Activision sent multiple content creators surprise Call of Duty crates

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Activision has sent out a number of surprise crates to several influencers and content creators a mysterious crate with a lock on the box, and a note that will only allow them to open the crate on Monday, the 10th of August. Whether this is to celebrate the launch of Season 5 in Modern Warfare or its finally going to reveal the Call of Duty 2020 entry, is the big mystery.

Could we finally see the curtain lift on Call of Duty?

Call of Duty 2020 is easily this years most elusive title. Everything we know about the game is from a series of leaks, time and again.

In a series of tweets, many famous Call of Duty YouTubers have gotten mysterious boxes that have been marked as do not open until August 10th, the coming Monday.

While many of the creators can easily break the lock with a pair of bolt cutters, many people are adamant on doing so due to losing their good faith with Activision, and potentially working with them in the future.

On the off-chance someone does get a little greedy and opens the box before its intended date, fans are probably going to watch unboxing videos take place on YouTube to be a part of the suspense.

This could also be continuing Activision’s campaign for Call of Duty Modern Warfare newly launched Season 5, and is probably packed with additional merchandise.

Otherwise, Activision did confirm in a recent investors meeting that there are plans of releasing a Call of Duty for 2020. This is the longest period that the series has gone without as much as a teaser trailer, so this could potentially mean that the reveal is imminent if they’re to meet the console hype.

While Activision is still silent on the matter, we can hope that the coming Monday reveal is indeed something that leads to a confirmation of a Call of Duty entry more than anything. Fans are definitely getting annoyed of the constant teases.

What are your thoughts on the latest tease by Activision? Are you keeping your hopes high or keeping them in check? Let us know in the comments section below!

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