Beginner’s Guide to Ragnarok NFT (Tips and Tricks)

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Santiago Guyette
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After a very rocky start, Gravity Inc. has managed to launch another game in the Ragnarok series. Not just any game but a NFT version of Ragnarok. Naturally, many would have liked to see Eternal Love or something else get a NFT version but that’s ok! So here we have Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT. It’s the first of its kind in the Ragnarok series of games.

Of course, Ragnarok games cause lots of questions! Here we’ll provide you with a lot of info with a complete Ragnarok NFT beginner’s guide. Yes, we’ll throw in various other “goodies” to help you keep playing!

NOTE: No, you don’t have to spend real money to earn Labyrinth Points.

1. Setting up the Wallet

Ragnarok NFT uses its own cryptocurrency. With this, you’ll need a cryptocurrency wallet for use with the game. In this case, it’s Labyrinth Points that can be gained and/or used with the game. For this, you’ll need an OnBuff Inno wallet.

Simply log into the website with the same credentials you used to log into the game with. Hopefully, you used a Google account to log into the game. Facebook logins tend to be problematic.

OnBuff Inno Page

Once you’ve logged into the website, you can and should leave it open and logged into while you’re playing. The first part would be to click the My Page button found in the upper right of the website. You only need to link this one time only. Copy the Inno ID showing at the bottom of your My Page. Then go back into the game.

OnBuff Inno Link

Paste your Inno ID into the provided box (1). Then click the Synchronize button (2). Once done it’ll look exactly as shown in the above screenshot. Now go to your in-game mailbox.

OnBuff Inno In-Game Mailbox

For all the Labyrinth Points you have click the Receive button. Switch back to the My Page in your browser. Your Labyrinth Points should already be there (refresh). Don’t get hung up on the Today’s Earnings part.

That’ll catch up after a while and some page refreshes. Now you need to be able to either use the Labyrinth Points somewhere or keep them in your wallet. From the My Page, click the Wallet icon.

OnBuff Inno Swap

Then just click the Swap button.

OnBuff Inno Swap

First, select your starting currency. In this case it’ll be the Labyrinth Points (1). Pay attention to the “Tx Fee” (Transaction Fee) (2). You will be paying for using this swap. Currently and unfortunately, the swapping can cost more than the cryptocurrency’s value.

So be careful. In the “To” section on the right, you can select Newton when you only have Labyrinth Points. Re-check the previous screen shot above showing the Inno Wallet. You’ll notice that OnBuff and ETH are included into the list. You’ll need Newton first.

Apparently there’s some confusion concerning the names. It’s not OnBuff you gain in the game. This is despite it saying “OnBuff Rewards” here and there in the game. It’s Labyrinth Points that you’ll gain in-game.

It doesn’t even swap directly to OnBuff! There’s also some confusion in how much you’ll earn while playing. Yes, you’ll earn. No, you shouldn’t be picking out your brand new 900’ yacht to buy right now! Don’t expect too many miracles from a game that is free to play.

2. Let’s get You Going!

When you first start the Ragnarok NFT, you’ll be seeing some tutorials. That’s great and all and you should read them. No, you don’t have to read through the entire story. You can if you wanted to! In all cases, you’ll start out as a Novice. It’s the base class which all classes/jobs come from.

After some “playing”, you’ll get to your first job change. You have two choices. You can read through each of the skill descriptions on the spot or do some research before starting. More often than not, you’ve already picked reading through all the skill descriptions! No worries there.

What it comes down to is that each class/job has its pros and cons. There’s no way around that. It’s called balance. That’s how it’s done in games worth playing. Once you’ve selected for your first job change, you’ll be “stuck” on that path.

Trying to “switch sides” so to speak isn’t a great idea. So don’t. After so many Job levels gained, you’ll gain more skills and things to choose from. Ultimately if you don’t like your character for whatever reason, you can make another one.

Job Change

So just keep an eye open for it. The above screen shot only shows 1 option for the Job change. With this sticking to one side stuff, it’s easier to select skills to play with. It’s also typically more potent for your character to stick with one damage type (physical or magical based).


