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Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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Many players have noticed that there are some Pals similar to Pokemon in Palworld. Since the game heavily takes inspiration from the former, it is only natural.

I’ve played almost all generations of Pokemon games so sporting similarities between the two was quite easy. However, just how similar are the designs? Let’s dive right in and find out!


Jetragon and Latios

The Eon duo are one of my favorite Pokemon due to how mysterious they were when first introduced. As such, seeing a Pal similar to Latios made me smile from ear to ear.

Jetragon is a legendary Pal that is almost identical to Latios in terms of the overall design and features.

Both are shaped like a jet and have similar faces as well. While there are some small differences, I won’t blame you if you think that Jetragon is an alternate version of Latios or a member of the same family.


Astegon and Mega Aggron

Both these monsters are absolutely massive and terrifying. At first glance, you’ll notice that they have completely different color schemes and overall shapes.

However, upon closer inspection, the facial structure, demeanor, armor, and claws all look similar. Both Astegon and Mega Aggron’s designs are fantastic.


Grizzbolt and Electabuzz

Grizzbolt is one of the most prominent Pals in the game due to it being on the cover and being featured in a lot of the images.

Players instantly noticed that it looked identical to Electabuzz. The overall shape is similar as well as the pattern on the fur. Plus, the colors are exactly the same.

The only major difference is that Electabuzz has antennas on its head while Grizzbolt has ears. Also, the fangs are different but you won’t notice that when first looking at both these designs.


Boltmane and Luxray

While I can defend a lot of the designs on this list, I cannot deny that these are exactly the same. Boltmane looks like an evolution of Luxray due to how identical they are.

Apart from the star on the tail of Luxray, the rest of the features are the same. From the face shape to the fur, everything is similar.

Another thing that you can debate is different are the talons of Boltmane’s paws. The color scheme is similar as well.


Dinossom and Meganium

I have noticed a lot of Palworld designs that are similar to Pokemon walking on two legs. The same can be said about Dinossom as well.

Both these monsters look comparable due to their overall color scheme and features. Dinossom almost looks like an evolution of Meganium.

The facial features of both monsters are very similar. Furthermore, both designs have giant flowers on their bodies. 


Robinquill and Decidueye

Robinquill’s primary weapon is a bow, mirroring Decidueye which uses its wing as a bow. The color scheme of both monsters is identical. A few features in the base design including the legs and hooded face are also akin.

Plus, the shrouded face makes both creatures look mysterious and deadly.


Jolthog and Shaymin 

Resembling a groundhog, both these monsters have similar features like a cheery smile and joyful eyes. While Shaymin has a flower on its side, Jolthog has yellow spikes to show that it is an electric type.

The facial features of both monsters are strikingly identical to one another. 


Anubis and Lucario

This is another one of those things where a person not familiar with the series might completely confuse the two. They are both proficient in hand-to-hand combat and have similar features as well.

While the overall color scheme is somewhat different, the stance both of them stand in and other features are identical.

The only major thing that is different at first sight is that Anubis has larger ears and his head has more black color as compared to Lucario’s blue.


Tanzee and Aipom

Both monsters have similar designs as both of them are cheerful and have identical features. The only major thing that distinguishes them is that Aipom has a “hand” on its tail.

Aside from that, the eyes, ears, mouth, and even the fur on the top look similar. To top it off, the face shape is also almost identical.


Cremis and Eevee

Eevee is one of the most iconic Pokemon in the franchise so it’s only natural that Palworld would include something similar.

While you might argue that Foxparks is similar to Flareon (the fire evolution of Eevee), they have some differences that make them easily distinguishable.

However, Cremis and Eevee look almost the same at first glance. Both are cute and small and have similar fur as well. The only major difference is that Cremis is slightly more fluffier.


Lamball and Woolo

Moving on to another creature who is extremely identical to Pokemon – Lamball. It is one of the “starting” Pals in Palworld and it looks almost identical to Woolo at first sight.

Both are cute round sheep that resemble a ball and have the same features as well such as the small horns and colors.

However, Lamball walks on two legs while Woolo is more like a sheep and walks on all fours. There are some facial differences as well but not enough to call them completely different species.


Direhowl and Lycanroc

Direhowl is an early game mount that makes the traveling aspect easier in Palworld. The base designs of both monsters are very similar. Both of them have identical fur patterns and overall demeanor as well.

Since both of them are wolf-type monsters, you can only make it so unique before people say that they look similar.


