Apex Legends Pick Rates for Season 17 (Most Popular and Worst)

These are the pick rates for Apex Legends Season 17.

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Each Season, Apex Legends’ pick rates change. That’s not surprising, considering that each season comes with its slew of rebalances and changes. Because of that, the meta is in a state of constant change.

Season 16 was particularly interesting as it introduced the new class system into the game. Now that the game has 5 different classes with their own unique features, it’s become even harder to properly balance it, as some classes clearly shine over others.

Skirmisher and Assault Legends, in particular, have come to prominence on account of their aggressive playstyles. And with the release of Ballistic in Season 17, that fact is even more apparent. As reflected in the pick rates for Season 17.

Who are the Most Picked Legends in Season 17?

The following information comes from ApexLegendsStatus. Their API database contains the information of 18,8 Million players; as such, they’re the most accurate at determining precisely what the current Apex Legends pick rates are.


Pathfinder – 11.8%

Apex Legends Pick Rates Pathfinder

Surprise surprise, Pathfinder is the most picked Legend in Season 17. This may be in part thanks to the release of Jedi Survivor and the free BP-1 skin that we got for him. But, in all honesty, it’s probably because Pathfinder is an all-around good Legend to play with.

He brings a lot of utility to his team with his ultimate ability, as it allows his entire squad to traverse the map much quicker than usual. After all, zip lines are the best way to travel. And his tactical ability offers him a lot of flexibility, both for offence and for getting around.

Because of this, he is currently the most picked Apex Legends character in Season 17! And, unless he’s met with a ton of nerfs, which is unlikely, he’ll probably keep his seat on the throne in the next Season, too.


Ballistic – 10.6%


To no one’s surprise, Ballistic occupies the #2 spot in the current Apex Legends pick rates. Ballistic is the new toy, after all, and let’s be honest for a moment, who doesn’t like playing with their new toy?

Jokes aside, though. Ballistic is actually an incredible Legend. His passive allows him to pick up a third weapon, compared to the usual two that the other Legends get. His tactical is a nuisance to deal with as it practically takes you out of the fight if you get hit by it.

Though, the cherry on top of Ballistic is his ultimate. Not only does it boost his teammates’ performance by increasing their speed and reload speed, but it also gives them unlimited ammo. It also turns his third weapon into a gold-quality weapon for the duration.


Octane – 8.8%


You can’t have a list without Octane on it. Octane’s definitely one of the better Skirmishers in Apex. His bounce pad is immensely useful, his tactical can help him get out of an undesirable situation quickly, and his passive regenerates his health for free.

It’s no surprise then that he’s battling for the #3 spot with…


Wraith – 8.6%

Wraith Apex Legends pick rates

Wraith is the 4th most picked Legends this Season, coming in at 8.6% of games. Though, let’s be honest here, probably at least 5% of those games are just from Faide alone.

Wraith has always been an excellent Skirmisher, too good even, in some cases; which has unfortunately attracted the Nerf-hammer a few times in the past. Still, it’s obvious that she’s still one of the most-played Legends in the game, thanks to her set of abilities.

Her tactical allows her to outflank her opponents and get away from tricky situations in an instant, and her ultimate is one of the best abilities for setting up ambushes.




It seems that Bloodhound has taken the spot of the best Recon Legend in Season 17, as he’s clawed his way to the top… almost. Bloodhound takes the #5 spot in the current Apex Legends pick rates.

His tactical has always been one of the best recon abilities in the game, and his ultimate makes him a monster. Sadly, it’s become overshadowed by Ballistic’s ultimate, as Ballistic’s ability also extends the buff to his teammates. Still, better to have a mediocre ability than no ability.

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