Best Level to Find Ancient Debris in Minecraft 1.20

Ryan Day
Ryan Day
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The quest for the ultimate weapon and tool will lead you straight to Ancient Debris. A rare commodity that is used for making Netherite.

With the release of Minecraft 1.20, our favorite game received some changes, but Ancient Debris remained untouched. 

In this guide, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about Ancient Debris and what’s the best level to find them.

Best Level to Find Ancient Debris

ancient debris level
Ancient Debris Mining

Based on my experience, Y Levels 14-15 are the prime locations for finding ancient debris in the Nether. While this rare material can be found between Y Levels 9 to 22 and even up to 119, around Y Levels 14 and 15 is where I yield the most Ancient Debris in a short period. 

Mining Ancient Debris in Minecraft

If you want to be efficient in finding Ancient Debris, stip mining at Y Levels 14 and 15 maximizes your chances of finding these rare resources. 

If you’re like me, who’s impatient, you can use the beds or TNT method to uncover large areas. This increases your chances of finding veins of Ancient Debris, speeding up your overall progress. 

However, this method has some risks, like sudden lava flows, so extreme caution must be practiced. 

What Is Ancient Debris? 

Ancient Debris is the only source of Netherite Scrap in Minecraft. Netherite Scrap, when combined with gold, creates Netherite Ingots, which is a key ingredient for upgrading diamond gear to Netherite gear

Additional Tips

The Nether is a very dangerous environment, and you should be prepared before travelling. To ensure a safe mining expedition, you should carry fire-resistant potions and equip a full armor set. 

You should also plan a quick escape route in an emergency to avoid losing all your resources if you die. 

Having the right tools can also make a difference when mining Ancient Debris. A diamond pickaxe enchanted with Efficiency and Unbreaking should make your work easier. The Fortune enchantment can also come in handy to increase the drop rate of Ancient Debris. 


With the potential of making the ultimate Netherite gear, all the risk and time you’re dedicating to find Ancient Debris will be worth it. 

As you make your way to the fiery depths of The Nether, you should remember that Y Levels 14 and 15 are your best bet to find Ancient Debris. Whether you want to strip mine or use TNT, the quest for Netherite demands patience and preparedness. 

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