How to Save the Goblin Sazza in Baldur’s Gate 3

Save the Goblin Sazza and she'll put in a good word for ya at the camp!

Abbas Ahmad
Abbas Ahmad
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The Save the Goblin Sazza side quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 sees you helping the fanatic Sazza in an attempt to safely escort her from the Emerald Grove to the Goblin Camp. While this presents an excellent opportunity to align with the Absolute if you’re roleplaying an evil character, you can also leverage the Goblin to easily access the encampment and scout the area for intel.

To save the Goblen Sazza in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll have to find her at (190, 586). Once there, you have to free her, have her follow you, and then escort her out of the Grove and reach the Goblin Camp.

In this guide, we’ll explain exactly how to rescue the Goblin Sazza in Baldur’s Gate 3 and have her sneak out of the Emerald Grove with ease.

Quest Objectives

In short, Sazza is caught by the Tieflings after the battle near the Emerald Grove entrance and imprisoned in the Makeshift Prison inside a cage. After a cutscene and accepting to free the Goblin, the quest initiates. Following are the objectives to complete the quest:

  • Free Sazza
  •  Escort Sazza out of Grove
  •  Reach the Goblin camp

Where to Find the Goblin Sazza

Makeshift Prison Map Location

At coordinates (190, 586) to the north section of the Emerald Grove, you’ll find the doorway leading to the Makeshift Prison. Head there to overhear a heated argument between the captive Sazza and the Tiefling Arka. She’s threatening to shoot the Goblin to avenge her brother.

When she’s about to draw the arrow, you can jump right in to intervene and gain Gale’s approval. Pass any prompted skill checks, convincing Arka that nothing good will come from it. This will help you gain further approval of good-aligned companions.

The Tiefling will then leave the area, allowing you to engage in a conversation with Sazza. You can learn a little about the Absolute through her, but more importantly, she’ll put in a good word for you with her tribe for freeing her.

In addition, you can also learn about a potential cure to your condition in this exchange, making Save the Goblin Sazza quest all the more enticing.

There are two methods to break her free: hitting the cage door with bludgeoning damage, or lockpicking it with a Dexterity check with Dice Roll 10. It’s also worth noting that agreeing to free Sazza will incur your companions’ disapproval.

Escort Sazza Through the Underground Passage

Ledge with Stone Door Behind Cage in Makeshift Prison

Now that you’ve freed her, tell Sazza she’s ready to follow you. With the Goblin in tow, it can lead to severe repercussions if you fail the skill checks if she’s caught freely roaming the Grove alongside you.

And unless you’re looking to savescum your way out of the Grove, you’ll want to use a secret route called the Underground Passage. Interacting with the hidden stone wall on a ledge behind the cell that you can jump over to will lead you there.

Underground Passage

You’ll only have to fight through a smattering of goblins in the cave. Once you reach the other end, you’ll find another stone door leading you out of the Emerald Grove.

Note: The cave has many traps and the Goblin absolutely mustn’t die or else the quest will end once she’s dead. So, tread lightly!

Meeting with the Goblin Sazza

Sazza with her Newfound Freedom

After rejoicing in her newfound freedom, Sazza will split up and head off to her camp, agreeing to meet you there. The quest marker will update, and you’ll simply need to head west from the Grove and past the Blighted Village to reach the Goblin Camp.

Sazza Speaking to The Goblin Guards Near the Camp

Sazza’ll be waiting for you at the bridge near the encampment. Shortly after meeting up again and a brief intervention by the goblin guards near the entrance, she’ll lead the way into the camp. You’ll find her next in the Shattered Sanctum past the courtyard. She’ll then direct you to her mistress, the Drow warrior Nightwarden Minthara.

Sazza Speaking to Minthara

After exhausting the dialogue options, you’ll uncover a plot to raid the Druid’s Grove while Sazza will try to betray you to save her skin. After all, Minthara knows we’re a True Soul, and Sazza’s insolence toward us calls for punishment no less than death.

Yet again, you can jump in to save the Goblin, but whatever you do afterward will mark the quest as complete. You’ll receive the Assassin’s Touch, an uncommon dagger for your efforts.

Final Thoughts

That covers the guide on how to Save the Goblin Sazza in Baldur’s Gate 3. Despite no word of gratitude from Sazza, the Goblin is your best bet for an easy gateway into the Goblin Camp. Without her, you’ll have to pass extremely tough skill checks that would otherwise take a ton of scumsaving.

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