One of the best Ragnarok NFT tips is to save your skill points as much as possible. The idea is to have points to get you going for the next Job change. Yes, max out the active skills that you’re planning on using.

Also max out the Novice skills when you can. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor with those 2 skills maxed out. The Passives are nice to have but they can wait until you gain extra skill points.

The skills you bring into play with you are entirely up to you. However, you’ll only start with 2 skill slots to play with. The other 2 will cost Nyangvine (100 and 200). A proper Ragnarok NFT beginner’s guide will tell you that one of those skills better be First Aid. You’ll really see a noticeable difference in the survival rate of characters that don’t have a healing/vamp skill.

3. Login and Share Services

When you first log into Ragnarok NFT, you’ll be presented with the Share Services screen.

Share Service Login Rewards

That’ll show you how much time your character was “borrowed” by someone else (Total Battle Time). Below that are the rewards you’ve gained. Just click the Stop Share for Rewards button and you’ll gain the rewards. That and you’ll be able to setup your Share Service for your use during your time in game.

Share Services Setup

When you start your session for the day, the list in the Share Services will be empty. Simply click the Auto Equip button in the lower right corner. From there, you can choose which shared characters to keep and which ones to replace.

Just use the Auto Equip to replace them if needed. Base this on your Share Services Max Power BP amount. You can see in the above screen shot that 18,600 is the highest character BP that can be included in your list.

Naturally, the higher the BP, the better the shared character will be. This can go higher depending on your Share Services level. Get it as high as you can without interfering with your crafting. Click the Level Up button.

Share Service Leveling

Most of the time you can click the Max button in the middle of the screen and then click the Level Up button. This is if it won’t interfere with your crafting. It’s the Experimental Remains you might want to keep for your crafting. Otherwise, just use them here.

Share Service Leveling

Once you’re ready, click the Level Up button.

Share Service Leveling

Then just wait the given amount of time. In this case it’s 15 minutes. Go play while you’re waiting! You can click the Complete Immediately button but it’s not recommended when you’re trying to save up Nyangvine.

Share Services Leveling

Once the timer runs down, click the Completed button and repeat as often as you like.

When you log out for the day, or switch characters, the Share Service begins for your character. Unfortunately, there’s a problem with it which causes your return to that character to have no rewards. The problem started in The Labyrinth of Ragnarok and somehow was carried over to Ragnarok NFT.

The problem is caused by your BP. Yes, it’s a great idea to have high and growing BP. Too bad the Share Services are based on lower BP = first selected. Also note that it depends on the Share Service level of other players. Their Share Service level only allows for just so much BP to be included in their list.

To fix the problem you’ll have to reduce your BP. Possibly drastically! While you’re hunting, be sure to keep a really low level weapon in your inventory which can be used by your character. You should disassemble pretty much everything you’re not going to craft with to empty your inventory as well.

Share Your Character Setup

You can either “+1 mark” items you want to keep or you can Lock them. Either way is fine but Locking them works better. Switch to a lower level map (this is part of hunting too). Switch to your really low level weapon.

Then remove all the items off your character. Go to the Duel section. Remove all your PvP Companions. This should reduce your BP so that your character at least shows up in other player’s lists. Now when you return to use that character, you should be seeing rewards for the Share Service.

The other “problem” is shared characters suddenly disappearing. Eventually you’ll notice empty slots where your “team members” were. That’s a case of the character’s owner coming back into the game. Just use the Auto Equip button until you get the shared characters you’d like to have.

4. Leveling and BP Boosting Tips and Tricks

Throughout your Ragnarok NFT adventures, you’ll be leveling. Or at least you’ll certainly be trying to! The main method to gain EXP for your leveling is the Main Quests. You’ll see its shortcut and instructions in the bottom left corner of your main game screen. This provides both Base and Job EXP.

The next in line for most EXP gains is the Share Service. If your character gets used a lot while you’re logged out, it’ll be a hefty chunk of EXP gains. This also provides Base and Job EXP.

