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The Treasure Hunt mission was added to the enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto Online alongside The Doomsday Heist update and was intended to serve as a teaser for the release of Red Dead Redemption 2. When you’re in an Online lobby you will receive an email from [email protected] (should all be familiar with that name by now).

Within this email, you’ll find your first clue in the form of a black-and-white photo. There are 20 Treasure Hunt locations in GTA Online, and you’ll receive them randomly.

How to Complete the Treasure Hunt

How to Complete the GTA Treasure Hunt and  Treasure Hunt Locations in GTA

This photo will be the first of 20 locations to which you must search. Each location will be marked on the map by a yellow question mark, like that in Red Dead Redemption 2, and once at the location, you will have to find the clue, which is a note pinned to an object. Each of the 20 Treasure Hunt locations for GTA Online is listed below.

Once you have found your first clue, you will be given an additional three clues on your map. There are three clues that you MUST find in order to complete this mission; A Corpse in the Tongva Hills, a bloody Shovel at Sandy Shores, and an empty gun case on Joad Lane in Grapeseed.

After you have found all three clues, a random location for a treasure chest will appear on the Online map, once you have located the treasure you’ll find a chest marked “Boles Overland Stagecoach Company”, opening it will reward the player with a Double-Action Revolver, and $5000 per clue you found.

Headshot Challenge

The Headshot Challenge

Lastly, you will be able to earn an additional $250,000 after unlocking the Double-Action Revolver. To do so you will need to accumulate 50 headshots in Online. However, you can either do this on PvP or PvE. Therefore, if you get a wanted level you can simply grind out kills against Cops to achieve 50 headshots quickly.

Once done you will receive the reward of $250,000 instantly!

Treasure Hunt Locations in GTA


Cassidy Creek

Creek Treasure Hunt Location

Located in the Northern section of the map, near Raton Canyon. You’ll likely find the clue nailed to a tree within the Creek.


Marlowe Vineyards


The Marlowe Vineyards are located within Tongva Hills, and you’ll find the clue beneath the bridge and by the river.


Catfish View

Catfish View Treasure Hunt Location

Catfish View is located at San Chiamski Mountain Range. Simply travel to the top of the hill where the clue will be located.


Two Hoots Falls

Two Hoots falls Treasure Hunt Location in GTA

Again, located in the Tongva Hill Valley, the clue will be located on a pole next to the Two Hoots Falls.


Tataviam Mountains

Tatevian Mountain

Once you have found the correct mountain, as located on the map above, you will find your clue nailed to a stone wall.


Senora National Park Rocks

Senora National Park Rocks

The Senora National Park is located in the Grand Senora Desert, you’ll find your clue on a rock to the Northwest of the airstrip.


Raton Canyon

Raton Canyon

Another clue is located in the Tongva Hill Valley, like the previous clues you will find this one upon a rock or a tree.


Palomino Highlands

Palomino Highlands

Located in the Southeastern part of the map, you will find your clue on the beaches of this area.


Procopio Promenade Paleto Bay

Paleto Bay

At the very Northern coast of the map you will find a broken bridge, underneath this bridge you will find your clue.


Hill Valley Church Great Chaparral

Great Chaparral Church

There is a church located in Great Chaparral, you must locate this church and its graveyard. Next, locate a gravestone adorned with a crucifix, this is where your clue will be.


Grand Senora Desert Sandy Shores Airfield

Grand Senora

This one is self-explanatory, you’ll find your clue around the Airfield. Simply explore the area, and you’ll find it.


Los Santos Golf Club

Los Santos Golf Club

Head to the Los Santos Golf Club, and explore the area until you’re near a bridge, once there listen for the chime that sounds when you’re close to the clue.


Del Perro Pier

Del Perro Pier

This is one of the easier clues to find, as you’ll simply need to head to the beach surrounding the Pier, there you will find a note attached to one of the wooden beams that hold up the Pier.


Hill Valley Church Pacific Bluffs

Hill Valley

Another Graveyard find. Head to the Graveyard located near Del Perro Pier and the Los Santos Golf Club, a note will be attached to a large tomb.


Senora National Park Lookout

National Park Lookout

Head back to the Senora National Park, if you had to go there in the first place. Head to the Senora National Park Lookout, which will be up upon a hill. There you will find your clue.


Cape Catfish

Cape Catfish

Located southeast of the El Gordo Lighthouse and the previously mentioned Catfish View, you’ll find this clue on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.


Arthur’s Pass Trails Great Chaparral

Arthur's Pass

The Arthur’s Pass Trails is a hiking trail in Vinewood Hills and Great Chaparral, it is clearly signposted. Therefore, just explore this trail to locate your clue.


Alamo Sea Marina

Alamo Sea Marina Treasure Hunt Location

Located at the Alamo Sea, you’ll find a damaged boat on the Sandy Shores nearby should be a boulder with your clue on it.


Abandoned Mine Great Chaparral

Abandoned Mine Treasure Hunt Location

Locate the Abandoned Mine in Great Chapparal, here you’ll find a clue on the outside of the mine entrance.


Mount Chiliad

Mount Chiliad Treasure hunt Location

On top of Mount Chiliad, you will find the lookout, here you will simply need to take the clue sitting on top of the table at this lookout.

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