15 Awesome Minecraft Redstone Ideas

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What if I say: “Minecraft is not that easy, especially the Redstone aspect?” In this article, I’ll show you a list of 15 useful Minecraft Redstone ideas you can use in your Minecraft world!

In my opinion, Minecraft Redstone creations are way more complicated than programming. You must understand the logic behind it and how each machine works, you then need to build and wire it with limited space.

Remember back in time, I introduced Skyblock to you? Skyblock is a super grind mode so it would be very tedious to do every single task by hand manually, that’s when Redstone contraptions come in place!

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Cobblestone/Stone Generator

cobblestone generator

The cobblestone generator is one of the most basic Redstone contraptions in the entire universe of Minecraft. It’s the must-have build in Skyblock mode and sometimes in normal mode as well.

The reason Generators are popular because they only required a bucket of lava, a bucket of water, and some building blocks. It is also very easy to build and super compact, not take a huge space in your Minecraft base.

With the setup like the image above, you need to put Hoppers below so the cobblestone won’t get destroyed by the lava. Maximize profit!

If you don’t know how to build one, check this tutorial for infinite cobblestone!


Piston Door

pistol door - a simple redstone build

When playing Minecraft, we’re all dream of the automatic door, right? What’s cooler than the door start opening as long as you take a step in!

Piston door is the second favorite Redstone idea in the Minecraft community. Depending on how you set it up, it can be activated either by stepping onto the pressure plate or flicking a lever/button, this will trigger the Redstone and activate the piston to pull the block, reveal the entrance to your base.

This Redstone build can be customized into different styles and sizes, you can make it big, small, reveal the entrance by row, or even by spiral effect,… Check Mumbo Jumbo’s video to find out how he makes a piston door from a 1×1 size to a 10×10 size.

And you know what? Not only piston can be used to make doors, but it also can be used for a lot of other Redstone builds like the hidden staircase, TNT cannon, elevator…


Bridge Maker

redstone contraption - bridge maker

Traveling in the Nether is the worst experience because it just wants to kill you. Like fall damage, lava lake, mobs attack, and even intentional game design.

Besides those, the Nether ground is mostly lava. It means you can’t travel that fast compare to the Overworld. You can only find an alternative way or risking your life doing bridge techniques to go across the ocean of lava.

Luckily, in the Minecraft 1.16 update, a new block called Basalt was released and we are now able to make a Redstone contraption that automatically builds a bridge. With a compact design, the Basalt bridge maker is the most popular way to travel in the Nether right now!

However, in order to get the material to build this Redstone machine, you will need 9 packed ice (or 81 ice), a bunch of slimes balls, and quartz to make Observers.


Super Smelter

super smelter

After a long mining trip (1-hour section of mining), have you ever had to open every single furnace in your base, put the coals and ores into them, and repeat the process over and over until your inventory empty?

Luckily, the Super Smelter is here to solve your problem! What you need to do right now is put all of your ores into 1 chest, and fuel into another, flick a lever and go breeding your animal while it cooks for you.

The idea behind this Redstone contraption is to make the minecart run back and forth, one deposit the ores while the other deposit fuel to the furnaces. The minerals then get extract by the hoppers below and get their way into the final chest. So in total, you can smelt up to 27 stacks of ores by only interact once.

Like most of the Minecraft Redstone ideas, super smelter may have a lot of different variations. It depends on how you need it and how much space you have in your base. If you do have at least 12 blocks wide wall, try this smelter design and let me know if it’s efficient.


Mob TNT Cannon

redstone contraption - mob tnt cannon

While the majority of Minecraft Redstone builds is to improve the quality of life, there are also some creations that only for fun purposes, to relax after a long way of Mining and PVP.

With this Redstone machine, you will be able to shoot any type of mob up to 90 blocks in the sky, and 120 blocks in any direction afterward without them dying. Pretty cool!

This Redstone build is slightly complicated, but the required materials are easy enough to get, even in the early stage of the game. So this is worth a try!

Check Rays Works’ video to learn how to make it.


Flying Machine

flying machine

It’s a bird! It’s a plan! No… it’s a flying machine!

Instead of using normal transportation methods like walk, sprint, swim or fly, you can now ride a flying machine! With a simple design and a well-looking appearance, this Redstone machine will take you to the end of the world, without any fuel or troubles.

However, this machine has two issues. The first thing is if there is any block in front of it, the machine will stop, so you need to manually turn it on again. Ideally, you will want to make this machine high up in the sky.

The second thing is its speed, 4.44m/s, which is a little bit faster than the normal walking speed in Minecraft. But since you can just idle in the machine, this speed is acceptable and it is used quite a lot.

For this Redstone machine, you will need to go to the Nether to mine quartz and farm a lot of slimes balls. When you gather enough materials, the building process is pretty simple, check out this tutorial to make one!


Defense System

redstone build - defense system

If you are planning to do a 100 day series with the mob strength increase over time, this Defense system will be your best friend! With a single mouse click, you can turn on this monstrosity to protect your base.

