How to Beat the HC: Helicopter in Armored Core 6 (First Boss)

Stick To it Like a Dirty Shirt!

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Armored Core 6 eases players into combat as they accustom themselves to the game’s mechanics and get used to how their Armored Core feels. In the first mission, you’ll have to search for a valid license by checking wreck sites. At the end of the mission, you’ll face off against the AH12: HC Helicopter in Armored Core 6.

This will be the first enemy who reminds you that you are playing a FromSoft title. You’ll immediately feel the change in difficulty and aggressiveness as the boss pummels your AC into the ground.

This detailed guide will help you overcome your first hurdle and teach you how to defeat the AH12: HC Helicopter in Armored Core 6 by briefing you about its moveset, evasion patterns, and weaknesses.

Where to Find the AH12: HC Helicopter in AC6?

AH12 HC Helicopter Entry Point
The boss enters the area of the 4th wreckage once you scan the license.

As you battle enemy ACs and look for a valid license in the rubble, your Handler will tell you to go and scan a 4th wreck site for a possible license.

The 4th crash site is in the map’s upper left corner. You can get there by taking a lift to gain altitude and then assault boosting towards the objective marker.

The 4th wreck site is in a wide, boxed area with structures for taking cover, hinting towards a potential boss fight. And sure enough, you’ll be fighting the AH12: HC Helicopter here.

Boss Fight

AH12 HC Helicopter Fight
Stick close to the helicopter’s belly.

The AH12: HC Helicopter excels at medium and long range combat and is equipped with both manual and homing missiles.

The unguided missiles have a wide AOE that causes a lot of stagger, and the guided missiles deal tons of chip damage. To counter that, we suggest you always stay close to the AH12.


Let’s take a look at the first boss in AC6’s moveset to get a better understanding of what you are dealing with and how you can beat it:

  • Heavy Missiles: The AH12 shoots a volley of unguided heavy missiles in your direction that deal massive AOE and stagger damage. You can avoid these missiles by taking cover behind the structures on the ground.
  • Homing Missiles: It can launch a cluster of small, guided missiles at you. These missiles have an insane turning radius, so hiding behind buildings won’t save you. To evade this attack, you’ll need to Quick Boost to either side as the missiles get close to you.
  • Gattling Gun: The Gatling Gun deals chip damage when the AH12 is relocating or when the missiles are on cooldown. You should stay under the helicopter’s belly to avoid taking damage from it.

Strategy For Defeating the AH12: HC Helicopter

AH12 HC Helicopter Assault Boost
Assault Boost towards the AH12 to close the distance and stay under it.

The best way to beat the helicopter in Armored Core 6 is to always stay close to it and use your Pulse Blade to deal massive AP and ACS damage. Use your Assault Boost to cover large distances and quickly get close to the AH12.

You can be as aggressive as you want. The only rule you must follow is never to engage the heli at medium or long range. Otherwise, you won’t be able to dodge the missile barrage and will easily get staggered.

That should help you easily beat the AH12: HC Helicopter in Armored Core 6 and earn the callsign “Raven.” Here is a quick report on how AC6 runs on consoles if you are interested.

We’ll be covering a lot more of AC6 in the upcoming days and weeks, so keep visiting WIG to see how our sorties go.

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