Alan Wake 2 Gamescom Trailer Shows A World At Your Command

The New Trailer Is Just Beyond Worlds

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Alan Wake 2
  • New Gameplay shows off a new mechanic
  • Gameplay only features Alan
  • Game is set for October 27th, 2023.

Alan Wake 2 is a sequel that fans have been waiting for for over a decade, if not longer. The title was touted as one of the best new IP’s introduced by Remedy Games and while the constant story DLC for the first game did keep fans interest going, and even a recent remaster, the sequel is only a couple of months away and fans are ecstatic.

Alan Wake 2 Gamescom Trailer – The World At Your Fingertips

In the new gameplay shown at Gamescom, we get a fresh look at Alan Wake 2. We see a brand-new mechanic where Alan has the power to manipulate the scene with an additional stimuli to influence the continuation of the story. From what we know about the game so far, players can play as Alan and Saga Anderson. Players can switch between the two and experience the same game differently, encouraging multiple playthroughs.

The latest gameplay shows us a glimpse at the familiar combat where we have to fight off shadow enemies by staying in the light, and from there Alan must once again utilize the power of light and a weapon to survive. While we did not get a look at Saga Anderson in this trailer, the game is still a couple of months away.

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