15 BEST CS:GO 1v1 Maps: Ultimate List

Anwell Patdu
Anwell Patdu
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Are you looking to find out who’s better in CS:GO? Well, find out now by trying out one of our picks for the best CS:GO 1v1 maps.

The Steam Workshop is home to thousands of different CS:GO maps. These maps range from changing your CS:GO crosshair, practicing with bots, and even training your aim. These maps are community-made and can help you get better in CS:GO.

Other popular uses for Steam Workshop maps include surfing, practicing smoke lineups, practicing movement, customizing your HUD, and of course playing 1v1s. Nothing is more satisfying than completely destroying someone in an old-fashioned 1v1 aim duel.

Without further ado, here are our picks for the best CS:GO 1v1 maps.

Best 1v1 Maps in CS:GO


Awp_Lego_2_HD by Luci

Awp_Lego_2_HD by Luci

Check it out here.

First up, we have the map Awp_Lego_2_HD created by Luci. This map was created back in 2015 and was last updated in 2018. Even though it’s a relatively old map, it’s still a great map to play 1v1s in.

The whole map is created and covered by Lego bricks. You and your opponent randomly spawn at opposite sides of the map, each having an AWP and a Desert Eagle in hand. The map has very few hiding spots. It’s composed of a wide area, perfect for AWP battles.

There’s also a huge tower right in the middle. However, this usually isn’t an optimal hiding/AWPing spot. Depending on your elevation and position, there are quite a few blind spots, making the map more interesting to play in.

It’s a bright and colorful map that’s perfect if you want to practice your AWP skills. Just warn your enemy not to get tilted when you kill them over and over again.


Aim_Biove_Texture by Dood

Aim_Biove_Texture by Dood best CS:GO 1v1 maps

Check it out here.

Aim_Biove_Texture by Dood is another excellent choice if you’re looking for 1v1 maps in CS:GO. This map was created in 2015, but it still delivers today. It’s one of the best maps for 1v1s because of its versatility, different angles, and different elevations.

The map allows you to use the M4A1-S, AK-47, M4A4, the Deagle, and the AWP. This map is better if you’re looking for some old-fashioned 1v1s that involve a little bit more strategy and outplay potential.

The map has an orange and gray color. It also features tons of different areas with elevation and cover. The middle part is full of orange walls of different shapes and sizes, allowing you to slowly get close to your enemy without taking damage.

Overall, it’s a very fun map to play 1v1s in. Additionally, it also has a working radar and a separate HS (headshot) mode if you simply want to train your aim.


Aim_Pillars by Aosas

Aim_Pillars by Aosas CS:GO 1v1 map

Check it out here.

Aim_Pillars by Aosas is a very simple 1v1 map. Like most of the maps on the list, it was created in 2015 when the height of 1v1 maps and workshops was at its peak. It’s a good 1v1 map because it’s very straightforward to play in and offers many different pillars as cover.

The map features pistols and knives. It’s a pretty great map if you’re looking to practice your pistol skills or your knife skills. Having 1v1 knife fights can be very exciting and fun. You need a bit more strategy rather than pure aiming skills.

But, if you’re looking for a classic pistol fight, this is the perfect map as well. It has a ton of pillars scattered around, making for some excellent cover. The map is bright orange in color with gray and white ceilings and floors.


Aim Minecraft 1v1 by Gamzky

Aim Minecraft 1v1 by Gamzky

Check it out here.

Next up, we have more of a unique map in Aim Minecraft 1v1. The map was released in October 2018, making it one of the newer maps on the list. From the name itself, the map is heavily inspired by Minecraft.

Aim Minecraft 1v1 features some cover and some elevation. The cover scattered around the map is Minecraft-themed. The spawn covers look like wood, cobblestone, and others blocks in Minecraft. While the trees in the middle look exactly like the ones from Minecraft as well.

Both sides start with their respective rifles and a Deagle. Both players also have access to ladders that lead to a large open space high up. It can either be a huge advantage since you can easily see players below you, but it can also be a huge disadvantage because there is nowhere for you to hide once you go up. It’s all going to come down to your strategy.

Overall, the map is great to train both your aim and quick thinking. You have to decide when to push, when to peek, should go up the ladder, or if you should stay low.


Aim Map | Gamma by Gamma Games

Aim Map Gamma by Gamma Games best CS:GO 1v1 map

Check it out here.

This next map was created by Gamma games in 2015. It definitely stood its ground and is one of the best CS:GO 1v1 maps in the world. It offers a ton of variability, flexibility, and is just overall an amazing map to play on.

