Alan Wake 2 New Gameplay Trailer And Details Revealed

A New Gameplay Trailer Is Written

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • New gameplay shown at Summer Games Fest
  • New details about Saga and Alan Wake revealed
  • Game can be played as either protagonist fully

Alan Wake 2 got a brand new trailer and details at Summer Game Fest. We were told by Sam Lake that the game can be played multiple ways, and the story is something that they have not done before, allowing players to seamlessly switch between two characters. Something they did briefly in Max Payne 2, but in Alan Wake 2 the mechanic is much deeper.

Alan Wake 2 New Gameplay Trailer Is Packed

At Summer Game Fest, Sam Lake confirmed that It’s possible for players to freely switch between Alan Wake 2‘s latest addition to the cast, Saga, and Alan himself as the player wishes, with the story being presented with multiple perspectives depending on who you are controlling and when. Players can also switch between the two characters at will, and it is also possible to play through the entire game as one of the protagonists.

The latest gameplay shows Saga fighting a deer-like monster which really shows Remedy is trying to show a new kind of threat to the universe. In Alan Wake, majority of the enemies were humans possessed by the darkness. This change is only one of the many surprises fans are expecting form the title.

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