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Mir Rafay
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Stardew Valley hugely focuses on story building and narrative to provide a magical experience to its players. It is, after all, the bonds that you develop with these characters that ultimately shape your journey! Alex in Stardew Valley is a very interesting character with a profound backstory.

The plethora of characters within the game means that it can sometimes be pretty challenging to understand the dynamics of each different Villager! Regardless, following the story and backgrounds of these characters is one of the best tips in Stardew Valley you can follow.

Today, we’ll focus on the most boastful and arrogant character of Stardew Valley – Alex!


In Stardew Valley, Alex is a relatively young character who lives in Pelican Town with George and Evelyn – his grandparents. He lives in the house located between Pierre’s General Store and Pam’s Trailer. He can most commonly be spotted standing under a tree right next to his house, playing with his “gridball.” 

The game doesn’t reflect much upon who Alex’s parents are. During some of his dialogue, Alex mentions that his father was always either drunk or absent. On the other hand, Alex’s mother, Clara, is shown in his 8-heart event. Clara passed away when Alex was a child, which is what caused him to live with his grandparents in the first place.

Alex dreams of being a professional athlete one day, and his enthusiasm can be seen in the majority of the dialogue you share with him. Initially, he comes off as a friendly yet boastful character as he’s always bragging to you about how he’ll make it big one day. He also has a dog named Dusty, who lives in the small dog pen next to Pam’s Trailer. 

Alex is included in the 12 marriage-eligible candidates of Stardew Valley.


Stardew Valley Alex's 10-Heart Dialogue

Alex maintains a friendly attitude towards you throughout your interactions with him. It’ll become apparent rather quickly that he’s pretty arrogant and boastful about himself, even though he doesn’t have many accomplishments to show for it. 

Over the course of your friendship, Alex becomes much more friendly and shares deep memories of himself with you. In higher levels of friendship, he’ll even share details such as his absent parents and complex family dynamics.

He’ll also grow as a person and be more humble once you’ve achieved a higher level of friendship. At full hearts, you’ll see a clear difference in the person who Alex initially was and the one he’s developed to become.

Alex is unemployed and, from the looks of it – does not wish to seek a job anytime soon. He’s entirely focused on achieving his almost unrealistic dream of becoming a professional athlete and refuses to budge. In the afternoons of the summer season, however, he can be found running the Ice Cream Stand located next to Clint’s shop and the Museum.


Alex Character Portrait

Alex’s routine can change depending upon weather conditions, your relationship status with Hayley, and the current season. Following is a summary of his regular activities, including special weather conditions and irregular scenarios.


Alex will wake up as soon as the game timer for the next day starts and will stay in his room till 7:50 am. Afterward, he’ll leave for the Beach, where he stays till 12 pm. He then moves on to work at the Ice Cream Stand till 5 pm.

After 5 pm, Alex heads back home to exercise with his dumbbells and weights. He’ll stay inside/near his home and then go to bed at 10 pm sharp.

Special Occasions

If you haven’t yet reached a 6-heart friendship with Hayley, Alex’s routine for each Wednesday will change. From 8 am – 12 am, he’ll stand outside his house. He’ll then go visit Emily and Hayley’s home, located at the bottom left corner of Pelican Town.

He’ll stay here for about four and a half hours and then move on to visit his dog Dusty in the dog pen located in front of his house. At exactly 6:40 pm, Alex will head back home and stay inside till 10 pm. Once the clock hits 10, he’ll go to sleep.

On a rainy day, Alex stays inside his house till 4 pm performing different activities, including his daily exercise. He visits his dog from 4 pm – 6:30 pm and then heads back home. He spends the rest of the day inside.

On Tuesday, the 16th of Summer, Alex has an appointment at Harvey’s Clinic, which causes him to deviate from his regular activities. On this day, he wakes up at 6 am and stands outside his house for two and a half hours, starting from 8 am. Once the game clock hits 10:30, Alex will visit the clinic for his check-up. 

He’ll stay in the clinic for his annual examination till 4 pm. Afterward, he heads directly back home and stays inside for the rest of the day.