The map is divided into colors. It has orange and blue colored walls with a gray-colored floor. From the spawn, you can choose one of five guns. The AWP, SSG 08, AK-47, M4A1-S, or the M4A4. You can pretty much 1v1 anyone with most of the guns that get used in-game.

The map has a lot of great covers, different peeking angles, different areas to sneak into, and offers a lot of elevation. It’s one of the largest 1v1 maps on our list, and you can easily get lost in it if only it didn’t have a time limit.

That’s what makes the Aim Map by Gamma Games such an amazing 1v1 map. It’s hard to predict where your opponent is coming from. You never know where they might peek and what their next move is going to be. This map is all about strategy as much as it is about pure aiming.


Aim_Aim_Aim by Dylern

Aim_Aim_Aim by Dylern cs:go 1v1 map

Check it out here.

We move on to one of the newest 1v1 maps on our list. Aim_Aim_Aim by Dylern was released in 2019 and was last updated just last year, in 2021. That makes it the latest map on the list. Don’t expect the map to be perfect, though, Dylern even said it himself. The description of the map reads, “made with poor attention to detail.” So there might be a few things off with the map.

That doesn’t stop it from being a good 1v1 map, though. Overall, the map has an open design and has a more traditional CS:GO feel to it. The texture and items are straight out of different CS:GO maps and are perfectly created for 1v1 showdowns.

The middle area of the map features a lot of different walls and structures that you can use as cover. There are also some cutouts in the wall that you can use to peek from. On the other hand, there’s also an elevated area that is perfect for long-range AWP battles because of its’s wide and open space matched with wall-bangable covers.

You can choose any of the three main rifles, the AWP and a Deagle. All are scattered on your side of the map, and you can just pick them up. Overall, it’s a great map for 1v1s and offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to dueling.


Aim_crashz_dust_1on1 by crashz

Aim_crashz_dust_1on1 by crashz

Check it out here.

This map was released in 2014 and last updated in 2015. It’s a classic map that has a similar feel and look to the community-loved Dust 2 map. Most of the textures, walls, and items found within Aim_crashz_dust_1on1 came directly from CS’s Dust map.

It has a very clean design and a straightforward layout. There are tons of places that you can use as cover and tons of places that you can peek from. There’s also a bit of elevation that can help, depending on your strategy.

You start off with random weapons. Every round, you get an AWP, AK47, or the M4A4. This makes it very exciting because you don’t know what weapon you’ll get. It also helps improve your adaptiveness to different situations and guns.

Overall, it’s a pretty good 1v1 map and currently has over 3.2k ratings on the Steam Workshop.


1v1 Spaceship by Maui

1v1 Spaceship by Maui best CS:GO 1v1 map

Check it out here.

Next up, we have one of the coolest-looking CS:GO 1v1 maps on our list. The 1v1 Spaceship map by Maui is a spaceship-themed map that makes you feel like you are battling in outer space. Who would’ve thought that bringing guns in outer space would be so much fun?

The map was created and last updated in late 2021. During that short time, the map has already gotten over 325 ratings on the Steam Workshop and is truly one of the best-looking CS:GO 1v1 maps out there.

Both sides start with rifles. There are plenty of close corners, open areas, covers, and even transparent/glass walls that make the game more exciting to play. I’ve noticed that the asteroids moving outside of the spaceship can be a bit distracting, but you get used to it after a while.

Imagine bringing your most expensive CS:GO skin and most prized possession in outer space just to kill an enemy. That’s going to be a lot of fun for sure.


1v1 Aim_Map by Sgt. Krex

1v1 Aim_Map by Sgt. Krex 1v1 map CS:GO

Check it out here.

The 1v1 Aim_Map by Krex is a pretty standard and classic 1v1 map. It has a simple and straightforward design. It has a couple of ramps and boxes for elevation and cover. You can even choose from different game modes.

It was released in 2016 but was last updated in 2020. Both sides have a safe spawn with a large wall covering the middle. There are ramps that you can use on each side, there are boxes around the map, and a tent in the middle area.

You can choose from four different game modes, depending on the one that you want to play. It’s a pretty great map that focuses more on your aim, flicking and peeking the right angles.


de_snow_aim 1v1 [ AWP ] by azoa

de_snow_aim 1v1 [ AWP ] by azoa

Check it out here.

This next map is perfect for the holidays because it’s covered in snow. The de_snow_aim 1v1 [ AWP ] by azoa is a snow-themed map that’s basically a re-skin of his other 1v1 map called de_nuke. They look quite similar, so you might want to check that one out as well.

