20 of The Most Fiercely Attractive Anime Girls With Guns

Zamir Mohammad
Zamir Mohammad
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There is nothing more satisfying than watching these girls run a rampage on their foes.

Don’t you just LOVE it when they fight back against all odds and still manage to come out on top?

You must be eager to know more about these young heroines. And, because of that, this post contains everything you need to know about the best anime girls with guns.


Revy – Black Lagoon


If a gun had a face and a human body, Revy would be the perfect representation.

Not only is she lethal, but she is also ill-mannered, sadistic, and her competitiveness far exceeds human standards.

Despite her demeanor, you would be making a mistake if you thought she is anything but the greatest soldier your army could ever have.

Capable of erasing enemy platoons in the flick of an eye, Revy skyrocketed Lagoon’s reputation all by herself.

What makes Revy smart is that she does not solely rely on guns.

This is proven by her exemplary hand-to-hand combat skills.

Although she rolls a pair of berettas, her arsenal also consists of grenade launchers, underwater rifles, and other heavy-duty weaponry.


Canaan – Canaan

anime canaan

After the demise of her poor village thanks to a war in the Middle East, Canaan had nowhere to go as she was the only survivor when the dust had settled.

Feeling remorse, Siam raised the innocent young girl all by himself and named her Canaan.

In addition to taking care of her, he provided lots of training to make sure that she can fend for herself.

Although she grew in strength, she was unable to prevent Siam from dying as her mentor’s greatest student attempted to assassinate the two of them

Canaan then wished for nothing but to avenge her fallen savior.


Bisca Connell – Fairy Tail

Bisca Connell Gun

Making her arrival from the West is none other than Bisca from Fairy Tail.

You might think Bisca has a sharp personality as she is a foreigner, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

To protect her friends, Bisca will move heaven and earth in one night.

That should prove how loyal she is.

If it wasn’t for her courage and strength, she would’ve never have managed to escape the harsh grips of poverty.

Initially, Bisca believed she was superman. No foe was as ferocious as this young 18 yr old.

But, after a loss to Erza, she quickly developed a humble, heart-warming demeanor.


Seras Victoria – Hellsing

Seras Victoria holding two rifles

Seras was destined to become a hellaciously strong woman after her parents were brutally murdered in front of her eyes.

Enraged by the murderers, the little  5 year old smashed open the cupboard door and charged the assailant to shove a fork, deep inside his eyehole.

That was the beginning of her journey to become a renowned police officer.

Unfortunately, that dream would come to a halt as she was shot down by a vampire and was seconds away from death.

Just before the inevitable, Alucard permanently converted Seras into a vampire and granted her immortality as a result.

Now she is no longer the blonde, blue-eyed angel that she once was.

Instead, her eyes became red and her hair looked silver-colored.


Riza  Hawkeye – Fullmetal Alchemist

Riza Hawkeye holding a handgun

As her name suggests, Riza Hawkeye possessed enough talent to become the personal bodyguard of one of the most dominant users of alchemy – Colonel Roy Mustang.

Despite her suboptimal skills in alchemy, her sense of vision grew more and more immense as she fought in the Ishval war.

In fact, people soon began to call her the ‘Hawk’s eye’.

Riza can usually be seen rocking a pair of handguns.

But, when facing an inhuman threat, she is not afraid to display her prowess in using a sniper rifle


Sinon – Sword Art Online

Sinon SAO

With Sinon’s ability to remain calm and calculating in battle, there is no foe she can’t gun down.

Although her normal appearance is quite ordinary, she looks absolutely stunning when dressed up to play Gun Gale Online.

Her dazzling white hair combined with her shiny blue eyes give her the appearance of a snow maiden.

Nevertheless, calling her a maiden would be quite comical. Especially after witnessing Sinon’s immense talent to create shots out of thin air.

These facts alone would make her a stellar teammate but on top of that, she has a strong sense of compassion and kindness which would make anyone glad to have Sinon on their side.


Mireille Bouquet – Noir

Mireille Bouquet - Noir

The life of an assassin is not easy, but you could never tell once you admire how angelic Mireille looks when she smiles.

She is many levels above all the other assassins in terms of efficiency and expertise.

Before she became the monster she is today, Mireille had to suffer all kinds of tragedies and was put on many trials.

The pain was so intense, that her kindhearted personality changed into something more ruthless, cunning, and cruel.

Surprisingly, she sometimes conceals the facade and shows signs of being the do-gooder she once was.


Triela, Gunslinger Girl

Triela from Gunslinger Girl is on this list of anime girls with guns

Next up on our list of anime girls with guns is Triela whose humanness almost makes people forget the fact that she is a cyborg.

Triela’s backstory is that she was once kidnapped and then repeatedly tortured in order to create a nasty film.

Fortunately, she was saved by a French doctor who gave up her life just to rescue this poor soul.

Despite Triela’s troubled memories, she has a very optimistic outlook on life as exemplified by her mentoring a group of girls back at her new home.


Angelica – Gunslinger Girl

Angelica holding a sniper rifle

Perhaps the most saddening of backstories is that of Angelica’s.

This adorable young girl was almost assassinated by a thug hired by her own father.

Why would he commit such a sadistic crime, you ask? He did it to collect the little child’s life insurance.

Luckily, Angelica was saved but to say she was lucky might’ve been a mistake.

To save Angelica, she was permanently converted into a cyborg.

And, not just any cyborg, she was the first cyborg to ever exist. That’s how she became an anime girl with gun.


