All Valorant Slang and Lingo (NT,thrifty, CT, FF, ELO & More)

GG EZ? NT? OP? NP? What does it all mean?

Anwell Patdu
Anwell Patdu - CS2 & Valorant Expert
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Most multiplayer games have a large community that builds their own words, phrases, and terminologies that only they can understand. Games like Valorant, Apex Legends, and CS:GO are no different. This is why some new players can feel a bit alienated when they first read about basic Valorant slang and lingo.

Don’t worry. You won’t stay out of the loop for long because we’re here today to help you learn the basic Valorant slang and lingo commonly used in the game.

A List of Common Valorant Slang and Lingo Terms

A photo showing GG EZ NT but the 9-3 curse too OP in chat.

Here’s a list of all the Valorant slang and lingo that you’ll typically encounter within a match.

Common Abbreviations

Are you wondering, “what does nt mean in Valorant?” Then you’ve come to the right place. This section covers NT, GG, WP, EZ, NS, GH, and many more.

  • NT – Nice Try
  • WP – Well Played
  • GG – Good Game
  • EZ – Easy
  • NC – Nice
  • GH – Good Half
  • NS – Nice Shot
  • GLHF – Good Luck, Have Fun
  • CD – Cooldown
  • ADS – Aim Down Sight (The right-click zoom on certain weapons in Valorant)
  • TP – Teleport
  • ADR – Average Damage per Round (Mainly used for calculating combat score)
  • AFK – Away from Keyboard
  • DM – Deathmatch
  • TDM – Team Deathmatch
  • FF – Forfeit
  • IGL – In-Game Leader
  • NP – No Problem
  • OT – Overtime
  • OP – Overpowered

Common Terminologies in Valorant

Are you asking friends, “What does thrifty mean in Valorant?” this section is where you will find answers. Here are some of the most popular terms used within the game.

  • Ace – A player gets all 5 kills in the round
  • Aggro – play more aggressively
  • Full Buy – A complete buy consisting of rifles, Full Shield, and complete abilities
  • Dink – Headshot
  • Double swing – Two players swing at the same time to force a kill
  • Eco/ save – a save round where you’re buying just enough to full buy the next round
  • Frag – Kill
  • Flank – When a player sneaks behind enemies
  • Lurk – When a player separates from their team and gain map control or kills on a different part of the map
  • Thrifty – Winning a round on low-cost weapons
  • Prefire – Firing before peeking at certain spots
  • One tap – When you kill an enemy through a one-shot headshot
  • Trade – The event of killing an enemy after they kill an ally
  • Wallbang – Shooting at enemies through walls that bullets can penetrate through
  • Stack – Having 4 or 5 people play on one site
  • Roza Ult – Missing your Raze ult (from the Valorant player Subroza)
  • 9-3 Curse – A situation where the first half ends with a score of 9-3, and the losing team comesback and wins the game.
  • Whiff – Occurs when a player misses their shots
  • Smurf – A high-rank player using a different account to play in the lower Valorant ranks
  • One way – A smoke where you can see the enemy, but they can’t see you
  • Force buy – Using whatever money you have to buy the best weapons you can afford
  • Dry peek – Peeking an angle without using abilities
  • Aimpunch – The screen shake you experience after getting hit with a headshot
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