All 85+ VALORANT Knife Skins, Ranked (2023)

Inspect was made for pretty knife skins.

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VALORANT may be a free-to-play shooter at heart, but it has enamored its player base with paid weapon skins that serve as aesthetic vessels of joy and opulence. And what’s more iconic in the world of FPS shooters than a good knife skin?


While some players are turned off by the idea of spending cold-hard cash for pixels on the screen, there’s no denying the appeal of a well-designed and coveted item.

That said, let’s look at the best VALORANT knife skins in the game right now!

Power Fist – 5,950 VP

Power Fist

Do you want to look like something straight out of an arcade game? Then the Power Fist is the melee for you. It’s hands-down own of the coolest melees in the game because of its controller look with multiple varieties.

Araxys Bio Harvester – 4,350 VP

The Araxys Bio Harvester Valorant Knife Skin

At the top of our list is none other than the Araxys Bio Harvester. This one-handed melee looks and feels like alien tech in your hand. It has a golden handle with a light blue blade that glows once upgraded. It also has purple, black, and silver variants.

Ignite Fan – 4,170 VP (Bundle Only Exclusive)

Ignite Fan

The Ignite Fan is a beautiful melee that was used to commemorate the official launch of Valorant in China. It’s heavily inspired by a phoenix design with bright flames and is the newest Valorant knife skin out there.

Terminus A Quo – 4,350 VP

An image of the Terminus A Quo knife in Valorant.

The Terminus A Quo’s handle looks like a microbot from Big Hero 6 with a glowing laser edge as its blade. It easily has one of the best inspect animations in the game, and that alone makes it one of the top Valorant skins worth spending your VP on.

RGX 11z Pro Firefly – 4,350 VP

An image of the RGX 11z Pro Firefly.

While butterfly knives like the Recon Balisong have long been found in countless VALORANT maps and games, the vibrant and colorful design of RGX 11z Pro Firefly makes it slightly a better pick.

Neo Frontier Axe – 4,350 VP

Neo Frontier Axe

The Neo Frontier Axe offers a perfect mix between old and new. It has the look of a traditional mining axe with some new electronic upgrades equipped. It’s a solid knife with a unique design.

Xenohunter Knife – 3,550 VP

An image of the Xenohunter knife in Valorant.

Featuring a sleek and shiny silver blade with a black leather handle, the Xenohunter Knife doesn’t come with a whole lot of frills. It only has a default skin and one animation upgrade, making it the perfect lowkey knife.

Onimaru Kunitsuna – 5,350 VP

Onimaru Kunitsuna

The Onimaru Kunitsuna is the melee included in the second Oni bundle. It features the Oni design in the body of a large katana. This makes the Oni Collection one of the best bundles in Valorant.

Blade of Chaos – 4,350 VP

An image of the Blade of Chaos.

The Blade of Chaos is the perfect electrifying Valorant knife skin if you like hefty melee weapons. It’s a chonky boi that makes you feel like you’re wielding a great sword in Valorant. It features a black base with a gem in the middle that powers the fire-like electric border around the weapon.

Champions 2022 Butterfly Knife – 5,350 VP

An image of the VCT Champions 2022 Butterfly Knife in Valorant.

This galaxy-inspired VCT Champions 2022 Butterfly Knife is a true beauty. Featuring a swirling nebula as the knife’s backdrop, a shiny, gold midsection, and a dark violet handle, there’s no other butterfly knife skin in VALORANT that screams class as much as this one.

Relic of the Sentinel – 4,350 VP

A photo of the Relic of the Sentinel Valorant knife skin.

Relic of the Sentinel is one of the chunkier melee swords out there. It’s one of the melees introduced during the League of Legends and Valorant crossover events and features the iconic look of the Sentinels of Light skin line.

