All Lies of P Stats Explained (Complete Guide)

Learn What Each Stat Means.

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Lies of P draws a lot of inspiration. from other soul-like games, and that is not a bad thing, especially because it borrows the good bits and improves upon them. Players will be able to instantly recognize the way stats are broken down in Lies of P if they have played any other soul-like games before.

In Lies of P, Vitality is your HP, Vigor is stamina, Motivity means strength, Technique is used to denote the dexterity stat, and Advance is upgraded if you want to increase your legion arm’s damage or increase your elemental resistances.

We’ve curated this brief guide to talk about the different stats in the game and what each terminology means. Knowing this will help you make an informed decision on which class to choose at the start or stat to level up first.

Stats Breakdown in Lies of P

Stats Upgrade Page
There are 6 main upgradable stats.

There are 6 main upgradeable stats in Lies of P. The game uses a slightly different naming scheme compared to your average Strength, Dexterity, and Arcane naming scheme.

Here is what each stat means in Lies of P:

  • Vitality is self-explanatory. It is the amount of HP you have. The higher the number, the longer your HP bar will be.
  • Vigor is your stamina. Stamina is king in these games. You cannot roll, sidestep, or perform heavy attacks without enough stamina. You’ll die very often if you don’t invest in Vigor properly in any Souls game.
  • Capacity refers to the total weight you can carry on your person. The higher this stat is, the more weapons, arms, and materials you can carry without worrying about being encumbered or fat-rolling.
  • Motivity is your Strength attribute in Lies of P. This is the stat you want to invest points in if you want to raise your physical damage and hit harder.
  • Technique is the terminology used for Dexterity in Lies of P. It follows the same logic as other Souls games where some weapons scale on Str. While others scale on Dex.
  • Advance is the skill you want to crank up if you want to raise your Legion Arm’s damage in Lies of P. It also raises elemental resistance.

And that’s what each stat means in Lies of P. Now that you know what they mean, you can properly plan your builds and invest your hard-earned “souls” in the right skill.

Get accustomed to your weapons fast. The Parade Master awaits you at the entrance of the Krat Hotel. Let us know what is your favorite thing about the game so far, and stick with WIG for the hottest Lies of P coverage.

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