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Throughout the game, you will encounter tons of merchants across the massive map of Elden Ring. Each merchant offers different wares and can be quite useful depending on what you are looking for. That is why this guide will show you all the merchant locations in Elden Ring.

Since the map is extremely large, it can be a bit confusing to know where to locate each merchant. So, to make the entire process easier for you, we have compiled a list of each merchant alongside their locations and what they have to offer. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started.



When you start the game, you will spawn in Limgrave. This is a big area that is home to many merchants. Here, you will meet the first merchant of the game as well, who will guide you and give you useful items/tips about the game as well.

Merchant Kale

This is the first merchant that you will encounter. You can get to him within a couple of minutes – depending if you want to fight the Tree Sentinal or not. He offers some useful tips and explains a few basics of how the merchant system works in Elden Ring.

  • Throwing Dagger (40 Runes)
  • Telescope (500 Runes)
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy (1000 Runes)
  • Cracked Pot (300 Runes)
  • Crafting Kit (300 Runes)
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [1] (500 Runes)
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [2] (500 Runes)
  • Missionary’s Cookbook [1] (1000 Runes)
  • Arrow (20 Runes)
  • Bolt (40 Runes)
  • Torch (200 Runes)
  • Large Leather Shield (600 Runes)
  • Chain Coif (1000 Runes)
  • Chain Armor (1500 Runes)
  • Chain Gauntlets (1000 Runes)
  • Chain Leggings (1000 Runes)
  • Note: Flask of Wondrous Physick (200 Runes)
  • Note: Waypoint Ruins (200 Runes)

Nomadic Merchant

Nomadic Merchant

Found at the eastern end of the Saintsbridge, you can spot him relaxing next to a fireplace.

  • Pickled Turtle Neck (800 Runes)
  • Cracked Pot (600 Runes)
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [3] (500 Runes)
  • Short Sword (600 Runes)
  • Halberd (1200 Runes)
  • Arrow (20 Runes)
  • Bolt (40 Runes)
  • Bandit Mask (1500 Runes)
  • Note: Flame Chariots (300 Runes)

Sorceress Sellen

Sorceress Sellen

This merchant is an important character in terms of side quests. She has an interesting quest with a not-so-satisfying payoff at the end.

  • Glintstone Pebble (1000 Runes)
  • Glintstone Stars (3000 Runes)
  • Glintstone Arc (1500 Runes)
  • Crystal Barrage (1500 Runes)
  • Scholar’s Armament (3000 Runes)
  • Scholar’s Shield (2500 Runes)



After conquering Limgrave, you will want to head over to the area of Stormhill. Here, you’ll come across various NPCs and merchants.

Knight Bernahl

This merchant is quite useful if you want to buy various Ashes of War. He can really make your early game easier if you get the right Ashes of War.

  • Ash of War: Stamp (1500 Runes)
  • Ash of War: Kick (800 Runes)
  • Ash of War: Endure (600 Runes)
  • Ash of War: War Cry (800 Runes)
  • Ash of War: Spinning Slash (1200 Runes)
  • Ash of War: Impaling Thrust (1000 Runes)
  • Ash of War: Quickstep (800 Runes)
  • Ash of War: Storm Blade (1800 Runes)
  • Ash of War: Parry (600 Runes)
  • Ash of War: No Skill (600 Runes)

Stormveil Castle

Stormveil Castle is the first legacy dungeon on Elden Ring. Here, you’ll fight two main bosses and come across a few useful – and annoying – NPCs. Namely, Rogier, Nephali, and Gostoc.

Sorcerer Rogier

Sorcerer Rogier

You can find Sorcerer Rogier in two places (that can be said about a lot of NPCs in Elden Ring). When you first meet him, you’ll find him in Stormveil Castle where he will sell you some useful Ashes of War.

  • Ash of War: Glintstone Pebble (1500 Runes)
  • Ash of War: Carian Greatsword (2500 Runes)
  • Ash of War: Spinning Weapon (1000 Runes)

Weeping Peninsula

Right below Limgrave, you can find the Weeping Peninsula. While most players tend to head toward Stromhill or even Caelid after clearing Limgrave, this area is more suited for a new player. The enemies are easier and the area is small so you can easily explore it.

Nomadic Merchant

Nomadic Merchant

You can find him near Castle Morne Rampart near the Site of Grace.

