All Lost Ark Outfits: COMPLETE List (2023)

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Abdul Wasay Farooqui
Abdul Wasay Farooqui
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The Lost Ark is an MMORPG with a wide array of amazing outfits you can wear. In this guide, we will dive into all the outfits in Lost Ark. Because looking ugly is the last thing you want in a massively multiplayer role-playing game. So it will be beneficial to follow a guide to look elegant.

Outfits in the Lost Ark are useful whenever you want to have the best stats possible with mismatch gear and equip a skin on top of it to hide everything ugly beneath. If you are wondering about how to get skins, then do not worry because there are many ways to get skins in this game. So without further ado, let’s dive into all Lost Ark outfits.

The Outfits In Lost Ark

Outfits in Lost Ark are available in the game’s cash shop and are rotated every season. Every season outfits are rotated between classes, so if you like an outfit right now, it is best practice to buy the outfit right away, as it is highly likely it will be removed from the shop next season.

You can never know which outfits will be replaced. Also, remember that some outfits are for the base Class while most are solely for the advanced classes, so make sure to spend your cash wisely. You can also share outfits between characters of the same class as long as they are on the same account.

Warrior Class Outfits

Warriors are the Tank class in Lost Ark. Their movement speed is very slow as compared to other classes, but their strikes and healths are the best in the game. So it is the best class to use if you are someone that likes to withstand damage for the team.


Berserker Outfit

Berserkers are the best beginner-friendly class in the game because you can quite literally go berserk and annihilate enemies in seconds if the build is fine-tuned.

Using their greatsword and anger, they can be unstoppable on the field because berserk allows them to gain crazy speed and immense damage capacity.

Berserker Outfit 2


Gunlancer Outfit

Gunlancer is a literal sponge of all Warriors. They are the tankiest of all Warrior subclasses. Their potential is reached when they turn on their heavy shield, which starts to absorb all the damage thrown at it. And they have a gun lance weapon that deals an immense amount of damage too. Rather than

Gunlancer Outfit 2

Martial Artist Outfits

If you are into martial arts and would like to appear flashy while attacking enemies at the speed of light, then this class is for you. In this class, you will be using your fists to throw out rapid combos that deal tremendous damage and move away. 


Wardancer Outfit

Wardancers take martial arts to the next level by including elemental forces in combat. They enhance their moves by using elemental powers and dealing extra damage and are able to do longer combos. With these elemental powers, their attacks are lethal and snazzy.

Wardancer Outfit 2


Soulfist is a two-in-one class because it can do melee as well as ranged damage to enemies. Soulfists can switch up their style on the fly based on the enemies’ weaknesses. Combining these two different attack types can create lethal combos that can instantly kill enemies. Soulfists can tap into a special energy called Adamance to strengthen their abilities and push them through the fight.

Soulfist Outfit

Gunner Outfits

Gunner is the best class for all the ranged fans out there. In this class, you will stay at a distance and rain hell down on the enemies. Gunners use ranged weapons like futuristic guns. These guns are short and long-range. If you are not a fan of guns, then you can also give a shot at archery. 


Sharpshooter is a sub-class that uses mechanical bows and arrows that inhibit unique properties. The bows inflict all kinds of damage. The sharpshooters can survive longer and are swift on the battlefield, making them difficult to be shot at. They are also capable of stealth, which can be beneficial when taking down enemies.

Sharpshooter Outfit 1


Deadeye Outfit 1

Deadeye is a crazy ranged sub-class. It is capable of wielding up to three weapons at once. You can equip each weapon according to different situations. The weapons include a double handgun, a shotgun and a rifle. Each can be used whenever needed. This class is very diverse and can go face-to-face against an enemy or stay behind the team and distract the enemy.

Deadeye Outfit 2

Mage Outfits

Mage is a support class in Lost Ark. It has ranged attacks and abilities that are beneficial for your whole team, such as healing players or increasing damage. It all depends on how you build them. They are a fragile class and should be protected, but they can certainly change the outcome of a battle.

Mage Outfit

Assassin Outfits

Assassins can deal massive damage, but if they are caught in enemies’ line of sight, they will instantly regret it because their health is deficient. This weakness is compensated by quick movement speed and is recommended to players who are experienced in the game and know what they are doing instead of button smashing randomly.

Assassin Outfit


And there you have it! That was our take on all the outfits in Lost Ark. if this guide helped you decide which outfit is worth buying, please share it with your friends because they will likely be confused as well. If you have any suggestions on which outfit is the coolest, let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear your feedback. If you want to play something similar to Lost Ark, check out 10 Best Games like Lost Ark.

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