11 Fae Farm Recipes You Can Find In The Docks

Alec Padua
Alec Padua
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Fae Farm is a cozy RPG farming sim developed by Phoenix Labs. In this first of many recipe-finding guides, we’ll show you different locations in Azoria where you can pick up recipes that you can use for your homestead. You can find Fae Farm recipes in the docks as soon as you start Chapter 1. Make sure that you’re inside the Docks area before you start your search by accessing the Map.

Fae Farm World Map


Picnic Basket

Picnic Basket Location

After talking to Mayor Merritt, go down near the entrance of the Docks and you should see a recipe scroll right below.



Anvil Location

Head east of the Docks and you should see a Blacksmith outside. Beside the building, you should see a recipe scroll placed on top of a box.


Peach Checkered Rug

Peach Checkered Rug Location

From the Blacksmith, continue heading east and you should quickly see another recipe scroll below the bridge that leads to the Beach.



Barrel Location

From the Dock entrance, head west and you should see a Tavern outside. Before you head inside, grab the recipe scroll near the barrels. Choosing the left door will get you item #7 while choosing the right door will get you items #5 and #6. You can pick these up in any order.


Cozy Kitchen Rug

Cozy Kitchen Rug Location

Using the right door as the entrance, you should be able to see two scrolls in the Tavern’s kitchen. The Cozy Kitchen Rug recipe scroll is the one near the plant on the right side of the room.



Bellows Location

Pick up the next scroll next to the chef in the kitchen and you’ll be able to unlock the Bellows recipe.


Straw Bed

Straw Bed Location

Assuming that you used the kitchen entrance, go further west and you should be able to see a staircase. Another alternative is you can also use the left entrance door of the Tavern from the outside and you’ll immediately see the staircase.

Tavern alternate entrance

Follow the staircase until you reach the far end of the corridor near some barrels.

You should be able to see the Straw Bed recipe scroll right above the Bartender.


Fuchsia Tiled Rug

Town Hall Entrance

Once you finish Chapter 1, you’ll get to access the Mayor’s Town Hall at the entrance of the docks. Go inside and climb up the stairs. You should be able to pick up the Fuchsia Tiled Rug recipe.

Fuchsia Tiled Rug Location


Stately Wooden Desk

Town Hall Lobby

There’s another recipe that you can also pick up inside Mayor Meritt’s town hall. After entering the town hall, head east and you should see another recipe scroll that you can pick up near the lower right corner of the blue rug in the mayor’s office.

Stately Wooden Desk Location


Stack of Letters

Town Hall Lobby

From the town hall entrance, head west and you should see a post office. The recipe scroll for the Stack of Letters is pretty tricky to spot so you have to go behind the reception desk so you can see and pick up the scroll.

Stack of Letters Location


Bonus: Crate Fabric

Shipping Warehouse Location
Find the Shipping Warehouse west of the Docks. Your landmark is the bulletin board near the stone staircase.

This is another tricky recipe to look out for and you will probably find this item late in the game. In my case, I was already beyond Chapter 2 after discovering this. Go inside the Shipping Warehouse and you should see a scroll tucked behind the staircase.

Crate Fabric Location
I can barely see my character after finding this.

And that wraps up all the Fae Farm recipes you can find in the docks. You now have plenty of furniture and decorations to choose from. Have a look at our other guides on where to find the rest of the recipes. Happy hunting!

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