Destiny 2: Power Leveling For Busy Gamers

Daniel Westrop
Daniel Westrop
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Modern life is too busy. Juggling between work and family is not easy. That is much more difficult for gamers, especially those that are studying. Yes, gaming is a great way to have fun and enjoy life with a busy schedule, but you might not have enough time. How can you save time as a busy Destiny 2 gamer? In this guide, we will concentrate on how you can level all the way to level cap in Destiny 2 without getting burned out along the way. The focus of this guide is going to be how you can maximize your time, and more importantly, your enjoyment of Destiny 2. This guide will go beyond XP farming and look at some practical advice for busy gamers and how you can best manage your experience so that you can achieve your gaming goals without feeling completely exhausted.

Destiny 2 Boosting Services

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Understanding XP in Destiny 2

XP is used for two things in Destiny 2. The first thing is your season pass ranking. Each tier of the season pass is going to have the same level requirements for each. It has a pretty consistent flow the entire time. Beyond season pass, you are going to use your XP to level up your seasonal artifacts. That will have your power increase by +1 for each level you unlock, and it is unlimited in its cap. It will also unlock various mods for you to apply to your weapon and your character. Now both your artifact and your seasonal rank reset with each new season. So for the long term, you should view it as just for fun content rather than the real push for power. 

You can maximize the number of XP points that you are earning. There are different ways that you can use, but the best is by paying attention to your ghost shell. Go for something that has a guiding light to earn more XP points. If you can’t find one, go check out the store. Traditionally, they will have some ghosts here with that kind of perk listed for bright dust. Anything that has a guiding light will make your experience all the better.

The weekly, daily, and repeat bounties  

You can find bounties on the tower or any different zone vendor in the game itself. Your weekly bounties are going to be what offer you the most bang for your buck. So, if you are on the moon with Aeris Morn, they are going to offer you a base 12,000 experience, which costs 1,000 glimmers. The daily bounties cost 250 glimmers and reward a decent amount of experience at 6,000 experience each. The repeat bounties cost 3,000 glimmers and are only going to offer you a base of 4,000 experience each. Remember, the weekly bounties have the best offers. 

Practical advice

People that put thousands of hours into this game are the ones that hate it even before getting to the cap level. If you want to enjoy Destiny 2, you should give yourself a break and play other games too. You need to give yourself a break and stop worrying too much about your progression. Remember, you are playing Destiny 2 to have fun. Changing your mentality will improve your enjoyment of the game. Permit yourself to enjoy the game.

You also have to put something on your calendar. Your schedule is busy, but you need to find time for gaming. That does not mean that you should take gaming as a job. All I mean is that you should have a few hours for gaming after work or on weekends. Playing once or twice a week will help you make progress. Remember, giving yourself a break will make you enjoy the game for a long time. 

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