  • Festering Bloody Finger (1000 Runes)
  • Sliver of Meat (500 Runes)
  • Beast Liver (500 Runes)
  • Lump of Flesh (800 Runes)
  • Trina’s Lily (1000 Runes)
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [5] (1500 Runes)
  • Armorer’s Cookbook [3] (2000 Runes)
  • Hand Axe (600 Runes)
  • Arrow (20 Runes)
  • St. Trina’s Arrow (160 Runes)
  • Bolt (40 Runes)
  • Riveted Wooden Shield (600 Runes)
  • Blue-Gold Kite Shield (1000 Runes)

Isolated Merchant

Isolated Merchant

This merchant can be found on the western side of the weeping peninsula when you pass the beach.

  • Lantern (1800 Runes)
  • Arteria Leaf (1000 Runes)
  • Stonesword Key (2000 Runes)
  • Lost Ashes of War (3000 Runes)
  • Zweihander (3500 Runes)
  • Arrow (20 Runes)
  • Great Arrow (300 Runes)
  • Bolt (40 Runes)
  • Ballista Bolt (300 Runes)
  • Sacrificial Twig (3000 Runes)
  • Note: Walking Mausoleum (600 Runes)

Liurnia of the Lakes

This region is surprisingly large and features a lot of content. It truly opens up the map for new players and you can freely explore tons of interesting areas and dungeons.

Nomadic Merchant

Nomadic Merchant

This merchant can be found near the Church of Irith, situated in Liurnia of the Lakes, just beside a campfire southwest of the Church.

  • Lantern (1800 Runes)
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [11] (1500 Runes)
  • Estoc (3000 Runes)
  • Astrologer’s Staff (800 Runes)
  • Arrow (20 Runes)
  • Bolt (40 Runes)
  • Kite Shield (1000 Runes)
  • Astrologer Hood (1000 Runes)
  • Astrologer Robe (1500 Runes)
  • Astrologer Glove (1000 Runes)
  • Astrologer Trousers (1000 Runes)

Isolated Merchant

Isolated Merchant

Found down the path to the east of the Main Academy Gate site of grace.

  • Fanged Imp Ashes (2000 Runes)
  • Trina’s Lily (1000 Runes)
  • Eye of Yelough (1500 Runes)
  • Stonesword Key (3000 Runes)
  • Lost Ashes of War (4000 Runes)
  • Fevor’s Cookbook [2] (3500 Runes)
  • St. Trina’s Arrow (160 Runes)
  • Meteor Bolt (120 Runes)
  • Blue Cloth Cowl (1000 Runes)
  • Blue Cloth Vest (1500 Runes)
  • Warrior Gauntlets (1000 Runes)
  • Warrior Greaves (1000 Runes)
  • Sacrificial Twigt (3000 Runes)
  • Note: Revenants (800 Runes)
  • Note: Frenzied Flame Village (800 Runes)

Miriel, Pastor of Vows

Miriel, Pastor of Vows
  • Sells various Sorceries / Spells, depending on what Scrolls you give him. (Giving him more Scrolls unlocks more Spells for purchase).

Smithing Master Iji

Smithing Master Iji
  • Somber Smithing Stone [1] (2000 Runes)
  • Somber Smithing Stone [2] (3000 Runes)
  • Somber Smithing Stone [3] (4000 Runes)
  • Somber Smithing Stone [4] (6000 Runes)

Pidia, Carian Servant

Pidia, Carian Servant

You’ll have to defeat Royal Knight Loretta and head to the Three Sisters. Upon entering the area, make sure that you take a left instead of fighting the dragon. From here, you need to drop off the cliff and go to the rooftop of a building.

Here, you’ll find a Site of Grace as well as a ladder that you can take to enter a secret room. You’ll find Pidia inside.

  • Budding Horn (1500 Runes)
  • Old Fang (800 Runes)
  • Slumbering Egg (600 Runes)
  • Ritual Pot (1500 Runes)
  • Celestial Dew (5000 Runes)
  • Larval Tear (3000 Runes)
  • Glintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook [7] (2500 Runes)
  • Ash of War: Carian Retaliation (3000 Runes)
  • Ripple Blade (3500 Runes)
  • Black Leather Shield (2500 Runes)


Caelid is one of the most difficult areas in the game despite being right next to Limgrave. Many players accidentally stumble upon this region while exploring the starting area. I suggest that you enter this region only if you are ready to fight tons of strong enemies and bosses.

