6 Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Tips To Get You Started

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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is an action RPG with town-building elements from 505Games. It is also the prequel to Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes and is expected to be the Suikoden of this generation. 

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Tips to get you started

I managed to play the game on Steam before launch and you may read my review here. I spent more than 20 hours in-game and it is one of the best games I played in a while.

With that being said, I’m sharing with you some tips I found out along the way.

Do not forget to upgrade all your characters

It is easy to be focused on the main character, CJ, as she is quick and lethal. But do not forget to upgrade Garoo and Isha too to unlock bonus skills.

There are monsters and bosses too that are easier to defeat with either Garoo or Isha. Some of the dungeons are better suited for either character too.

For instance, there is a part where a monster’s attack attaches to the ground and if you land on it, you will get damaged. This is where Isha’s unique skill comes in.

Isha also has one of the most powerful charged attacks in the game especially when equipped with the right rune.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising - Isha equipped with a Fire Rune
Isha equipped with a Fire Rune

Distribute your character runes evenly

You may only access some places if you have certain runes equipped. Lightning stones can be destroyed by a lightning rune. But there is only one attack rune for each character. This means that you need to balance out the distribution of runes.

Personally, I attach a Fire rune to Isha to take care of Ice enemies and destroy Firestones that block an area. Additionally, the Fire attack animation is smooth.

Garoo, on the other hand, takes care of Earth stones while CJ has a Lightning rune.

Do not worry though as these runes are transferable. You can change it through the Menu > Stats/Equipment tab which you can also replace while in a fight.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising allows linked attacks to dish out heavy damage to an enemy. It is done by switching from one character to another and landing a successful blow.

Combos are unlocked as you progress through the game. It starts off with three linked attacks. If you land the final blow (of the three), it will be a heavy one.

The final link attack also activates a different attack animation. So it does not only deal more damage, it’s eye candy too.

Just make sure that you land your attacks successfully. The link chain stops once you miss an attack.

Stack quests to finish them easily
Finish quests easily by doing them simultaneously

Visit the Plaza bulletin board regularly

The bulletin board on the Plaza shows the available quests but they cannot be activated there. You still need to go to the person and take it from there. 

This is a nice strategy if you want to check the quests and complete them all at once. 

What I usually do is check which quests are available in a certain area, collect them, and do them one after another. It is more efficient this way as you only need to travel to one area once.

Do not forget to click on the side mission under the Menu > Quests to activate them. A waypoint will be shown on the map as a guide.

Stacking quests is also a quick way to collect stamps and earn Baqua, the in-game currency.

Use the pawnshop carefully

It is easy to upgrade items like weapons and armor. You only need to craft or purchase the item as long as the needed ingredients are available. It does cost a lot of Baqua though and if you are regularly upgrading your items, you will run out of it soon.

One way to earn Baqua is through the Pawnshop. You may sell your items and the price depends on the rarity.

However, sell your items carefully as some of them might be needed for a weapon or armor upgrade. Some gems such as Topaz are also required to craft accessories.

I made the mistake of selling high-priced items all at once and when I needed to craft a pendant, I’m missing tons of the required ingredients.

Do not make the same mistake that I did. 

Use a controller for Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

This Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising tip is more of a preference. The game supports a mouse and keyboard (MnK) and controller. However, having played both inputs, I would say that a controller would be more beneficial.

Use a controller, if you have one, as the gameplay feels smoother. Attacking, dodging, and using a unique skill is easier.

Personally, I tried MnK for about an hour and gave up. I used the default MnK settings and it is uncomfortable. Switching to a controller made the experience better.

These are my tips for Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Remember, these are basic tips only and it is better to explore the game blindly. Discover the city of New Nevaeh with fresh eyes.

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