ALL 18 Larval Tear Locations in Elden Ring, Listed

Here are all the Larval Tears you need to perfect your build.

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Abbas Ahmad
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Larval Tears are crucial items in Elden Ring that let you respec your character after giving them to Rennala. That thing is that you’ll not always end up happy with your current build, and you’ll be forced use these fetus-like material in such situation.

However, much like previous entries, there’s a limited amount of Larval Tears, and you’ll only respec so many times. Don’t fret, though, as this guide will show you the location of all the Larval Tears in Elden Ring.

There are 18 total Larval Tears scattered throughout the massive map. But to make things smoother, we’ve listed each Larval Tears with their respective sources and the order you should acquire them.

If you’re looking for the Larval Tears and their locations, read on to find them all!

Larval Tears From Enemy Drops

Larval Tears From Enemy Drops

A major chunk of Larval Tears is acquired from enemies. Some enemies cleverly disguise themselves as weaklings, who then transforms into more frustrating foes. On the other hand, some will immediately drop the essential item once slain. That said, we’ve listed the enemies with their locations, and the Larval Tears they yield, helping you identify where to get Larval Tears in Elden Ring.

Lesser Runebear – Limgrave

Lesser Runebear - Limgrave

This will likely be your first Larval Tear. To get it, head exactly west from Agheel Lake South Site of Grace, and you’ll find a lone Wandering Noble standing by the rocky elevation. Once killed, he’ll become a Lesser Runebear that drops your first Larval Tear. So, simply slay the Runebear to acquire it.

Grafted Scion – Liurnia (South)

Grafted Scion - Liurnia (South)

A larval Tear is awarded by vanquishing a Grafted Scion pretending to be a Giant Crayfish in Liurnia of the Lakes. So, head northeast from the Folly on the Lake Site of Grace until you reach some Giant Crayfish. The one patrolling the area is your clue, and don’t bother aggroing the others that are dozing off.

Troll – Caelid

Troll -  Caelid

For the Larval Tear in the blasted continent of Caelid, head west of the Cathedral of Dragon Communion Site of Grace to reach a cemetery. Here, you’ll find a Troll disguised as a Wandering Noble that drops it.

Silver Spheres – Nokstella

Silver Spheres - Nokstella

You’ll earn 3 Larval Tears, one from each Silver Sphere – the giant metallic balls that want to crush you – in Nokstella making this one of the best Larval Tear locations in the game. Fortunately, they’re pretty close to one another. To find the first one, you’ll want to work your way up the stairs from the Nokstella, Eternal City until you come across a bridge. This is where the first Silver Sphere Spawns.

After that, you’ll see a staircase and an exit on your right; each passage leads to doorways where the other two spawn. However, one of the Silver Spheres drops with a pack of Silver Tears, so keep your guard up.

Mimic Tear Boss Fight – Nokron

Mimic Tear Boss Fight - Nokron

You can get your hands on 2 Larval Tears by defeating the Mimic Tear in Nokron, Eternal City – the most of any enemy will drop. So, ensure removing everything you’re wearing, including weapons, just to pull a fast one on the Mimic Tear.

Silver Sphere – Night’s Sacred Ground

Silver Sphere - Night's Sacred Ground

While Night’s Sacred Ground is somewhat a part of Nokron, you’ll nonetheless come across a Silver Sphere that drops 1 Larval Tear. The nearest Site of Grace is the Night’s Sacred Ground, and the building on the right houses the Silver Sphere, assuming you defeat the enemies first.

Lion Guardian – Altus Plateau

Lion Guardian - Altus Plateau

A Lion Guardian holding 1 Larval Tear disguises itself as a weakling inside some unnamed ruins south of Windmill Village. The weakling seemingly cowers in a corner of the ruins, waiting to transform and pounce on you once you kill it. Try heading north from the Rampardside Path Site of Grace to reach it.

Wormface – Mt. Gelmir

Wormface - Mt. Gelmir

Starting from the Road of Inequity Site of Grace in Mt. Gelmi, work your way west towards the castle’s outskirts. You’ll find a blazing corpse that immediately transforms into a colossal Wormface holding 1 Larval Tear.