Nomadic Merchant

Nomadic Merchant
  • Cracked Pot (1500 Runes)
  • Stonesword Key (4000 Runes)
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [15] (4000 Runes)
  • Arrow (20 Runes)
  • Bolt (40 Runes)
  • Flaming Bolt (120 Runes)
  • Champion Headband (1000 Runes)
  • Greathelm (1800 Runes)
  • Champion Pauldron (1500 Runes)
  • Champion Bracers (1000 Runes)
  • Champion Gratiers (1000 Runes)
  • Note: Gravity’s Advantage (800 Runes)

Nomadic Merchant (2)

Nomadic Merchant (2)
  • Preserving Boluses (2500 Runes)
  • Poisonbone Dart (120 Runes)
  • Poisoned Stone (150 Runes)
  • Poisoned Stone Clump (250 Runes)
  • Aeonian Butterfly (1500 Runes)
  • Arrow (20 Runes)
  • Fire Arrow (120 Runes)
  • Bolt (40 Runes)

Lyndell, Royal Capital

Lyndell, Royal Capital
Found inside the Hermit Merchant’s Shack.

The Royal Capital is one of the most beautiful areas that I have seen in any game. It is filled with mystery, an amazing atmosphere, and of course, strong enemies. However, by this point, you’ll be quite strong as well so the enemies shouldn’t be a problem – except for a few tough ones.

Hermit Merchant

  • Rune Arc (4000 Runes)
  • Golden Sunflower (300 Runes)
  • Perfume Bottle (2000 Runes)
  • Arrow (20 Runes)
  • Golden Arrow (120 Runes)
  • Great Arrow (300 Runes)
  • Golden Great Arrow (500 Runes)
  • Bolt (40 Runes)
  • Golden Bolt (120 Runes)
  • Ballista Bolt (300 Runes)
  • Sentry’s Torch (7000 Runes)
  • Distinguished Greatshield (5500 Runes)
  • Prophet Blindfold (1000 Runes)
  • Prophet Robe (1500 Runes)
  • Upper-Class Robe (2400 Runes)
  • Prophet Trousers (1000 Runes)
  • Consort’s Trousers (1500 Runes)

Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow

Can be found in the shack during the daytime.

This area is found inside Caelid. The Dragonbarrow region is the stretch of plateaus and hills located directly north of Caelid. Players can get to Dragonbarrow by heading up the hills east of Caelem Ruins and jumping over the chasm with Torrent.

Alternatively, you can take the sending gate northeast of the Third Church of Marika in Limgrave which leads to the Bestial Sanctum in the northeastern tip of this sub-region.

Isolated Merchant

  • Dragonwound Grease (3000 Runes)
  • Gravel Stone (2000 Runes)
  • Ritual Pot (3000 Runes)
  • Lost Ashes of War (5000 Runes)
  • Spiked Caestus (4000 Runes)
  • Arrow (20 Runes)
  • Serpent Arrow (120 Runes)
  • Bolt (40 Runes)
  • Beast-Repellent Torch (1200 Runes)
  • Land of Reeds Helm (1000 Runes)
  • Land of Reeds Armor (1500 Runes)
  • Land of Reeds Gauntlets (1000 Runes)
  • Land of Reeds Greaves (1000 Runes)
  • Sacrificial Twig (3000 Runes)
  • Note: Gateway 1200 Runes)
  • Note: Hidden Cave (1200 Runes)

Mountaintops of the Giants

Mountaintops of the Giants

The Mountaintops of the Giants is a late-game area with tons of strong enemies. This area is quite massive and has a lot going on. Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of merchants in this location which is quite weird.

Hermit Merchant

  • Rune Arc (8000 Runes)
  • Thawfrost Boluses (1200 Runes)
  • Stonesword Key (5000 Runes)
  • Missionary’s Cookbook [7] (7500 Runes)
  • Arrows (20 Runes)
  • Great Arrow (300 Runes)
  • Bolt (40 Runes)
  • Lightning Greatbolt (500 Runes)
  • Vagabond Knight Helm (1000 Runes)
  • Vagabond Knight Armor (1500 Runes)
  • Vagabond Knight Gauntlets (1000 Runes)
  • Vagabond Knight Greaves (1000 Runes)

Siofra River

Siofra River

Siofra River is an underground area – the first one that you’ll encounter. This is a large area but you can find the merchant relatively early while discovering this region. Be careful though, this place has tons of strong enemies that can take you out in a few hits.