On a typical day in Stardew Valley, Alex will leave the house at 8 am to stand under the tree right next to it. After staying here idly for an hour, he’ll move towards the Spa located in the Mountains region. He remains in the gym located within the Spa from 9 am to 3 pm. 

After this, Alex will take a break by heading home and staying inside from 3 pm to 6 pm. He then comes back outside for one and a half hours to visit his dog in the dog pen in front of his house. Alex will return to his home at 7:30 pm and stay inside till he goes to sleep at 10:40 pm.

Special Occasions

If you haven’t yet reached a 6-heart friendship with Hayley, Alex will follow the same schedule on Wednesdays as he did in the Summer season.

On Wednesday, the 17th of Winter, Alex changes his daily routine owing to the Night Market event that happens each year. On this day, he’ll leave his house to visit the Spa, where he stays from 9 am to 3 pm. 

Afterward, he’ll head over to the Night Market taking place on the Beach and stay here till 12 am, after which he comes straight back to his house.

After Marriage 

In the case that you’ve married Alex, he’ll move into the farmhouse with you and will change his routine accordingly. At 8:30 am, he will leave your farm to go visit George and Evelyn in Pelican Town. He stays there till 6 pm, after which he comes back home. Alex will remain inside for the rest of the day and go to sleep at his usual timeframe of 10 pm.

Special Occasions

If you’ve reached a 14-heat friendship with Alex and experienced his heart event, Alex will leave your farm each Sunday morning on 8:30 am to stand under the tree in front of his old house. He’ll stay here till 11 am and then head towards the back room of the Stardrop Salon. Alex then goes to the dog pen to visit Dusty at 3 pm and stays idle here for three and a half hours.

Finally, Alex will head to his grandparents’ house from 6:30 pm to 10 pm before returning back to the farmhouse.

Fall & Spring

Alex follows the exact same schedule in the Spring and Fall seasons as he did in the Summer. The only difference is that his clinic appointment will always exclusively take place during the Summers.

Heart Events

Stardew Valley Alex's 10-Heart Event
Source: MndA Videos

Heart events are special interactions and cutscenes that are unique to each character. In Stardew Valley, Alex has the following Heart Events that you can experience with him as you reach their specified friendship level.

Two Heart Event

Alex’s Two Heart event in Stardew Valley requires you to achieve at least 2 hearts worth of friendship with him. Additionally, the cutscene for this event will only trigger if you visit the Beach area located south of Pelican Town on a sunny day of the Summer season. Alex must also be present in the area for this to trigger.

The event shows Alex playing with his gridball on the Beach. Upon seeing you, he chucks the ball towards you – which you fail to catch. Alex laughs it off and commends you for trying. He then boasts about how he’ll become a professional gridball player and asks your opinion on what his chances are of “making it.”

You can respond with two choices in the event – telling him you have faith in him or that he’s boastful and arrogant. Both options have no effect on your friendship with Alex and only offer different dialogue sequences.

Four Heart Event

Alex’s Four Heart event in Stardew Valley requires you to enter the town between 9 am – 4 pm and have at least 4-hearts worth of friendship with him. 

The event features Alex talking to his dog Dusty while sitting next to the dog pen in front of his home. You walk up to him from the Stardrop Salon, and he asks whether you heard what he was talking about with Dusty. You can then select 2 option boxes (neither affects your friendship level).

Regardless of your answer, Alex will continue to tell you about the hardships he and Dusty have faced. He also reveals personal information about his father being a severe alcoholic who was also abusive. Before the event ends, Alex also tells you a little about his deceased mother and how, because of this situation, he lives with his grandparents.

Five Heart Event

The prerequisites of the Five Heart event include visiting Alex in his home while having a 5-heart friendship level with him.

The cutscene showcases Alex staring hard at his bookcase before confessing to you that he’s never read a single book present in it. He further explains his sentiment of how he’ll never be able to become successful if he doesn’t read up and become knowledgeable. The game then presents you with 3 dialogue boxes to choose from. Depending upon your answer, you’ll either have your friendship points with him unchanged or gain/lose 50.