Next would be the EXP Dungeon. You’ll find it inside the lower left corner Menu. You can only go through this Dungeon round once per day. You simply click to clear 11 boxes in total to clear the difficulty level. Of course, watch out for mobs popping out of the boxes which will burn time on you. This only provides Base EXP. Going back to gaining both EXPs, you simply kill the stage boss.

Clear Stage Boss

You’ll gain both Base and Job EXP. Of course, you’ll get some extra rewards too for defeating the stage boss. Do note that you can only defeat a stage boss once. MVPs won’t give EXP gains.

Lastly for EXP gain methods are the OnBuff and Labyrinth Pass quests. These are found in the Shop. Check the upper right corner for both while in the Shop. They’re not overly large amounts but they reset daily. These only provide Job EXP. The better news here is that they both eventually provide some nice extra rewards too.

Always remember that grinding EXP will be the worst idea you’ll experience in Ragnarok NFT! This includes with the EXP booster.

All the leveling you can do is nice but it counts for nothing if your BP is low. You can upgrade your skills when you gain Skill Points. This will increase your BP as well. Unfortunately, this won’t get you nearly as far as you need to be. So first up is to upgrade your Library.


When the Level Up button becomes available, click it. The current boost is showing just to the right of the Level Up button. The next boost when you upgrade your Library section is just below it.

Naturally, each upgrade will boost your stats which results in a higher BP. The really nice part to the Library is the info it provides you. You can figure out all the gear you want and can get. The same can be gained with the cards. In terms of hunting, the Monster tab can be a big help in picking targets.

The next big BP boosters are your PvP companions.

PvP Companions

The simple of the Ragnarok NFT tips is to always equip your highest star count PvP companions. Having a combination that happens to work well together is one thing. Unfortunately for that idea, BP is almost always king in matter of battles. Do note that most of Ragnarok NFT is battles!

Your gear is the next up for boosting your BP. Yes, this one can get a little tricky.


It’s seems like pretty straightforward stuff. That’d be until you find out you were blindly crafting! What you want to do first is select all the gear that you’re convinced will help your character. The star count won’t matter all the time. It helps but it’s the overall effect of the gear you’d want to be aiming for.

If you’re crafting a weapon, for example, that doesn’t even belong on your character, you’re blindly crafting. Similar wastes of time apply. Don’t get caught up by the pretty lights! Always check a craft (icon in the red box^) before trying to craft it.

The main trick for crafting is to aim for gear you’ll use on your current character. Do note that there’s no inventory sharing among characters in your account. Don’t bother trying to craft for any characters you’re planning to make in that account.

The next trick is to Lock the gear you’re going to use to craft with when you don’t have all the requirements. The problem is that you won’t always have the gear to craft with equipped.

Lastly for crafting is the gear you currently have equipped. If you plan on using any of it for crafting, don’t upgrade it past +10. You can equip cards and upgrade them. Just don’t go overboard with the gear you’re about to lose via crafting. You’ll quickly find out just how horrible of a loss that will be! At +10, the gear in question can equip 1 card and still be pretty useful.

When the Magic Engineering section opens up for you, you’ll be able to add elemental damage boosters to your gear. There’re other options available but the main is the Element Enhance. You gain the Element Stones via crafting.

Think of this as an extended version of Paper, Rock, and Scissors. Some elements can outdo others so you can use this to do more damage. This is why the magic based ninja became so popular in Ragnarok M! Be sure to check your skills to know what damages you can boost. If that element damage type isn’t even available in your skill build, there’s no point in trying for it!

The last part for increasing BP is card upgrading.

Card Upgrading

The Ragnarok NFT tip for this would be to use the Continuous Upgrade button. You’ll have the same success chances as manually clicking the Card Upgrade button. Unfortunately, the higher the level the card becomes, the lower the success rates will be. Do yourself a real solid and make sure it’s a card you can use. Don’t just fill slots. You’ll also need to upgrade cards as part of the Main Quests.

For that extra something special, you can activate Buffs for a certain amount of time each.


These won’t increase your BP like other things. However, you will get the boosts. Even temporary boosts can come in handy. Just mind their timings is all. Beyond that, “use em if ya got em”! Among the best are the Zeny and Drops boosters. These are also the “hard ones” to get. Especially if you don’t have Nyangvine.