Abandoned Merchant

  • Soap (400 Runes)
  • Nascent Butterfly (1500 Runes)
  • Stonesword Key (2000 Runes)
  • Larval Tear (3000 Runes)
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [17] (1000 Runes)
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [18] (6000 Runes)
  • Shotel (2500 Runes)
  • Arrow (20 Runes)
  • Dwelling Arrow (160 Runes)
  • Bolt (40 Runes)

Ainsel River

Ainsel River

Speaking of underground areas, you can find a merchant in the Ainsel River area as well. Finding him can be a bit tricky if you are new to this region but you can follow the location below and get to him quickly.

Hermit Merchant

  • Gravity Stone Fan (200 Runes)
  • Gravity Stone Chunk (300 Runes)
  • Lost Ashes of War (3000 Runes)
  • Celestial Dew (7500 Runes)
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [16] (2500 Runes)
  • Perfumer’s Cookbook [4] (3000 Runes)
  • Prisoner Iron Mask (1000 Runes)
  • Prisoner Clothing (1500 Runes)
  • Prisoner Trousers (1000 Runes)

Roundtable Hold

Roundtable Hold
All merchants can be found almost next to each other, so, you shouldn’t have any issues finding them.

The Roundtable Hold is a safe area where you can fast-travel to and relax. Here, you will find all sorts of useful NPCs. There are many characters whose quest you will need to progress and you can find various merchants here as well.

Brother Corhyn

Brother Corhyn can be initially found at the Roundtable Hold when you spawn there. After talking to him a few times, he will state that he is going on a journey to fulfill his purpose. Then, you can find him in Altus Plateau.

  • He sells various incantations (you can unlock more spells by giving him various Prayerbooks.

Smithing Master Hewg

Master Hewg is the blacksmith who fixes all your weapons and strengthens them. He can always be found in the Roundtable Hold at the same location. While he doesn’t fall under the traditional definition of a merchant, it would feel wrong not to include him.

  • Can upgrade your armaments and Ashes of War.


Roderika can be found next to Master Hewg after you complete her quest. She is initially found in a shack before entering Stormveil Castle. After defeating Godrick, she will be at the Roundtable Hold where you’ll have to talk to Hewg to take her under his apprenticeship.

  • She upgrades/tunes your Spirit Ashes that you find across the map.

Sorcerer Rogier

Once you restore Godrick’s Great Rune, you will find Sorcerer Rogier at the Roundtable Hold. However, he doesn’t stay for long as he dies after you play the game a bit. Before that, you can buy certain things from him so make sure that you make the most out of it.

  • Ash of War: Glintstone Pebble (1500 Runes)
  • Ash of War: Carian Greatsword (2500 Runes)
  • Ash of War: Spinning Weapon (1000 Runes)

Twin Maiden Husks

The Twin Maiden Husks are one of the most vital merchants in the entire game. They can be found at the Roundtable Hold. You can unlock new items as you progress through the game or give them more Bell Bearings.

  • Rune Arc (4000 Runes)
  • White Cipher Ring (1000 Runes)
  • Blue Cipher Ring (1000 Runes)
  • Memory Stone (3000 Runes)
  • Stonesword Key (4000 Runes)
  • Dagger (400 Runes)
  • Longsword (1000 Runes)
  • Rapier (1000 Runes)
  • Scimitar (600 Runes)
  • Battle Axe (700 Runes)
  • Mace (800 Runes)
  • Short Spear (600 Runes)
  • Longbow (1200 Runes)
  • Finger Seal (800 Runes)
  • Heater Shield (1500 Runes)
  • Knight Helm (3000 Runes)
  • Knight Armor (4500 Runes)
  • Knight Gauntlets (3000 Runes)
  • Knight Greaves (3000 Runes)
  • Furled Finger’s Trick-Mirror (5000 Runes)
  • Host’s Trick-Mirror (5000 Runes)
  • You can unlock tons of more items by giving them various Bell Bearings.


Finally, you can find Enia inside the room with the Two Fingers. She is another vital merchant that sells you extremely important things.

  • You can trade Remembrances of various bosses to get their weapons, gear, or spells.


And there you have it; those are all the merchant locations in Elden Ring. If you want to buy various useful items on the go, make sure that you know where each merchant is located so that you don’t waste your time roaming around aimlessly.

Which merchant do you like most? Do you like the merchant mechanic in Elden Ring? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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