You’ll also be shown a different dialogue from Alex depending upon your answer. In the end, Alex becomes motivated to achieve his dreams and offers you to have dinner with him while discussing important things like “philosophy.” 

Six & Eight Heart Events

His Six Heart event triggers if you enter his house while having a 6-heart friendship level with him.

The cutscene showcases Alex disappointed in himself and contemplating whether he can actually become a professional athlete one day. Alex also apologizes for being boastful and arrogant when you first met him. Before the event ends, you provide him with some reassurance that motivates him in his objectives.

His Eight Heart event is accessible after reaching 8-hearts of friendship and by either visiting the Beach or the Ginger Island Resort. Both scenarios require Alex to be present in the area, and either can be used to trigger the event.

The event features Alex crying on the Beach. Upon inquiring, he tells you that it’s his mother’s 12th death anniversary. Alex then pulls out and plays a music box given to him by his mother when he was young. This activates a cutscene showing a vision of Clara, Alex’s mother, taking care of Alex when he was a child.

Before leaving for Pelican Town, you’ll have to choose between 4 dialogue options to tell Alex what you’re thinking. None of these affect your overall friendship level and only offer different dialogue outcomes.

Ten Heart Event

The Ten Heart event triggers if you enter the Salon between 7 pm to 10 pm after receiving a letter from Alex instructing you to meet him.

The cutscene for the event features both of you having dinner in the Stardrop Salon with Emily and Gus serving you food and playing the violin. Alex confesses his love for you, and you’re given an option to select your response. You can either reply by reciprocating Alex’s feelings or rejecting them. 

Even though both options feature different outcomes, your friendship with Alex remains unaffected by your final decision. 

Fourteen Heart Event

The Fourteen Heart Event is the last possible one for Alex in Stardew Valley and has the most stringent requirements of all. Your current game year has to be greater than 2, the present day cannot be Sunday, and you need to have 5,000g available in your wallet as a prerequisite. The event also has 2 separate parts for it to be considered complete.

First Part

To trigger the first cutscene, you’ll have to leave your farmhouse anywhere between 6 am, and 8:20 am. Upon doing so, Alex will come up to you and ask for 5,000g for a secret project that he’s working on. The event only continues if you choose to lend him the money. He states that the project will be ready for you to view on the coming Sunday.

Second Part

The second part of Alex’s Fourteen Heart event triggers if you enter the Stardrop Salon. It features George, Shane, Gus, Alex, and Kent all standing together to watch a game of gridball on a new TV set. The event takes place in the backroom of the Stardrop Salon, which is also decorated to suit the occasion. 

Alex explains that even though he couldn’t achieve his dream of becoming a professional gridball player, this is a great way to cope with it. All other characters in the room comment about how this was an excellent investment and that it’ll now become a new tradition to look forward to.

Gifting Preferences

Not taking into account items and movies with universal sentiments, the following table shows a complete list of all movies, food items, and gifts that Alex loves, likes, dislikes, hates, or is neutral to.

 LovedIt Howls In The Rain, Wumbus, Salmon Burger, Stardrop Sorbet, Complete Breakfast, Salmon Dinner
Journey Of The Prairie King, Mysterium, The Brave Little Sapling, The Miracle At Coldstar Ranch, The Zuzu City Express, All Movie Snacks (Except Loved and Disliked), All Eggs (Except Void Egg)
All Fruit (Except Tree Fruit and Salmonberry), Chanterelle, Common Mushroom, Daffodil Dandelion, Ginger, Hazelnut, Leek, Magma Cap, Morel, Purple Mushroom, Snow Yam, Winter Root
Natural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant World, Black Licorice, Cotton Candy, Jawbreaker, Joja Cola, JojaCorn, Sour Slimes, Rock Candy, Salmonberry, Wild Horseradish
HatedHolly, Quartz


That’s everything you need to know about Alex in Stardew Valley. Have anything else about the character you want to know about? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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