Najica Hiiragi –  Najica Blitz Tactics

Najica Hiiragi holding a rifle

Najica is probably the most fashionable anime girl with gun to have a feature on this list.

Secretly, Angelica is a special agent whose superb knowledge in chemistry allows her to catch tons of criminals.

Even though her expertise in firearms could score her a splendid amount of kills, however since she uses non-fatal bullets, her enemies avoid fatal injuries.

Najica can be usually seen carrying a pistol but sometimes her wild side persuades her into using a huge rifle named AK-47.

People usually love watching Najica Blitz Tactics because of how attracted they are to a gun-carrying woman wearing just a bikini.


Ein – Phantom: Requiem For The Phantom

You would be quite hard-pressed to find a woman lovelier than Ein.

Her short light-brown hair combined with her large brown eyes make her look like a brunette who belongs in a harem anime.

Nevertheless, beauty would be the last thing on your mind after you stare into her dark black eyes that appear when her bloodlust rises to an astounding level.

In fact, those deadly eyes are only a hint to her insane hunting prowess.

After her villagers were gunned down, Ein was subdued into becoming a Phantom assassin.


Wendy Garret – Gun X Sword

Wendy Garret - Gun X Sword

Wendy might just be the most delicate woman on this list.

While she was young, her brother, Michael was her only guardian until he was kidnapped by the Claw.

Desperate to save her brother, Wendy joins the almighty Van on his journey to find those wicked criminals.

What’s tragic about this charming teenager is that she has never lived a life that is safe from danger and mayhem.

That’s why she always carries a gun on her back and is very skilled at using it.


Yoko Littner – Gurren Lagann

Yoko littner holding a sniper rifle

Yoko Littner is a sniper who is in chase of the infamous ‘beastmen’.

Her most remarkable abilities consist of high intellect and knowledge of using sniper rifles.

Although the first thing that pops out when you look at her is her oversized breasts, as the show goes on you will later realize how impressive she is when it comes to pulling the trigger.

As you can tell by her expressions, she is very kind-hearted and protective of her fellow comrades.


Re-l Mayer – Ergo Proxy

Re-l Mayer about to take a shot

In my opinion, Re-l possesses the most iconic eyes in all of anime.

They are shaped in a symmetrically perfect oval and to add to its appeal, there is a purple highlight around her eyes.

One might say that she looks as if she came out of a horror movie.

Just like her appearance, she also has a personality that is very much different from her fellow people.

Re-l wants to be something better than the type of citizen raised in her hometown and because of that she joins the intelligence bureau as a researcher in order to find out more about the monsters known as ‘proxy’.


Pakunoda – Hunter X Hunter

Pakunoda from Hunter x Hunter holding a gun

Most certainly, the tallest woman on our list is none other than Pakunoda standing at almost 6 ft tall! Her confidence was menacing, to say the least, but her loyalty to her leader Chrollo is even more intense.

Her combat abilities consist of expert marksmanship using dual pistols, insane physical strength, and superb intellect.

Who knew an anime girl with gun would be a part of the most terrifying group of assassins to ever feature on Hunter x Hunter.


Mami Tomoe – Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Mami tomoe about to take a shot with her shotgun

Not in my wildest dreams could have I ever imagined a blonde teenager would be able to wield 5 shotguns at once.

Mami Tomoe is a magical girl who likes to rescue her friends and fight evil using her extraordinary magical powers.

Most of the time she looks like an adorable middle schooler, but in her magical form, she looks like an anime girl with gun.


Akane Tsunemori – Psycho Pass

Akane Tsunemori is quite tomboyish however, her personality is anything but that.

As a full-fledged detective, Akane possesses immense intellect which is sometimes more irritating than useful.

Especially because Akane can’t stop herself from wondering whether her existence has any purpose.

Even though her potent marksmanship makes people think she is cold-hearted, she tries her hardest to avoid being that type of person.

Nevertheless, she is one of the most wonderful anime girls with gun I’ve ever seen.


Madlax – Madlax

Madlax - Madlax

You would expect the toughest fighter of a kingdom to look quite terrifying and strong, but any man would be left on his knees after witnessing the beauty of Madlax.

She has a serene personality even when facing danger however, when left alone she tends to let out her sorrowful emotions while thinking about the deaths of her loved ones.


Yuri Nakamura – Angel Beats

Yuri Nakamura from Angel Beats

Yuri is the leader of an organization known as Afterlife Battlefront.

Their job is to rebel against God because of the pathetic lives bestowed upon them.

Every single member of the organization respect Yuri profoundly and know that no matter what foe they face, the organization will always come out victorious.

Even though she is a very young anime girl with gun, she likes to carry a Beretta and CheyTecM200.


Aria Holmes Kanzaki – Hidan No Aria

Aria Kanzaki holding two guns

Aria Holmes is the descendant of the legendary Sherlock Holmes.

Funny enough, instead of being renowned for her impressive intelligence, she is actually referred to as ‘Defective Holmes.

The reason for that is her foolishness and immaturity that arises in important situations.

Despite her carefree attitude, she is desperate to protect her friends from harm and will go to any length to prove to people that she actually did inherit many of the ideal traits that made Sherlock Holmes the hero that he is.


I hope you had fun reading about these amazing women and all their strengths and hardships

So tell us:

Which of these 20 girls did you like the most? Was it Yoko because of her charming personality?

Or was it  Canaan because of her grit and confidence?

Either way, let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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