Blade of the Ruined King – 4,350 VP

Blade of the Ruined King

It feels fitting to put the two League of Legends-inspired swords back-to-back. Blade of the Ruined King is the Valorant version of the weapon Viego uses in LoL. It’s definitely popular among the LoL and Valorant players.

Reaver Karambit – 4,350 VP

An image of the Reaver Karambit knife skin in Valorant.

Next, we have one of the most popular and beloved karambit skins in the Reaver Karambit. It features the traditional dark purple hue found in the Reaver collection with a glowing mark on the blade of the knife.

Elderflame Dagger – 4,950 VP

An image of the Elderflame Dagger.

The Elderflame Dagger is carved from a dragon’s scaly skin with three small claws sticking out from the base and a larger sharp claw acting as the edge. It’s a fantastic concept that dropped a ton of jaws when it was first released.

VCT LOCK//IN Misericórdia – 5,400 VP

VCT LOCK//IN Misericórdia

The knife for the VCT LOCK//IN event has a very solid design. It features a variety of colors and has an amazing glow with the iconic VCT-inspired design.

Waveform – 5,350 VP

An image of the Waveform knife skin in Valorant.

What makes this VALORANT knife so special is its satisfying sound animations that move to the beat of its own sound effects. If its higher price doesn’t deter you, it’s a good knife to jam to as you smash Y (or whatever your VALORANT keybind is for weapon inspection).

Forsaken Ritual Blade – 3,550 VP

Forsaken Ritual Blade

The Forsaken Ritual Blade features a curved edge with dark green and silver shades. It looks creepily amazing and features that iconic Forsaken skinline look.

Magepunk 2.0 – 3,550 VP

A photo of the Magepunk Shock Gauntlet Valorant knife skin

You don’t want to mess with someone who has a Magepunk 2.0 melee. It features a sharp arrow-like blade with a copper and bronze base that perfectly fits within your fist.

Oni Claw – 3,550 VP

An image of the Oni Claw.

It’s a small profile weapon that’s in the shape of a demon’s face, with its fangs acting as the blade. The skin also gets surrounded by a green demonic aura running through the weapon’s eyes and nose. The glowing aura redeems the skin, still making it one of the best knives in Valorant.

Sovereign Sword – 3,550 VP

An image of the Sovereign Sword.

The Sovereign Sword is the main knife in the Sovereign Collection. It has a golden grip, a golden crossguard, and a blade with a curved edge. A hole has also been cut out of the sword’s blade, presumably for better aerodynamics.

Prime 2.0 Karambit – 3,550 VP

An image of the Prime // 2.0 Karambit.

The Prime 2.0 Karambit is the epitome of style and suaveness. Featuring a golden safety ring, a half-coated gold, and metal blade, and a sharp, pointy edge, this weapon is a good choice for any VALORANT player looking to buy their first knife.

Glitchpop Axe – 4,350 VP

An image of the Glitchpop Axe.

The Glitchpop Collection is one of the first few skins that got a second bundle. The Glitchpop Axe was released as a part of the Glitchpop 2.0 bundle. It instantly became a favorite because of its unique collapsible design.

Origin – 3,550 VP


The Origin melee has an insane inspect animation with all of its parts levitating in the air. It does look like a futuristic protractor, though, which is why others ridicule it a bit. However, it’s still an overall great Valorant knife skin. It’s just as mesmerizing as its Operator skin counterpart.

Reaver Knife – 3,550 VP

A photo of the Reaver Dagger Valorant knife skin.

The Reaver Knife was one of the first highly coveted knife skins in Valorant. Everyone was waiting for it in their Valorant store. It first appeared in the beta, but was eventually introduced into the game as well.

RGX 11Z Pro Blade – 4,350 VP

RGX 11Z Pro Blade

The RGX 11z Pro Blade is the perfect melee weapon of choice for any gamer. It features RGB, a high-tech PC-like layout, and an extending blade. What else would you want?

Prime Axe – 3,550 VP

Prime Axe

The Prime Axe was the first axe introduced into Valorant. It features a styling gold and purple combination with a variety of geometric holes scattered on the weapon.

