11 Simple Minecraft Roof Designs

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Roofing is the hardest part of building in Minecraft. To create a great roof shape for your base, you will need an aesthetic eye as well as some blocks to bring yourself high up. But things are not as easy as that, that’s why today I’ll cover some simple and beautiful Minecraft roof designs that you can use in your base.

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a frame roof Minecraft

Materials: Full block, stairs, and slab.

Like what it’s called, A-Frame has the A shape with the roof cover all the way down to the ground. Like building a tent, but the outline using different blocks pallet. This roof style is mainly used in Viking buildings, with a big hanging roof.

Furthermore, this Minecraft roof is fairly easy to build because you can just build from the ground up, not like the others, you need to scaffolding up.



gable roof Minecraft

Materials: Any kind of stairs and slab.

This one is the most basic in the Minecraft roof designs list. I’m pretty sure that you’ve built this roof at least once. Unless you always build a box.

At the first glance, Gable may be the same as the A-frame roof, but Gable is much smaller and it usually hangs down to 1/2 the height of the build, with A-frame it goes all the way down.



gambrel roof Minecraft

Materials: Full block, stairs, and slab.

Gambrel is another variation of the A-frame roof, you may call it the Curved A roof because it’s using the shape of the A-frame roof when maintaining the attribute of the Gable. Pretty cool!

You can see this style applies to a lot of medieval buildings, like the tavern, or the farm.



clerestory roof Minecraft

Materials: Only slab.

Clerestory roof contains 2 diagonal panels next to each other, but with 45 degrees for each one. With one part of the roof higher, it makes your entire house look like a shoe. Also, you can choose the best direction to build so the sun can come in from the higher part and light up your base.

This roof is mainly used for modern houses and church style.



mono pitched roof Minecraft

Materials: Only slab.

A very simple Minecraft roof design, where you just need to cut half of the Clerestory roof above. This one is built using slabs with a diagonal direction. Very straightforward!

If all of the Minecraft roof designs out there are too hard for you, I’d recommend this one so you don’t build a box house anymore, Just try it and see the difference!



curved roof Minecraft

Materials: Full block, stairs, and slab.

If you don’t want to decorate your house with a lovely roof, you can try the next two. The curved roof is one of the variations of the Gambrel roof, but it’s lower so it looks like ridiculous hair you see in pretty much any comic.

This one is mostly is used in a Barn design.



mansard roof Minecraft

Materials: Full block, stairs, slab, and trapdoor.

Even funnier than the Curved roof, this one looks like the hair of some funny guys in the street. With a wider width and not so tall compare to any other roofs, you can decorate your house to make it look even fabulous!

I’ve never used this roof before, so I’ll leave you to judge if this is actually good.



saltbox roof Minecraft

Materials: Full block, stairs, and slab.

Saltbox is a famous roof for a large portion of wooden houses. It’s created slightly the same as A-shape but with one side is shorter than another, creating the asymmetrical style. So if you’re a fan of clean and symmetrical like Mumbo Jumbo, this roof may not be the right fit for you.



mshaped roof Minecraft

Materials: Stairs, and slab.

You guess it! This roof is based on the M character, which is why it’s called M-Shaped ^^. And it’s basically created by two A-frame roof next to each other.

You can see this roof in any large house, including both modern or medieval styles. The hard thing is your base need to be large enough.


Gable (Lower Pitch)

gable lower pitch roof Minecraft

Materials: Full block, and slab.

Another variation of Gable roof, Gable with a lower pitch. Even though It’s the combination of only block and slab but it creates a staircases effect, which is very unique

Use this roof design if you’re about to hit the build limit or want to hide your base in the neighbor buildings.



butterfly roof Minecraft

Materials: Full block, and slab.

The Butterfly roof is suitable for your modern house, but you can also try it in Fairy/Magic theme. And as you may realize, this Minecraft roof design is a reverse of the Clerestory roof or an upside-down version of the Saltbox roof.


And that’s the end of the roofing part. Hopefully, you can find some inspiration and build for yourself a lovely roof.

If you haven’t finished your base yet, check these Minecraft wall designs to make progress, then build the roof later!

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