Alone In The Dark Will Last 10 Hours Per Campaign

2 Characters Means Double The Playtime

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • The game will take 10 hours per character
  • Each character has their own unique story
  • Game is set to release on October 25th, 2023.

In an interview with GamingBolt, Andreas Schmiedecker who is the associate producer for Alone In The Dark commented on how each campaign for the game will take roughly 10 hours to complete, and with 2 playable characters with their own unique story, cutscenes, and more, players are looking at a combined play time of 20 hours or more.

The Return Of The Original

Alone In The Dark is set for release in October 2023, and the associate producer stated that each campaign of the two playable characters – Emily Hartwood and Edward Carnby. Each character will have their own story with their own dialogue, cutscene, unique interactions, and more. As such, if you are looking to get the full story you will need to play through both campaigns.

“We target a playtime of 6-10 hours for one campaign,” Schmeidecker said. “For the full story experience, we would expect players to play the game at least twice.”

Andreas Schmiedecker, Associate Producer (GamingBolt interview)

6 hours would probably be more realistic for a playthrough of that character for a trophy or otherwise, but for people playing the game for the first time, a gameplay time of 8-10 hours is more realistic, especially when this is also a horror game. This will be the first title in the series after nearly a decade with the last main title released on the PS3 and Xbox 360, as such, many fans are ecstatic about the return of the series.

Alone In The Dark is set for release on October 25th, 2023, and will release for the PC, Xbox Series consoles, and PS5.

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