How to Beat Entangle Sulla in Armored Core 6 (Boss Guide)

Rain Down Missiles!

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Raven will be tasked to Attack the Watchpoint during the final mission of Chapter 1 in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. As you make it to the watchpoint’s entrance, you’ll encounter Entangle Sulla: another fearsome merc. So how do you beat the ferocious Entangle Sulla in Armored Core 6?

That’s exactly what we’ll be discussing in this detailed AC6 guide. We will tell you all about Sulla’s moveset, how to evade each attack and then shed light on his weaknesses as well. So, buckle up, and be ready for an extremely fast paced fight that will require good reflexes.

Best AC Build for Defeating Entangle Sulla

AC Build For Entangle Sulla Fight
Armored Core Build for the Entangle Sulla Boss Fight

The entire fight against Entangle Sulla in AC6 depends on being aggressive and keeping Sulla’s EN low. That’s why we’ll be using the BML-G1 Dual Missile Launcher on both shoulders.

Next, you want to use a main weapon that does tons of consistent chip damage. For that we’ve equipped the RF-024 Assault Rifle in the right hand and the HI-32: BU-TT Plasma Sword in the left hand.

You just need hit him with loads of projectiles and a generator strong enough to push enough EN. We are using the DF-GN-06 MING TANG as it is fairly easy to acquire in Chapter 1.

You should also have medium weight armor as the Pulse Gun Sulla uses deal a lot of AP and AOE damage when you get caught in the spam.

With your mech ready, lets dive into the encounter.

Entangle Sulla Boss Fight

Reach the Boss
Flying Towards the Watchpoint

You’ll see the Watchpoint in the distance. As you fly towards it and cross the road, a cutscene will get triggered and your fight against Entangle Sulla will start.

Sulla might catch you off guard with his quick pace and relentless attacks. The arena where you’ll be fighting has two open spaces on either side of the road bridge and an elevated area, just outside the Watchpoint wall.

We suggest squaring off against Sulla on either side of the bridge, so you have enough room to maneuver around and stay on your toes. Standing still means death. You’ll understand better once you read up on Entangle’s moveset.


Attack the Watchpoint

Sulla is a very aggressive and smart pilot, and his AC is fitted with weapons that deal insane amounts of stagger and armor-shredding damage. He has four different weapon slots and four moves, just like you.

  • Right Hand – Explosive JVLN: An attack he can use from medium or long range that shoots a bazooka that deals AOE damage in a chain reaction. To avoid getting hit by this attack, you need to dodge boost to either side with impeccable timing.
  • Right Shoulder – Plasma Missiles: These plasma missiles have nasty homing capabilities and can cause pools of plasma waves on the ground that break posture when caught inside them. Jump over the plasma pools to avoid taking damage.
  • Left Hand – Pulse Gun: The pulse gun is going to be Sulla’s main weapon and the one he uses the most at all ranges. Your AP will go down super-fast if you are caught in this attack. Constantly keep moving and changing directions to avoid getting hit. Thankfully, the projectiles are a bit slow.
  • Left Shoulder – Detonating Missiles: A homing missile that leaves a trail behind and explodes along with the trail to cause a chain reaction. The best way to avoid this missile is to jump far above its trajectory.

Memorize the moves and get used to their timings. Once done, we can then start talking about a feasible strategy to defeat Entangle Sulla in AC6.

Strategy For Defeating Entangle Sulla in AC6

Keep him pinned down under Missile Fire to Burn his EN and ACS Guage Faster

As we’ve mentioned before, Sulla is fast. You have to match his tempo and start spamming your missiles as soon as the fight starts.

A barrage of missile fire will keep him on the back foot, and as he dodges to avoid taking damage, his EN will deplete. Your goal is to keep his EN low. He will then take a few seconds to regain his footing or go for the Bazooka attack.

That is when he stops and is the most vulnerable. Unleash everything at him when he stops and dash closer to slash him with your sword.

If you try to fight him from a distance, he will dodge your AR shots and spam you with the pulse rifle. Keep the fight simple. Stay in his face and keep your boosters on. You must always keep your fingers on the missile buttons.

Entangle Sulla will also heal his HP using a repair kit once you bring it down to 40%. But don’t worry. Once you get confident enough, the fight will be over in about 2 minutes or so.

Final Thoughts

Fighting Entangle Sulla
Entangle Sulla – Moments before his Defeat.

This fight is just a warmup before the real problem you will be facing at the end of Chapter 1. You should be warmed up enough by the Juggernaut boss to deal with Sulla quickly.

Once you’ve defeated Entangle Sulla, 621 will refill his arsenal and get ready to fight Balteus. That concludes this guide for the Entangle Sulla fight in Armored Core 6. If you have any questions, feel free to home them at us in the comments!

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