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Ali Hashmi
Ali Hashmi
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Alchemist Adventure
7.5 Good
Review Overview

Alchemist Adventure is an action-adventure RPG, from, and Bad Minions. Players take on the role of Mya, as she pieces together her memory in a vast land full of dangers. The game was originally launched as an early access title on Steam and is finally available on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. In our Alchemist Adventure Review we will talk about what the game brings to the genre, and how well.

Story and Writing

Mya, the main character of the game, has lost her memory and awakens in an unknown land. She doesn’t know she’s an Alchemist, and just like the player, learns about her powers as she interacts with the world. The story and her background are revealed through flashbacks with artwork and voice-over, and the more she ventures forward, the clearer her role becomes.

Most of the backstory is told through flashbacks in Alchemist Adventure
Artwork during flashbacks

The mystery of her origin, abilities, and place in this world is intriguing. It also helps that Mya is expressive, and comments on things. This gives the game some personality, and while the writing itself isn’t that impressive, there is still some charm in it.

Gameplay and Controls

Alchemist Adventure features a fairly complex potion system that players can dig into. Base elements like fire, water, air, and earth are further combined with metals, and other ingredients to create new potions. These allow for a wide variety of combinations that have different effects, and bonuses.

Simply using base elements can clear obstacles, and help you with puzzles. While more complex positions become more involved in combat. There is also a melee attack that Mya can use, against enemies, and certain obstacles. It’s a bit stiff but gets the job done.

A screenshot showcasing gameplay in the game
Alchemist Adventure Gameplay

The depth in the potion crafting is a big factor in this game, and it can be a bit overwhelming. The tutorials could’ve been a bit better, and organically placed, but everything is dumped at you in the opening area. Keeping track of what potions worked better than others can be a bit tricky.

Interaction with the environment in a meaningful way is always appreciated, and something that can increase immersion. This is one of the strengths of the game, as areas truly feel like a sandbox.

Screenshot showcasing some gameplay, in Alchemist Adventure
Spells used during gameplay

Given the abundance of spells, and potions though, it can become a bit tiring to constantly go to menus, switch to the one you need in a puzzle, and repeat. This is where having too much in a game can add to the tedium.

Visuals and Audio

Alchemist Adventure looks decent for the most part, but there are obviously parts that could’ve been better. The textures, and models while varied, lack detail and feel a bit bland. Mya’s character model looks fine from a distance, but zooming in can reveal some aliasing.

The gameplay is one of the highlights in the Alchemist Adventure Review
Alchemist Adventure Gameplay

The usual fantasy setting works well with the gameplay, and everything is clearly distinguishable. However, the art direction leaves a lot to be desired, and there’s nothing that really stands out.

Similar to the visuals, the game’s audio is decent too, with different sound effects for potions, and environmental interactions. The music is melodious, and you feel involved with the setting.


Alchemist Adventure is a mechanically complex game that features provides players with tons of options in combat and puzzles. It also features a fairly engaging story and some varied environments. However, a lack of polish, especially in the visuals and confusing tutorials brings down the experience a bit.

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Review Overview
Good 7.5
Overall Score 7.5
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