Glitchpop Dagger- 4,350 VP

Glitchpop Dagger

The OG Glitchpop knife features the bright neon colors that we’ve come to love from the collection. It also features a glowing edge, giving it a futuristic look.

Recon Balisong – 3,550 VP

Recon Balisong

The Recon Balisong is one of the original butterfly knives introduced into the game. It has a smooth-looking animation and is pretty similar to a skin that might appear in CS:GO.

Magepunk Sparkswitch – 4,350 VP

A photo of the Magepunk Sparkswitch Valorant knife skin.

The Magepunk Sparkswitch is an electrifying melee, to say the least. It features a butterfly knife base with a solid animation while having sparks fly all around as it moves.

Ion Karambit – 4,350 VP

Ion Karambit

The Ion Karambit features one of the worst karambits in the game. It has the elements of the Ion skin line, but the blue core in the middle makes the entire thing look a bit weird.

Celestial Fan – 3,550 VP

An image of the Celestial Fan knife in Valorant.

From its unique draw animation to its thematic design, there’s nothing quite like the Celestial Fan in VALORANT. The blade is inspired by traditional Chinese folding fans, complete with a gradient of blue and warm colors and Chinese symbols sprawling the entire length of it.

Yoru’s Stylish Butterfly Comb – 3,550 VP

An image of Yoru's Stylish Butterfly Comb.

This butterfly knife features a clean blade and symmetrical crooked gaps in its teeth, like a comb. The center of the knife features an animated depiction of an Ulting Yoru, and the handle is painted with red, white, and blue brushes.

Radiant Crisis 001 Baseball Bat – 2,550 VP

Radiant Crisis 001 Baseball Bat

Hop aboard the Borderland graphics train with the Radiant Crisis 001 Baseball Bat. It features an animated silver bat with a comic-like pop-up every time you swing it.

Cryostasis Impact Drill – 3,550 VP

Cryostasis Impact Drill

The Cryostasis Impact Drill is a truly chilling melee weapon that would be the perfect go-to on Icebox. It features a unique hammer design that freezes the longer that you don’t use it. Not to mention the unique marks that it leaves when you hit it on a wall.

Crimsonbeast Hammer – 3,550 VP

A photo of the Crimsonbeast Hammer Valorant knife skin

Can you imagine what Thor’s Mjolnir hammer would look like if he was the God of Fire instead? Well, the Crimsonbeast Hammer gives off that exact vibe.

Personal Administrative Melee Unit – 4,950 VP

Personal Administrative Melee Unit

The Personal Administrative Melee Unit features one of the best concepts in Valorant. It features an AI voice speaking to you, an insane inspect and pullout animation, with a variety of colorways.

Soulstrife Scythe – 3,550 VP

Soulstrife Scythe

The Soulstrife Scythe looks like the Grim Reaper’s Orcus, and it honestly baffles me why it isn’t that popular. It looks amazing, sleek, clean, and creepy all at the same time.

Neptune Anchor – 3,550 VP

Neptune Anchor

Secure your kills by bonking enemies in the head using the Neptune Anchor. It features a withered-down metal anchor with a starfish in the middle and some rope used as the handle. It’s perfect if you truly want to embody that Breeze life.

Blade of Serket – 2,550 VP

Blade of Serket

The Blade of Serket is a unique Valorant knife because of its solid shape and its cool dual-wield look. It also looks like something straight out of ancient Egypt with its golden color.

Magepunk Electroblade – 3,650 VP

A photo of the Magepunk Electroblade Valorant knife skin

The Magepunk Electroblade has a very simple design, which made it quite underwhelming, especially with how great the other weapons looked. However, it does feature an electric core with copper and bronze accents.

Singularity – 4,350 VP

Singularity Knife

The Singularity melee has a simple base design but is made cooler by the small gravitational lines holding the knife together. It features a variety of colorways, but the purple and black just hits different.