The rest are for damage dealing increases, attack and move speed increases, damage taking reductions and debuff reductions. One is for increasing the level of your Share Service. The idea is for you to try to get a better team built. There’s no limit as to which ones you can use at the same time.

5. PvP Tips and Tricks

Currently there’re only 2 forms of PvP in Ragnarok NFT. Found in the lower left Menu, you guessed it, it’s the PvP button!


Your Companions are the same as in the Duel. The really bad news is that PvP is a test of your luck. Even a few points difference can result in a win or a loss in a match. Also unfortunately the match making currently can provide you with horribly overpowered opponents.

The good news is that you can have seriously underpowered opponents too. Hopefully that’ll get fixed soon! The trick here is to keep playing to a certain extent. The better bet so far is if you lose a second time, you’re done for the day. Move on in hopes of not dropping your PvP score/rank. You only need 1 match for your daily quests anyway!

The other PvP content in Ragnarok NFT is the Duel.


Oddly enough, this can get impressively tricky. Even with the following Ragnarok NFT tips, you can still get caught and lose here and there. You’ll see it when you start checking your opponents. To see it right now just check the bottom section of the above screen shot. Take a look at Mr. Level 61 with 28 losses. Told you it gets tricky!

Right at the top is the location of where you’ll be gaining Duel Pieces and defending them. Once you’ve gained all 8 pieces, click the Confirm button in the middle of the screen to get the reward. There’re 2 of them to collect per stage.

No, you can’t repeat. Your best bet to gain the pieces is to check your opponents. It’ll get tougher no matter what when you get to Sograt Desert and beyond. Thankfully the Refresh List button is freely usable.

The trick to checking your opponent is to check their level first. Not their BP. If it’s lower than yours, it’s good start. Then check their BP. The next good indicator would be you being as high above their BP as possible.

A good start is you around 2,000 BP above them. Lastly, check their win/loss record. If they have more than 2 losses, you do stand a great chance of winning that player’s Duel Piece. Again, it’s not a perfect system but it usually works.

The reason you’d want to check for these things is to make the Duel matches as “quick n painless” as possible. Yes, you’re on time limit in there. Also yes, you’d be begging for problems when not following these recommendations. It’s absolutely amazing how fast things can go wrong when you didn’t follow these recommendations.

You have 5 Duel chances in total. You’ll regain chances over time. However, there’re 8 pieces to collect. Your best bet is going at it in a 4 x 4 manner. Use 4 of your chances at a time and let them recharge.

Each time you’ll have an extra in case something goes wrong. Again, it gets tricky! Your other best bet is to complete a stage and gain both rewards before logging out for the day. Nothing to defend in that section means you’ll have nothing to lose in that section. Also recall that you’ll be reducing your BP so the Share Service will work. You’ll be an easy target.

6. Getting Stuck on a Main Quest

This can be a real nasty piece of business and it happens to just about everyone. How stuck you get on a Main Quest depends on what you’ve been doing throughout your Ragnarok NFT adventures.

The bad news is that yes, it could take days for you to complete that Main Quest. The good news is that in the meantime, you can keep playing. Completing quests that show up after the one you’re stuck on is possible. They’ll just be there waiting for you to get to them.

The downside is that you won’t know what the next quests will be. That’s still ok as long as you’re gaining all the while to complete the Main Quest you’re stuck on. The prime example is Main Quest #123. This requires you to craft one 5 star gear. Any one 5 star gear will do. Unfortunately, most players found out just how hard it can be to do that.

Trying to break higher ranked gear to get either Star Crumbs or Star Crystals has a low chance. Trying to craft Star Crystals can cost you greatly in Zeny. In any case, just keep playing and you’ll get through it.

7. The Dungeons of Ragnarok NFT

For the most part, the daily Dungeons are pretty easy to deal with. You can even get a free sweep chance for at least one of them per day.


It’s the first one, Space of Infinite, which you have to get a little picky about. Sometimes you’ll need it to complete a Main Quest. Thankfully that one lets you repeat it every couple of hours. Airship Assault only has one recommendation. Stay near the target you’re defending and let the mobs come to you. The Central Laboratory has some details you’ll need!