Lesser Runebear – Consecrated Snowfield

Lesser Runebear - Consecrated Snowfield

Atop the hill, near the Inner Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace are three Wandering Nobles, one of which appears to be partially buried in the snow. This one turns into a Runebear that drops 1 Larval Tear once slain.

Purchasable Larval Tears

Purchasable Larval Tears

Outside enemy drops, some vendors and merchants scattered in various locations sell a few pieces of Larval Tears in Elden Ring. If you’ve got the Runes to fork out, head immediately to the below-mentioned areas.

Pidia, Carian Servant – Liurnia (West)

Pidia, Carian Servant - Liurnia (West)

After beating Royal Knight Loretta and accessing the Three-Sisters area, you’ll find a vendor named Pidia, Carian Servant. He only sells 1 Larval Tear for 3000 Runes. So, to get to him, you’ll have to drop down the cliff and navigate the ramparts near the Three-Sisters.

Abandoned Merchant – Siofra River

Abandoned Merchant - Siofra River

The Abandoned Merchant can be heard playing music by an unlit bonfire in the ruins of Sofia River. He sells 1 Larval Tear for 3000 Runes. So, to get to him, you’ll have to climb and traverse around the wooden scaffoldings which lead to the ruins. You’ll see the scaffoldings from a distance from the Siofra River Banks Site of Grace.

Lootable Larval Tears

Lootable Larval Tears

Like the case with most items, you’ll also acquire Larval Tears by scouring locations for some well-placed loots in Elden Ring. Below are various corpses and areas where you’ll get the remaining 4 Larva Tears.

Village of the Albinaurics – Liurnia (South)

Village of the Albinaurics - Liurnia (South)

The earliest lootable Larval Tear is the one located in the Village of the Albinaurics in Liurnia. It lies in the graveyard right when you enter the village. Try heading southwest of the Folly on the Lake Site of Grace to reach it.

Resurrection Painting – Liurnia (West)

Resurrection Painting - Liurnia (West)

First, you’ll have to find the Resurrection Painting in the Artist’s Shack in Eastern Liurnia to get this Larval Tear. After tha, go to the Behind Caria Manor Site of Grace, and head down the muddy path to reach a graveyard. Inside is a ghost that will disappear once you’re near it, and it will drop 1 Larval Tear.

Corpses – Nokron

Corpses - Nokron

You’ll also get 2 Larval Tears, one from each corpse in Nokron. The first corpse is in the build northwest of Nokron, Eternal City Site of Grace. The other you’ll find in a gazebo just behind the Mimic Tear Boss room.

Useful Larval Tears Tips

Useful Larval Tears Tips

Now that you’ve likely got your hands on all Larval Tears in Elden Ring and know all their locations, here are some useful details surrounding these peculiar fetus-like items:

  • You don’t need to beat Rennala to acquire Larval Tears. You can acquire them as long as you know where to find them.
  • However, once you’ve vanquished Rennala, she’ll reappear as an NPC in Raya Lucaria Academy. Here, you can interact with her to respec your character’s attributes at the cost of 1 Larval Tear or remould the appearance of your character for free.
  • When respeccing, you’ll have to put the same number of points as your level, and neither more nor less.
  • Regarding Larval Tears dropped from enemies, you’ll only get it once from them. Plus, save for the Silver Sphere, disguised enemies do not respawn. So, don’t bother smashing more balls in hopes for more Larval Tears.
  • You can spare a Larval Tear for Boc the Seamster, so he can be reborn a new through Rennala’s powers. However, he dies soon after giving it to him, so his fate lies in your hand.

Final Thoughts

These were all the Larval Tears you can find in Elden Ring. This means you can go to Rennala to relocate your attributes eighteen times. Plus, that’s a plentiful amount needed to settle down with the perfect build tailored to your playstyle. That said, let us know in the comments below if you’ve ever used Larval Tears to respec your character.

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