You can put any type of arrows or even a fire charge into those dispensers to make them shoot fireballs at the enemy. A single dispenser has 9 slots so the maximum projectile they can fire is up to 576 each!

The disadvantage of this Redstone idea is it uses a lot of materials, each Dispenser required two Observers to work. So if you’re building a 10×10 surrounding your base, it would cost around 80 nether quartz and 220 Redstone dust.

Check Eagle MCraft’s video to build this awesome system!


Soda Machine

soda dispenser machine

Another relaxing purpose Redstone ideas from this list. With a simple and futuristic design, the Soda machine can fit well in any corner of your modern house, or even on the street.

The machine work as to how it’s intended in normal life, you choose your favorite drink and push the corresponding button, the dispensers below contain the specific flavor that will split out the bottle at your feet.

The build is very straightforward and super easy to do, the only tricky part is when you use the piston to push the blocks down to the armor stand. Besides that, let’s go!

Check out Blendigi’s video to see how he does that!


Jump Scare Device

jump scare device

This Redstone contraption is by far the most fun (or scariest) thing to build in Minecraft. You can use this to scare your friend and so on!

Remember back in October last year, my friend and I were playing on a Minecraft server. Suddenly, he invited me to his custom haunted mansion base, so I followed. Later then, he challenged me to open his closet, and the white thing in a people shape just getting pushed in front of me with a large piston sound. Well… I jumped out of my chair!

Back to the present, this Redstone build is very easy to set up, but the hard thing is you need to prepare the atmosphere around it. Maybe you can build in a haunted mansion like my friend, at the swamp graveyard, or in a deep dark underworld.

If you are curious about the build, check Mumbo’s video to see how he’s done it!


TNT Duplicator

tnt duplicator

When it comes to mining, what is your best mining strategy? Either its cave mining, shaft mining, or even strip-mining can’t beat the method created by this Redstone creation!

With this little setup like the image above, you can break the big hole below the machine just with one click. Doing this will reveal the whole chunk down to the bedrock level, expose any cave, mineshaft, and diamonds 😀

Remember to build it far away from your base, otherwise, the TNT blow chain effect will happen and it could destroy your base! View our TNT tutorial here.



working elevator

We already have a lot of different horizontal travel methods, but is there any easy way for vertical travel? The answer is yes! This is why the Elevator is invented!

Back in the time when the Water elevator is not released yet, building an elevator in Minecraft was such a pain! However, some famous Redstone engineers have come up with a lot of ideas about it.

Redstone elevator has a lot of variations, some of which just let you go up and down at a specific height, the other can let you choose the floor, while the rest of them is to use ender pearls trick.

Nowadays, when magma block and soul sand block’s function has been developed, people are pretty much just going for the water elevator, because of its simplicity, compact, and aesthetic.


Flying Sand Door

flying sand door

Flying sand door is another variant of the piston door creation, but with a cooler effect. You can build this with any block that has gravity like sand, red sand, gravel, and concrete powder.

The concept is really simple but super bold! You push the button, the main blocks will fall down and get recycling through the process, making their way through another point and finally get shot into their previous location. Pretty cool, right!

You can see how Duke demonstrates this door here.


Working Cinema

minecraft working cinema

Have you ever watched a movie in a cinema, with cozy lighting, big speakers, and a huge screen to play your favorite movie? This Redstone build will help you do that!

Using the black wools to create the atmosphere, note blocks as speakers and a door to make it look like this is a real cinema room. Mumbo also applies his Redstone skill to make the screen animated, running from right to left.

The Redstone behind this is very complicated and it involves a lot of Redstone components. So if you want to make one, I recommend following what Mumbo’s doing here.


Working Calculator

minecraft redstone calculator

Ever imagined doing sums in Minecraft? Well, ready to get your mind blow with this Redstone contraption!

With this build, you can input two numbers, then you need to input the operator like the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The Redstone machine then calculates the result based on what you have inputted and displays a result number below.

However, you can only input the number less than 256, I guess it’s the limitation of Minecraft :P. But still, insane Redstone idea!

You can check Mattbatwings’ video for this awesome build.


Redstone TETRIS

redstone ideas tetris

The calculator is crazy enough, but how about making another game in Minecraft? Welcome to the final Redstone idea – the Working Redstone Tetris game.

This build is 127 blocks high with a 20×10 screen size, and thousand of Redstone-related blocks. You can’t just imagine how on earth people doing this!

Cons: the game itself is very slow because of the gigantic Redstone wiring and components behind the scene, but it leaves enough time for the player to carefully choose how they want to place the block.

Wanna try this game? Check this out!

That’s all Minecraft Redstone Ideas for now

Hope through this article, you will be able to build some Redstone contraptions for your base.

Let me know below, which one is your most favorite and why is it? Do you have any trouble while making these? (Exclude the Tetris and Calculator please :D)

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