Ion Energy Sword – 3,550 VP

Ion Energy Sword

Ion Energy Sword is the OG Ion melee that was mostly popular for looking like a bike seat. It features a sleek white/silver color with black and blue accents. The Ion Phantom skin is the most popular skin in the collection, but the Ion Energy wasn’t half bad either.

Gaia’s Wrath – 3,550 VP

Gaia's Wrath

You won’t love a melee more than Gaia’s Wrath if you’re a nature lover. It features a couple of different colorways, with a tree branch acting as the handle with glowing amber as the blade.

Winterwunderland Candy Cane – 2,550 VP

Winterwunderland Candy Cane

There’s no better way to celebrate Christmas than with the Winterwunderland Candy Cane. A great feature about this skin is that it eventually breaks after swinging it a few times. It’s definitely one of the best novelty knife skins in Valorant.

Blastx Polymer Knifetech Coated Knife – 4,350 VP

A photo of the Blastx Polymer Knifetech Coated Knife Valorant knife skin.

Blastx Polymer Knifetech Coated Knife looks exactly like something you would get from a plastic toy kit. It features bright violet, green, and orange colors as the base with a shiny plastic-like silver for the blade.

Valorant Go! Vol. 1 – 3,550 VP

Valorant Go! Vol. 1

Have you ever wondered what a Valorant anime would look like? Well, look no further than the Valorant Go! Skins. The Valorant Go! Vol. 1 melee looks exactly like Jett’s Kunai’s with an anime white-haired version of Jett.

Black Market Butterfly Knife – 3,550 VP

Black Market Butterfly Knife

The Black Market Butterfly Knife has a very simple yet sleek design. It’s definitely one of the more realistic designs out there and is even comparable to the base knife skins in CS:GO.

Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster – 3,550 VP

Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster

The Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster melee has a very distinct look. It features a green and black colorway, with the community calling it the “alien prober.”

Tethered Realms Prosperity – 3,550 VP

Tethered Realms Prosperity

The Tethered Realms Prosperity melee received a ton of hype during its official release. It was the first dual-wield weapon in Valorant and had a unique indoor/outdoor effect. It tells the story of two completely different worlds, united through the swords.

Catrina – 2,550 VP

A photo of the Catrina Valorant knife skin.

The Catrina blade is an elegant small little blade that features a design inspired by the Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos. It features two different colorways influenced by the living silver blade and an eternal blue blade.

Caeruleus – 2,550 VP


The Caeruleus is a melee that looks straight out of the ocean. It has an axe base but features an almost glass-like water texture. The top is also see-through, where a few corals live in.

Titanmail Mace – 2,550 VP

Titanmail Mace

The Titanmail Mace features these yellow electric-like spikes with a matching yellow core in the middle. The rotating “blades” are also pretty mesmerizing to look at and add to the coolness of the melee.

Snowfall Wand – 2,550 VP

Snowfall Wand

Is it me, or does it feel a bit chilly in here? The Snowfall Wand melee features a candy cane-striped design with a snowball found on top.

Equilibrium – 2,550 VP


Equilibrium It’s one of the simpler knife skins available in Valorant. It still looks cool, though, with the Koi fish swimming throughout the entire fan.

Ruin – Only Obtainable Through Episode 1, Act 3 Battle Pass

A photo of the Ruin Valorant knife skin.

The Episode 1, Act 3 melee is one of the best Valorant knife skins you can get from Battle Passes. It features a black and gold design that gives it a very elegant look.

Luna’s Descent – 3,550 VP

Luna's Descent

Luna’s Descent is a dual-bladed knife that’s shaped like a karambit. It features an elegant water-like finish with a wave texture. The handle also has a gold finish to complete the design.