Central Laboratory

You start out by choosing a character to use. They’re all described in the upper right section. So far the best bets have been the Sniper and Clown. The reason for this is because they’re ranged attackers. You have a chance to kill off the mobs with each of them before they can hit you. Of all characters, the Sniper and Clown do the better job of it. You just have to manage your gained buffs/skills properly.

Central Laboratory

After each round, you’ll get a new skill or passive and/or an activated buff or attack skill. This is where you have to choose wisely. You want to get through the stages all the way to the end. For the most part, none of the available characters has a healing capability to write home about!

Central Laboratory

Breath of Angel is the one activated skill that can heal you quite a lot. Use it very carefully. The recommendation is to use it either in a boss stage or at the very end of the round. Similarly, an activated attack skill should be held for boss stages. In the above screen shot example, Firestorm is the activated attack skill.

Since that wasn’t the last boss and the stages were going well, saving it for the very end is the better bet. Ultimately, it’s up to you when to use these things. The rest is on automatic.

8. Guilds

This can be some fun and it can be annoying. It all depends on which guild you manage to get into. That or if you can create one that works out well for you.


The first part of your daily Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT adventures is to log into your guild. Click the Attendance Check (1) first and then the Receive Reward (2) next. Afterwards you’ll have up to 3 Guild Quests you can complete daily.

They can be found in the Quests section on the main game screen (upper middle area, then right side tab). You can pick any 3 that you want to complete. The rest can be completed during your Ragnarok NFT session but they won’t get you anything.

While you’re in the Guild section, you can enter the Guild Square. There’s a Guild Shop and several other points of interest to check out. The Guild Shop (W) is the main point and the Taming Labyrinth (Tamami) is the other. Once you reach Job level 75, you can enter the Taming Labyrinth. You’ll gain QPets there. You have to use the specified items for each day to get the QPets.

9. The Square

This one is pretty easy to deal with.

The Square

Each day you can go into the Square and gain Zeny. The trick is to click the Kafra Exchange Shop button. That’ll bring you into the Square and allow you to exchange for items. Some are a bit more useful than others. One of the tricks here is to save up a bunch of Kafra Cards. You can freely gain them from certain quests. You can do the quest in the Square and end up exchanging them for a lot of Zeny. This comes in handy if you’re running low on Zeny.

Currently the Stall where you can use your RO Points isn’t available.

10. Ragnarok NFT Labyrinth Island

The Labyrinth Island is where you can gain up to 5 cards a day. The higher the Labyrinth Island

level the higher your chances are to gain a higher ranked card.

Labyrinth Island

There’re 2 parts to keep in mind. The first is that you really should pay attention to the Recommended BP listings. Again, BP is almost always king in battles. So do yourself a big favor and get above the recommended BP before entering. It doesn’t have to be massively above but it helps!

Yes, you’ll want to make the battle portion “quick n painless”. Each part of the Labyrinth Island is fairly easy to deal with. You collect enough coins to get a shot at the boss. Then defeat the boss. Just be sure to collect the Silver Coins while you’re at it. Those are not Zeny. They’re used for crafting.

The other part to keep in mind is to not go hog wild. You only get 5 chances a day. So when the Labyrinth Island rounds show up as part of your Main Quests, you’ll have to wait until the next day just to complete them. Do note that said “when” and not “if”! The Ragnarok NFT tip here would be to keep at least 1 for Multi-mode for just in case daily.

11. Ragnarok NFT Beginner’s Guide to Hunting

What would a Ragnarok NFT beginner’s guide be without some hunting tips and tricks?! Sure enough, it’s the hunting that will matter the most in Ragnarok NFT. What are the best methods to hunt? The first is outright grinding. You’ll be doing it anyway considering you’ll spend most of your time in the fields. The good news is that there are several tricks for you to try. The first is to base your hunting on your crafting. It’s just this time; don’t base it on the gear crafting.