From the name itself, this is an AWP map. It’s actually unique compared to the other 1v1 AWP maps because this one has a lot of covers that you can use. This makes it harder to simply out-aim your opponents because of the lack of open space.

There’s also some elevation involved that can change the course of the game. You’ll have to be smart and always ready on this map because you’ll never know when your opponent will peek or where he’ll be peeking from.


aim_firefly by Magni ✪ Yamba

aim_firefly by Magni ✪ Yamba csgo 1v1 map

Check it out here.

Next up, we have another beautiful and unique map. The aim_firefly by Magni ✪ Yamba map is a great map with tons of different opportunities and strategies that you can use. It features a ton of cover in the middle of the map, a lot of elevation behind spawn, and even an underground area.

This map was created earlier this year, in January 2022. Both players can choose their preferred rifle, scattered around the map. You can use the underground area to climb to a higher area or peek using the cutout in the wall.

The map is also great for 2v2 battles if you’re looking for more of a challenge. Honestly, this is one of my personal favorites, mostly because of that underground area that gives you so much more flexibility.

Overall, it’s one of the best CS:GO 1v1 maps that has a ton to offer. It’s perfect for aim dueling, practicing your peeks, and using cover properly.


1v1 Aim – Lou by Lou

1v1 Aim - Lou

Check it out here.

1v1 Aim – Lou by Lou is a beautifully created map that features a dam, two houses, some trees, and a bridge. It’s a very simple 1v1 CS:GO map that allows you to just go straight to the point and start firing at your enemy.

Again, this is a map created earlier this year and has a lot of potential to improve. Despite being less than a month old, it’s already got 500 plus ratings in the Steam Workshop and is loved by the CS:GO community already.

One small detail about this map is that both players spawn inside of their houses. It doesn’t really affect gameplay that much, but it’s a fun little detail. If you’re playing on this map, get your best mouse for CS:GO ready because you’ll surely be doing a lot of flicking on this map.


Aim_Redline by Togib

Aim_Redline by Togib

Check it out here.

We have the oldest map on the list. Aim_Redline by Togib was created back in 2013 and is definitely ancient at this point. But, it stood its ground against father time and is still a pretty great map to play 1v1s on.

The layout is pretty simple. It has an open area in the middle, some elevation on the side, and a few boxes as cover from spawn. Other than that, all you have to do is aim and fire. It’s known that sometimes the map doesn’t load weapons on the floor. To fix this, all you have to do is enter a simple console command. “mp_weapons_allow_map_placed 1” this should fix the weapons problem.

Aim_Redline is actually just a port of aim_redline from Counter-Strike: Source. Ever since it was added to CS:GO, it has received over 2.9k ratings and over 465K subscribers.


Aim_Clean by RSK

Aim_Clean by RSK CS:GO 1v1 map

Check it out here.

Aim_Clean by RSK is a simple yet effective map. It’s the newest map on the list, created just a few days ago. The map has white and blue boxes together with orange and black walls, with gray flooring.

It’s a great AWP map with some elevation behind where you’ll find the AWP and some cover in the middle when needed. Overall, it all comes down to who plays the AWP better. It’s a great map to practice the AWP with because it has minimal cover and allows you to play from either an elevated area or on the ground.

There’s nothing much else to say about this map. You should just try it out and see for yourself.


AWP 1v1 | Minecraft by Mikel Jhordan Gorbachev

AWP 1v1 Minecraft by Mikel Jhordan Gorbachev

Check it out here.

Finally, we’re down to the last CS:GO 1v1 map. AWP 1v1 | Minecraft by Mikel Jhordan Gorbachev is another Minecraft-inspired map. It features a vast open area with very little cover. It also features a lot of elevation with tons of towers and bridges across the map.

This is another newer map that was created in January 2022. The walls look like cobblestone, the ground looks like dirt, and even the ladders and lights come straight out of Minecraft. It’s definitely a beautifully executed map.

Both players start with AWPs and have access to the different towers around them. There are a ton of different heights involved in the map. You can play on three different levels, making it that much better to get shots off. It’s a great map to practice flicking with the AWP and to improve seeing enemies.

It’s a pretty huge map, making it perfect for those intense long-range AWP battles.

Those were all of our picks for the best CS:GO 1v1 maps that you can play. All of these maps can help you improve when it comes to those 1v1 clutch situations. Practicing 1v1s is great for improving your aim, decision-making, and planning. It’s also great if you simply want to settle who’s the better player among your friends.

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