Obsidiana – Only Obtainable Through Episode 5, Act 2 Battle Pass


The Obsidiana knife from the Episode 5, Act 2 Battle Pass is another underrated melee. It features Aztec-like designs with the tongue of the Aztec sun stone head sticking out. It’s one of those you like it or you love it type of designs.

Altitude Knuckle Knife – 2,550 VP

Altitude Knuckle Knife

This next one is a very underrated knife skin. The Altitude Knuckle Knife is one of the more unique knife types in Valorant. It also features a cute airplane-like animation.

Bound – Only Obtainable Through Episode 6, Act 3 Battle Pass


Honestly, the Bound melee is good, especially for something found in a Battle Pass. It features metal spikes with a dark vine-like wrapped around it.

Iridian Thorn Blade – Only Obtainable Through Episode 5, Act 3 Battle Pass

A photo of the Iridian Thorn Blade Valorant knife skin.

This is another pretty solid battle pass knife that features a clean silver and purple color. Maybe it’s time to get an Xbox Game Pass and funnel that extra XP toward that Battle Pass.

Spline Dagger – 3,550 VP

Spline Dagger

The Spline Dagger has a twisted branch-like design with small amber crystals in the shape of orbs. It’s definitely one of the more unique concepts in Valorant and also features different color variants.

No Limits Bat – 2,550 VP

No Limits Bat

The main selling point of the No Limits Bat is its ability to change color depending on the area of the map you’re in. It gets a white and red shade in direct light but turns into black and red in the shadows.

Hack – 3,550 VP


Hack is a surprisingly solid melee. Most people call it the budget Glitchpop because of their similar look. However, Hack does feature a dual-wield knife and axe combo, helping it stand out when rotating around the map.

Hu Else – 3,550 VP

Hu Else

No one else would dare challenge you once they get a look at your new Hu Else melee. It features a long blade coated in a black and red design with an elegant-looking gold and red handle.

Velocity Karambit – Only Obtainable Through Episode 4, Act 1 Battle Pass

A photo of the Velocity Karambit Valorant knife skin.

The Velocity Karambit is the first karambit knife type available through the Battle Pass. It features a simple design with orange, yellow, purple, and aquamarine variants.

Artisan Foil – Only Obtainable Through Episode 3, Act 2 Battle Pass

Artisan Foil

Next, we have a long and elegant melee weapon designed like the fencing saber sword. It features a white blade with blue imprints, topped off with golden accents.

Tilde Knife – Only Obtainable Through Episode 6, Act 2 Battle Pass

Tilde knife

The Episode 6, Act 2 Battle Pass knife isn’t very popular. However, I do think that it looks unique and features a solid colorway. The short dagger makes for a very minimal yet great Valorant knife skin.

EGO Knife – 3,550 VP

Ego Knife

The Ego Knife is one of the most basic knives in the game. It’s basically a reskinned default knife featuring gold, white, and black colors and some Japanese writing.

Prism Knife- 2,550 VP

Prism Knife

The first Prism melee took the default knife and leveled it up. It features a reflective metallic purple blade with a black handle. It’s a decent pick-up, especially if you got it on sale in your Night Market.

Reverie Sword – 1,750 VP

A photo of the Reverie Sword Valorant knife skin.

The Reverie Sword is generally regarded as the budget Sovereign Sword because of its very similar look. It’s definitely a great buy, considering that it’s budget-friendly not only for Valorant, but is also cheaper than some CS:GO knives.

Luxe Knife – 1,750 VP

Luxe Knife

The Luxe Knife features a dagger-like body because of its very small design. It has a reflective silver base with blue accents and was super cheap, making it a solid buy during the early Valorant days.

Nebula Knife – 3,550 VP

Nebula Knife

The Nebula Knife is lowkey a budget Singularity knife because of its out-of-this-world design. It has a nebula star in the middle reflecting back the dark purple colors in outer space.

