceptional writing and characters. Now,...

    PlayStation Steam Page Hints At Over A Dozen Unannounced Titles for PC

    The PlayStation Steam page is hinting at more games to come for the PC, but we will have to wait until E3 for more announcements.

    Jeff Grubb Confident That Starfield Is an Xbox and PC Exclusive

    Jeff Grubb has gone on record and affirmed that Starfield is indeed exclusive to the Xbox consoles and PC. We will have to wait till E3 now.

    A Plethora of Starfield Images Leaked On Internet – Showing Space Station

    Some new leaked images of Starfield hit the internet earlier today and they all show shots of what looks like the inside of a space station.

    DOOM 4: Cinematic Characters and Unseen Shots Leaked

    A DOOM emerged with unseen cinematic stills and character portraits from the unreleased DOOM 4 CG trailer.

    Sunset Overdrive 2 Could Be A Possibility

    Sunset Overdrive was an immediate hit upon release, leading many players to believe that a sequel would be on the way. In the years since, however, nothing else has come of the franchise. That isn't for lack of interest,...

    Sony Sued For Overcharging Players “Billions”

    Sony has been one of the most beloved brand's in gaming for decades; it's helpful that it's behind the PlayStation and many gamers' early memories. A new lawsuit against the company might change that, however, as it's claimed that...

    Battlefield 6 To Be Revealed in June and Released in Q3 2021 as Per EA’s Latest Financial Report

    EA's title slate for the current fiscal clearly revealed that Battlefield 6 will be revealed in June and release in Q3, 2021.

    Gabe Newell Teases Steam Games Coming To Console By End Of 2021

    Gabe Newell could have given the tease of the year by giving us a hint of Steam games coming to consoles by the end of the year.

    The Coalition Denies Connection to Star Wars Project

    Recent rumors point towards The Coalition Studio developing a Star Wars game. However, they quickly shut down the idea of a new Star Wars game. The Coalition is a team under Xbox Game Studios that develops the popular Gears of...