Atomic Heart Trophy List Revealed – A Challenge Ahead

Atomic Heart Has A Very Challenging Trophy List

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • There is a difficulty trophy
  • You have to defeat a boss without missing a shot
  • Other missable trophies are there

Atomic Heart is a little over a week away. The title boasts some impressive graphics paired with the offering of coming to the Xbox Game Pass on day one, making it a title that many gamers have had their eyes on for the last few weeks, but the Atomic Heart trophy list is now live for fans to see if this is a game they can 1000G or platinum.

Atomic Heart Trophy List Is No Walk In The Park

Atomic Heart is set to launch on February 21st, and the title hosts some impressive graphics, a good array of bosses and enemies to fight, and the equipment to complement all of the brilliant world that the developer has lovingly built.

However, the latest trophy list (Courtesy of PowerPyx) is here. It seems that a difficulty-related trophy is amidst the rankings, along with defeating bosses without missing a single shot. Depending on the circumstance, this could either be as difficult as the Wolfenstein games or easy depending on the game’s difficulty.

Image shows the rule of Robots

Atomic Heart is easily one of the first few games to show off the brilliant power of the current console generation, and even on PC with its one-of-a-kind graphics putting the game at the front and center of its audience.

Let us know what you think of the title in the comments section below and if you plan on tackling the achievements tied to the game.

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