Venturi Knife – Only Obtainable Through Episode 6, Act 1 Battle Pass

Venturi Knife

The Venturi Knife features a very futuristic design with a simple and modern finish. It’s heavily inspired by the Valorant Spike. Unfortunately, it isn’t purchasable in the new Accessories Store, launched with the new Valorant progression system.

Genesis Arc – Only Obtainable Through Episode 3, Act 3 Battle Pass

Genesis Arc

The Episode 3, Act 3 Battle Pass, features the Genesis Arc as its melee reward. The Genesis Arc is created by a high form of society that uses a gold base and purple-ish accents throughout the weapon.

Smite – 1,750 VP

A photo of the Smite Valorant knife skin.

Smite is another reskin of the default knife in Valorant. It features a fully-blue knife with white cracks all over.

Song Steel – Only Obtainable Through Episode 2, Act 3 Battle Pass

Song Steel

The Episode 2, Act 3 Battle Pass melee is a long silver sword with a wooden base as a handle. It features a unique cut in the blade, which is heavily inspired by elven myths.

Outpost Melee – Only Obtainable Through Episode 2, Act 1 Battle Pass

Outpost Melee

Outpost was the melee available in the Episode 2, Act 1 Battle Pass. It featured a short dagger-like design with yellow and black accents. It’s inspired by construction tools, with the signature green liquid found in levels in the middle.

Prism III Axe – Only Obtainable Through Episode 2, Act 2 Battle Pass

Prism III Axe

The Prism III skins line from the Episode 2, Act 2 Battle Pass had an axe base. It looked clean and sleek, even though it was a reward on the Premium Battle Pass. It also features a total of four different shiny variants.

Hivemind Sword- Only Obtainable Through Episode 1, Act 2 Battle Pass

Hivemind Sword

The Episode 1, Act 2 Battle Pass melee was a banger for sure. It features the Hivemind sword, which is inspired by an alien species. It has a gray handle with purple accents and a uniquely shaped blade.

Striker Knife – Only Obtainable Through Episode 4, Act 2 Battle Pass

A photo of the Striker Valorant knife skin

Strike is a very short knife that features yellow, silver, and purple colors. It quite honestly looks like it’s made out of plastic, and it looks like it won’t hurt anyone at all.

Task Force 809 Knife – Only Obtainable Through Episode 5, Act 1 Battle Pass

Task Force 809 Knife

The Task Force 809 Knife is a very basic melee, which isn’t surprising since it’s from the Episode 5, Act 1 Battle Pass. It features a black and gray design and a relatively large blade.

Composite Knife – Only Obtainable Through Episode 7, Act 1 Battle Pass

Composite Knife

The Episode 7, Act 1 Battle Pass knife isn’t the greatest by any means. However, it does have a unique angular design that isn’t available in other knives.

K/TAC Blade – Only Obtainable Through Episode 3, Act 1 Battle Pass

K/TAC Blade

The K/TAC Battle Pass Episode 3, Act 1 melee features a pink liquid-like glow with a long silver blade. It looks quite similar to the RGX 11z Pro Blade, making it the perfect Budget RGX.

.SYS Melee – Only Obtainable Through Episode 4, Act 3 Battle Pass

.Sys Melee

The Episode 4, Act 3 Battle Pass melee features the axe design with a metallic finish and a pinkish-red glow running all over.

Kingdom Knife – Only Obtainable Through Episode 1, Act 1 Battle Pass

A photo of the Kingdom Knife Valorant knife skin

The first-ever Battle Pass melee was as basic as you can get. It was barely a reskin of the default knife, having a different black handle with some jagged edges and yellow accents.


The Power Fist claims the top spot on our list of all Valorant knives. There’s no doubt that this piece of retro-gaming arcade technology delivers style and amazement beyond compare.

These VALORANT knife skins don’t affect gameplay in any way, shape, or form, nor do they help improve aim. The author ranks them purely based on their aesthetic and visual qualities.

What’s your favorite knife to use in Valorant? Comment it down.

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