Re-check the Crafting screen shot far above. You’ll notice that most of the materials for gear crafting are jewelry. Those won’t drop in the regular maps. Thankfully those are not the only crafts. One of your best bets for other crafting is the various boxes. You can gain some nice loot from those boxes. The bad news is that they rely on your luck of the draw when you open them. First, determine which materials you’ll need.

Adventure Mode Hunting

Click on the Adventure button (compass) in the upper right corner. When you look at the drop list, those are just the drops for those fields. You can click the boss icon to see the other stuff that drops.

It’s not much really but you can also check elements and monster sizes too. The main trick to grind hunting is to go low level. Always remember that faster kills = faster gains. Notice that Inside Pyramid 6 (last map) drops the Dried Yggdrasil Leaf? You can use those to craft boxes.

In going low level, you’d slide the top area left/right to pick an area. You’ll quickly find out that the same material drops in Deep Forest and Culvert. Upon trying out either field, you’ll quickly see how much faster your gains are.

This depends on your current BP. If it’s “higher”, going into Deep Forest can still get you quick gains. If it’s “lower”, try it in Culvert. Yes, you’ll be gaining lesser EXP and Zeny. That’s still ok since you’re grind hunting for crafting materials.

While you’re hunting the lower level areas, you’ll also gain Poring Coins faster.

The Big Wheel

This is the Wheel found next to your Main Quest description in the lower middle of your game screen. The Replace Wheel button is mostly for real money spenders and those that managed to gain GM Rewards. The Wheel seems real nice and shiny. You’ll be very tempted to click that button in the middle.

Plain and simply don’t. Instead, save up at least 500 Poring Coins. Then check the Item tab in the Crafting window. You can craft a box which is the equivalent to 50 Wheel spins. You’ll burn 5,000 Zeny crafting it but regain it easily when you open that box. That and a lot more since it’s 50 spins at the same time.

Next in line are the Ragnarok NFT tips for the Dispatch.


It’s a similar idea to grind hunting where you aim for spots that can give you crafting materials. It’s just this time, you aim as high as you can get. You just have to be familiar with the Dispatch Companion types. The 3 main types are Collect, Excavate and Trade. This means only certain Dispatch Companions can be used in those areas.


When you check your Dispatch Companions, you’ll see there type(s) under their names. As long as you have the type and you have the slots open, you can keep sending Dispatch Companions all day long. Yes, you can load up the entire areas. When you’re trying to Compose more Dispatch Companions, the recommendation is to use only one with multiple copies. Check Binit at the top of the list in the above screen shot.

Any Dispatch Companion with a “card” in its upper right corner means you’ve gained more than one of that Dispatch Companion. You can use them to try to gain a higher ranked Dispatch Companion.

Lastly for the Ragnarok NFT hunting we have the MVP hunting. Unfortunately, there’s no chance to hunt stage bosses. Once their gone, move along! The good news is you can hunt the MVPs just the same. No, you won’t get EXP gains but you can get a lot of nice loot.

MVP Clear Rewards

On standard if you’re AFK hunting; eventually you and/or one of your team members will encounter the MVP. There’s always the chance it’ll get killed and you can get some rewards. It won’t be nearly as much if you click the Assemble button whenever a MVP shows up.

They show up via automatic re-spawn or you using a MVP Summon Ticket. Either one can produce the same results. This is no matter which map you’re in.

The trick is in the Assemble button. When used and you defeat the MVP, you gain a lot more rewards. You can also use it to your advantage. As showing up randomly during loading screens, yes, you and your team will be reset to full HP/MP and alive when you use the Assemble button.

No, you don’t have to attack the MVP yourself once you press the Assemble button. You can even last hit only the MVP to get the full rewards too. However, it is funnier when you defeat it and never even attacked it!

MVP Summon Tickets

The only way the MVP Summon Tickets work is to defeat the stage boss. From there, you can have at it with your MVP Summon Tickets all you like. The recommendation is to keep as many of them as you can. Of course, this is entirely up to you.

Just remember that you’ll need MVPs as part of your Main Quests every so often. Not just one. You can counter some of your MVP Summon Ticket use by killing off several MVPs in an area before killing the stage boss.

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