10 Awesome Minecraft Nether Base Ideas

Andreas Ojala
Andreas Ojala
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It doesn’t matter what Minecraft player you are; going to nether is inevitable. You’ll need blaze rods to finish the game and nether wart to make the best potions. And who can forget about the ancient debris hidden underground? 

However, this crimson world is dangerous and filled with hostile mobs! For that reason, you need to build a base where you’ll be protected from outside danger.

So in this blog post, you’ll find 10 awesome nether base ideas that you can build on your survival world. There’s something for every player. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

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Basalt Delta Starter Base

nether base ideas - Basalt Delta Starter Base

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Starting with our nether base ideas list is a base you could build on your first day in the nether. The base is made inside a basalt delta cliff with an excellent circular window. 

Potion brewing, storage – you have space for everything! You’ll even find some room for an automated food sourceOverall a great base to start your journey around the nether.


Crimson Forest Starter House

nether base ideas - Crimson Forest Starter House

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But what if you spawned in a crimson forest instead of a basalt delta biome. Then you could just use the resources around the woods and make a reddish house to store your valuables. The design is super easy and won’t need a lot of materials.

The whole build is 9×10 and will have enough room for all your needs like storage, crafting, and even a lodestone.

Extra tip: The tutorial tells you to use traditional lanterns. Instead of that, I highly recommend you to find some soul soil and use soul lanterns instead. That way, you’ll keep the annoying hoglins and piglins away from your home. If you can’t find soul soil, try to use warped fungus.


Fantasy Crimson Starter Base

nether base ideas - Crimson Forest Fantasy Base

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Not into the house build? Well, why not try out this excellent Crimson Forest build? Instead of going the usual house route, this base will have a more fantasy vibe. It reminds me of a Japanese temple, so if you’re into this, the build might be for you.

While it looks cramped and small, it has everything you want. There is a place for storage, brewing stands, respawn anchor, and crafting. But what makes this more impressive than others is that this build has a nether portal built inside.

However, be warned as this base has a more open-air design, so beware of the ghasts

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Warped Forest Base

nether base ideas - Warped Forest Base

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If you’re the lucky few that spawned in the warped forest biome, then I’ve got a tutorial for you. It’s a bit bigger house than the last one, but it will have enough room for everything you need.

Additionally to your storage, crafting, and respawn anchor, you’ll also have room for other things like a lodestone, multiple brewing stands, and even a nether wart farm. So if you’re looking to build only one base, then this one should be your choice.


Warped Forest Fantasy Base

nether base ideas - Warped Forest Fantasy Base

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Just like with the Crimson Forest base, I’ve found another iteration of a warped forest base. Since this base is more prominent than the last one, you’ll need to gather more resources. But that’s all worth it.

Just like the fantasy version of Crimson Forest Base, this has the same Japanese temple look, just a bit bigger. You’ll have room for everything there: a storage room, respawn anchor, crafting, and even an excellent place for your nether portal.


Small Blackstone Fortress

nether builds Minecraft - Blackstone Fortress

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One of my favorite blocks added in Minecraft 1.16 is Blackstone. That’s because not only it looks good, but it can be used for many builds. 

And if you enjoy Blackstone as much as I do, then why not give this nether base a try? It has space for everything you want. You can have a lot of storage, a lot of furnaces, and even a brewing stand.

So if you have a lot of Blackstone lying around, I highly suggest you build this one!

Extra tip: You can also use deepslate blocks to add additional detail to your builds! Find other good-looking blocks in Minecraft here.


Lava Lake Nether Base

nether builds Minecraft - Lava Lake Nether Base

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These starter bases are cool and all, but they aren’t really something to show off to your friends. In many ways, these are just starter houses but with different materials. 

If that is you, and you would like to really impress your friends, then why not try out one of these nether base ideas. With it, you’ll be able to create a nether base below the fiery lava lake. The base has everything you need. These include storage, a respawn anchor, and a crafting table. It will even have a pen for your striders.

So if you want to make this base, check the tutorial out, and make sure you have as much sand and gravel with you.


Warped Mega Base

nether builds Minecraft - Warped Mega Base

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Does the Warped Starter Base begin to get a bit too cramped for your needs? Well, why not build something as impressive as this on the picture. This massive 27×19 base has everything you need for your mega base!

Once built, you can store anything you’d like. For example, in the video tutorial, the person made multiple storage rooms, places to brew potions, various furnaces, and even a place to enchant your netherite gear.

So if you want to build something breathtaking, this is the nether base idea you’ve been looking for.


Hanging Nether Base

nether builds Minecraft - Hanging Nether Base

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Soul Sand Valley can be a fantastic place to build an evil lair. So why not create something in there like these hanging nether bases.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to build these circular nether bases. They might be small, but what makes them great is that you can create multiple of them and connect them with bridges. That way, you can make special rooms for each use.


Nether Cave Base

nether builds Minecraft - Nether Cave Base

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If you don’t want to waste time building the exterior, then the best way to build your nether base is below the ground. With a few TNT explosions, you can make yourself a small nether cave that you can use to fill with things you need for your base. 

If you take inspiration and follow this nether base ideas video, you’ll be able to build a massive base with everything you need for your survival. For example, you’ll get an enormous storage room, a nether portal, a place for smelting, brewing, and so much more. You’ll even have room for a hoglin pen.

Bonus: Nether Sword Portal

nether builds Minecraft - Nether Sword Portal

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As a thank you for reaching the end of this article, I want to share with you this design. Technically, this isn’t a nether base, as it’s just a decorated nether portal, but I couldn’t help myself but share this. It’s a very creatively designed portal that looks like a sword.

On the overworld, you see the handle and the lower part of the blade. But when you enter the nether, you find the tip of the sword. That makes it look like the sword has cut through the overworld and reached the nether. A really incredible design!


And these were the 10 best nether base ideas! I hope you found something that inspired you to build on your survival world. Do you know any other cool nether base designs? If so, then don’t be afraid to link them down in the comments! I’d love to check them out!

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