Pengullet and Piplup

You will find Pengullet roaming around the map early in the game. Once I saw it, I instantly thought of Piplup due to how similar both these creatures are.

Piplup (and its evolutions) are some of my favorite designs in the entire Pokemon series. So, seeing something similar in Palworld made me excited.

While both share the same color scheme and design, there are enough differences between the two to easily separate them.


Dumud and Clodsire

While not as cute as Clodsire, Dumud has a lot of similarities that make it look almost the same as the former.

Both are ground-type fish monsters that have almost similar base designs. Except for an extra fin above Dumud’s head and a few differences, I don’t find anything contrasting between these two. 


Lyleen and Lilligant

Lyleen is a beautiful Pal that looks elegant and classy. Having floral embellishments on its head, it looks identical to Lilligant who also shares the same design as the former.

If I didn’t know which is which, I would confuse Lyleen as the final evolution of Lilligant.


Nitewing and Braviary

Nitewing is one of the earliest Pals you’ll capture and is a great flying mount as well. However, if you look closely, you’ll notice that it is quite similar to Braviary.

Everything from the colors to the patterns is the same. At one glance, you will easily mix these two as even their talons are extremely identical. Plus, the head shape is similar as well which doesn’t help differentiate between them.


Fenglope and Cobalion

If we draw a comparison between Pokemon and Palworld designs, Fenglope and Cobalion have uncanny similarities. The base design of both monsters is very identical and they can be distinguished with many minor differences.

On top of that, the color scheme is also somewhat identical and the overall demeanor looks similar too.


Jormuntide and Gyarados

This one is a bit obvious. Even if you don’t know a lot about Pokemon, you’ll instantly compare Jormuntide to Gyarados (one of the most iconic Pokemon).

Both creatures have similar features such as colors, shape, and whisker-like objects coming out of their face.

Plus, there is a red version of Jormuntide called Jormuntide Ignis (which is a fire type) and it resembles a shiny version of Gyarados.


Wixen and Delphox

Both of these monsters have red fur surrounding their body with a hint of yellow as well. Plus, they have a red “hat” on top of their head too.

The only major difference is that Delphox holds a flaming stick while Wixen doesn’t have one and instead has larger claws.


Wumpo Botan and Tangrowth

While you might not confuse these two due to their design being different enough, you cannot deny how similar they look.

Both these creatures have eyes popping out of a black background and have the same body shape. Aside from that, they have a similar demeanor as well.


Grintale and Galarian Meowth 

I like the design of Grintale as its eyes glow in the dark and make it look even scarier than it already is. While its eyes and smile somewhat resemble Gengar, the Pal is mostly identical to Meowth.

More specifically, it is identical to Galarian Meowth. Since both of them have fuzzy fur and similar facial structures as well.


Bristla and Bellossom 

Bellossom was in my top five when I was a kid due to how cute it looked and its overall joyfulness. While Bristla doesn’t share the same cheerfulness, both creatures have striking resemblances between them.

Both have leaves covering their body while only their arms are visible. Plus, their sizes are similar as well. The major difference is that Bellossom has two flowers on her head while Bristla has red vines as her hair.


Daedream and Whimsicott

Daedream instantly caught my eye when I first saw it due to how unique it looks. While it has a unique design, I couldn’t help but notice that it had similarities with Whimsicott.

Both have similar body designs with minimal differences. Both have fluffy hair that waves behind their head. Except for the facial features and the difference in color scheme, both creatures are identical. 


Lovander and Salazzle 

Lovander gained popularity due to… ahem… being the sixty-ninth entry in the Paldeck. Apart from this, the design is quite suspicious as well with the entire color scheme and features of the Pal.

However, Pokemon already had a similar creature called Salazzle. While the colors are completely different, the prominent features are the same. Especially the face and legs.


Celaray and Mantine

Finally, let’s talk about Celaray and Mantine. Both of these water types look extremely similar due to them being a manatee. However, the color scheme is slightly different to distinguish the two and Celaray is a bit thinner as well. 

Apart from that, the design is almost identical. Both have the same features and at one glance, you might even get confused about which one is which.


And there you have it; those are 25 Pals similar to Pokemon. Since the game is heavily inspired by Pokemon, it is only natural there would be some (or a lot) similarities between them.

Which Pal design do you like most? Do you think the designs are too similar between the two franchises? Let us know in the comments below!

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