A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Blox Fruit (2023)

One Piece but in Roblox

Abdul Wasay Farooqui
Abdul Wasay Farooqui
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Roblox has many user-generated game modes for its players to enjoy. This user-generated content has allowed Roblox to gain popularity and amass 150 million plus active players. One of them is Blox Fruits, a game loosely based on the One Piece anime. The game has many quests and worlds you can explore by leveling up your character. This is the complete beginner’s guide to Blox Fruit.

The central concept of Blox Fruits is to level up your character and earn new powers. The powers are in the form of Blox Fruits. They range from granting explosives to the wielder to allowing their character to become a giant. The possibilities are endless. Do not be intimidated if you are concerned about not knowing about One Piece. Because this game is a loose adaptation, you do not have to know about the anime to understand this game. So let’s dive into it!

Picking A Side

In this game, you have two sides that you can choose whenever you are starting a new character. In this guide, we will be picking Pirates. 

Picking a side

There are slight differences between both sides, but you have to be around the end game to understand the differences, and those are handy in PVP.

Starter Island

After you have selected your side, you will spawn on their respective island. In this guide, we have selected Pirates. So our character has spawned on the Pirates starting island. You can roam around and see the various enemy NPCs that have spawned around the island, as well as the vendor NPCs that are selling items. We will dive into these later. 

To progress in the story, you must press the compass icon on the left side of the screen. This will open a menu where you can press on track. This will start tracking the quest giver. 

After reaching the quest giver, you have to talk to him. He will give you a certain threshold of enemies you have to kill to gain experience and unlock new powers, allowing you to access new locations on this map.

Starter Island quest giver

When talking to the quest giver, you will see that it will list the number of enemies you must kill, and you will receive, for example, 500 cash and 2000 XP.

This XP will allow you to level up your character and increase your stats. On the other hand, cash will allow you to buy new weapons, new Blox Fruits, etc.

Player levelling up and new quest unlocked

Second Island

After you reach level 10 on the beginner island, you are advised to travel to the nearby island. You can do so by heading to the nearby port and travelling to the other island by using a boat.

Buying a boat

You can summon a boat by talking to the boat dealer. A dinghy is a free boat provided by the server, which you can use to traverse around the sea, do keep in mind the Dinghy is very slow and will require some time to move around.

player using a boat

If you want to move around faster, then you should spend around $300 and spawn the Sloop. This is way faster as compared to using a Dinghy. You don’t have to worry about your boat, as you can always spawn a new one after buying one. 

After reaching the second island, make sure to talk to NPC, which lets you set your spawn point or home point, as you will die a lot in this region. If you forget to set your home point, you will be transported back to the starting island, and you will have to travel all the way here by boat again. Make sure to use the starting point, so you always spawn on the same island.

Here you can see the new quest giver. After speaking to him, you will see three different quests, the first one being the Monkeys, then Gorillas, and finally the Gorilla King, which is the boss of this island.

Second island quest giver

You do not have to beat the boss in order to advance to the next level, which is called Pirate Village. All you have to do is level up to level 30, and after that, you can go to the next island, which has new weapons for you to unlock, such as the double sword. 

Second Island boss quest

Do keep in mind all islands after the starter island has PVP enabled, so it is highly likely that you will die, even if it isn’t on purpose.


Stats are pretty straightforward in this game. There are five stats you can spend your hard-earned skill points on. They are mandatory for combat.

Early Stats

Combat in this game is pretty simple. This game has many ways to fight, such as guns, melee, Blox Fruits, and swords. In the beginning, you will only have access to the melee, a standard power in which you can punch your opponents. This does not deal any significant damage. Having the best stats is crucial, especially for a beginner. That is why we have included them in our guide.


This stat affects two attributes of your character. If you plan to use your fists when dealing with enemies, then increase this stat because you will inflict more damage. And the other attribute this stat will increase is your health. Increasing your melee stat will increase your maximum health.


Just like melee, this stat will also affect two attributes: having a high defense will increase your maximum energy and decrease the damage you will get from enemies. 


Sword dealer

A high sword skill will increase your efficiency when using swords. The higher the amount, the greater damage you will inflict on enemies when using any sword. For example, you can buy swords on the starter island, which will be really helpful when starting a new game.

Player using sword


The gun stat, just like all other damage stats, will increase your efficiency with the respective weapon. This will come in handy whenever you plan to use weapons, as it will increase the damage. The guns are unlocked relatively late into the game, so do not waste points on them early on.

Blox Fruit

This is the attribute that you should always try and spend at least 1/2 points on every time you level up. Because whenever you get a Blox Fruit, you will have a good starting point to deal damage. 

Buddha Blox Fruit
Source – DVPlays on Youtube

Because you can get some really good Blox Fruits, especially the Buddha fruit, which literally turns you into a giant, the higher the Blox Fruit stat is, the more damage you will deal to your opponents when using it.

Tips and Tricks

You can use these tips and tricks to help ease your journey in this game. These are crucial when following a beginner’s guide to Blox Fruit.

Zooming in and out

Zoomed in display

If everything looks and feels incredibly small or huge, you can always use your scroll wheel to zoom in and out of the game, allowing you to have a clearer vision. This is helpful when trying to fight a group of enemies, as you can zoom out and see all of their spawn locations.

Zoomed out display

Stat Builds

It would be best to build before starting a character, as you can always spend extra points from the start. So you can have the greatest damage possible whenever you get the most powerful item for that category.

Player Stats

Gathering Enemies

Most of the quests in this game have you killing multiple enemies. Instead of killing enemies one by one, you can speed up this process by slowly gathering all the enemies at a single spot and then killing them. 

Player gathering enemies

This is very helpful when you are short on time and want to repeatedly kill many enemies. You can gather enemies by walking close to them, and they will start following you. 

You can make them follow you to the next enemy and keep repeating this until you have 3 or more opponents following you. Then you can quickly turn around and start dealing damage to all of them immediately, and you can kill them all.

Blox Fruits

There are many different Blox Fruits in this game. They can be beneficial when used properly. We will be showcasing some of the Blox Fruits that you can use later on. Thanks to DV Plays on Youtube, we have showcased some of these Blox Fruits.

Other player using Buddha


Buddha is the best Blox Fruit in the game currently. It allows you to become a giant and kill your enemies almost instantly.

Player using Buddha
Source – DVPlays on Youtube

Dark Blade

The Dark Blade is also one of the cooler-looking Blox Fruits, as you can have a shadow sword with you. It deals incredible damage.

Player using Dark Blade
Source – DVPlays on Youtube

Electric Claw

Electric Claw is the best-looking Blox Fruit, as you can literally become Wolverine but with electricity. It has high damage and looks very cool.

Player using Electric Claws
Source – DVPlays on Youtube


The Dark is an elemental Blox Fruit and is ranged, meaning you can use it to kill enemies from a distance. It throws a projectile at enemies. So you can always stay away from harm and deal damage.

Player using Dark


Congratulations, now you are ready to face off against endless variations of enemies in Blox Fruit. The game becomes repetitive after the starter island. So you can always expect the same formula, kill enemies, level up.

If this guide was helpful to you, please share it with your friends. This was our take on the complete beginner’s guide to Blox Fruit. If you have any tips and tricks and would like to share them with us. Please let us know in the comments below.

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