25 BEST 1.18.2 Minecraft Seeds: RANKED (May 2022)

Andreas Ojala
Andreas Ojala
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With the release of Minecraft 1.18, the world’s generation changed dramatically. Not only will you now find massive mountains and stunning caves, but you’ll also find deeper rivers and better biome blending. 

So to see the changes in full glory, I’ve listed out 25 Best Minecraft 1.18.2 Seeds. There’s something for everybody. You’ll find seeds with breathtaking views and some with a unique world generation.

So if that sounds interesting, then keep on reading.

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A Quick Disclaimer On Minecraft 1.18 Seeds

Before we get into the best 1.18 Minecraft seeds, I want you to know one thing. Thanks to the efforts of Mojang, the seeds should be almost identical. That means you can use it for both Bedrock and Java! However, there are some slight differences like how structures spawn.


Massive Mountains Surrounded By Taiga Forests

Massive Mountains Surrounded By Taiga Forests
  • Seed: 974123259
  • Coordinates: X: 873, Y: 121, Z: -926

Starting with our list is one of the best 1.18 seeds that shows off the impressive work done by Mojang! If you generate your next world, you’ll find one of the most spectacular sights you’ll ever see.

Once spawned to coordinates 873 121 -926, you’ll find a sight of two snow-peaked mountains surrounded by tall taiga forests. It looks even better when combined with an awesome shader.


13 Diamond Vein Seed

1.18 Seeds - 13 Diamond Seed
  • Seed: -8715334050233814349
  • Coordinates: X: -278, Y: -51, Z: 2966

When you first spawn in this world, you might think that this world isn’t anything special. However, when you dig down to coordinates -278 -51 2966, you’ll find something spectacular.

If you don’t know, then the ore distribution changed in Minecraft 1.18! And one of the most significant changes is with diamonds. Instead of the usual 2-4 diamond ore veins, you’ll now mostly find 1-2 diamond ore veins. That means that finding something like a 13 diamond vein is extremely rare.

So, if you want to get a slight advantage on your next survival world, then this is one of the best Minecraft 1.18 seeds is for you.

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The Eye of Nature Seed

The Eye of Nature Seed
  • Seed: 3854341
  • Coordinates: X: 1270, Y: 94, Z: 334

This is one of the most beautiful seeds for 1.18!

This seed was discovered by u/Illusorysuperiority6, and it has something unique about it. If you traverse in your minecraft world and go to coordinates 1270 94 334, you’ll find a huge cave entrance.

But that’s not no ordinary cave entrance. This one has a near perfect oval and layers that make it look like an eye. That makes it an extraordinary place to build some awesome Minecraft villages.

So if you’re looking for a seed to build something spectacular in, then you’ve found the best seed for it!


A Hilly Savanna Village Island

A Hilly Savanna Village Island
  • Seed: -6537256334104833826
  • Coordinates: X: -416, Z: 128

When Minecraft generates the world just right, it can drop anyone’s jaw! And with this seed, that’s no different! In here, you’ll find quite an exciting sight near the spawn area.

You’ll find a small hilly taiga island where a village has settled in a unique way. 

So if you’re looking to live in an unusual village, then this seed is for you.


The Two-Tone Island

The Two-Tone Island
  • Seed: 1582281691
  • Coordinates: 68, 122, -473

We’ve shared many seeds that are perfect for builders, but if I had to pick from one of them, this one would be my favorite.

When you traverse to coordinates 68, 122, -473, you find one of the most beautiful islands out there. The island is surrounded by a circular river and many rare biomes. But that’s not the only reason.

This island is so beautiful because it’s split into two biomes. You have a beautiful grass plain on one side, while you have a mesa biome on the other side. That makes it an excellent place to build your base.

For example, you can build a fortress with one side being healthy and growing, but on the other side is abandoned and collapsing.

P.S Building a Village would work as well! Here are some Minecraft Village Ideas.


A Villager House inside a Lush Cave

A Villager House inside a Lush Cave
  • Seed: 253400378802
  • Coordinates: At spawn

It’s no surprise that lush caves are just amazing. They are full of greenery and light, which is quite different from your usual greyish caves. And it seems like this villager knew that as well. However, he made one big mistake.

The villager built his home on top of a lava fall. So when you arrive at this home, the house will, unfortunately, burn down. But if you act quickly, you can save his home.

Unfortunately, the villager trades won’t give any discounts!


A Meadow Surrounded by Huge Mountains

A Meadow Surrounded by Huge Mountains
  • Seed: -56169785
  • Coordinates: X: 2208, Y: 179, Z: -315

One of the best (and underrated) biomes added to the game is the Meadows. Those biomes can be found on the lower levels of mountains with many flowers and few trees.

But sometimes, the valleys can spawn in such a beautiful way. In this seed, the valley is surrounded by huge mountains with snowy peaks. That makes it a great place to build your starter house.


A Village Between Two Mountains

1.18 Seeds - A Village Between Two Villages
  • Seed: 360383202
  • Coordinates: X: 210, Y: 145, Z: 217

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that mountains in 1.18 are just jaw-dropping. It comes to show how good of a job Mojang did, and this seed shows it in the best light.

When you travel to coordinates 210 145 217, you’ll find a village that is situated between two high mountains. That makes it into a beautiful scene!

However, you wouldn’t want to live there! Why? Well, it might be because they have some angry neighbors around!


Huge Dripstone Cave

Huge Dripstone Cave
  • Seed: -1895276179
  • Coordinates: X: -31, Z: 749

In Minecraft 1.18, two cave biomes were added: lush caves and dripstone caves. (The deep dark was delayed, learn more about 1.19 here) Both are impressive and very beautiful! However, when you add this seed to your world, you’ll see just how amazing the dripstone caves can look.

In the coordinates -31 y 749, you’ll find yourself in a taiga biome that has an opening to probably one of the largest and impressive dripstone caves you’ve seen. It’s so large that you could fly there with your elytra. Just be careful with the stalagmites and stalactites.


A Cliffside Village

A Cliffside Village
  • Seed: 8027300948549384115
  • Coordinates: X: 145, Z: -187

This seed proves that not only do players appreciate a stunning view, but the villagers also do! When you add this seed to your world, you’ll find a village near spawn with a stunning backdrop of a mountain. 

And by adding a good-looking shader, you can create a screenshot that is worthy of being your desktop background.

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The Beautiful & Practical Seed

The Beautiful & Practical Seed
  • Seed: -603181651
  • Coordinates: 1565, 156, -289 / 1648, 156, -430 / 2051, 158, -960

These Mountain & Cave Scenes are stunning to look at, but they might not be the most practical ones out there. Well, this seed will change all of that.

You find a fantastic meadow surrounded by beautiful mountains as you spawn in this seed. However, you want to continue traveling as this seed has some great spots. You might want to go to 1565, 156, -289

In there, you might find one of the most stunning mountain views Minecraft 1.18 seeds have to offer! However, that’s not all, as if you go beneath the mountains, you’ll discover a cave with two side-by-side dungeons.

Additionally, you can also go to a nearby village in coordinates 1648, 156, -430! And if you want, you can visit the Pillager Outpost near the village to trigger a raid and get some good gear.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can go to coordinates 2051, 158, -960 and find a Woodland Mansion with a lush cave beneath it!


A Stunning Valley Surrounded by Snowy Peaks

A Stunning Valley Surrounded by Snowy Peaks
  • Seed: 8624896
  • Coordinates: At Spawn

If I had to pick one seed that I love the most, it must be this seed. That’s because it’s both practical and stunning to look at. In these coordinates, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a beautiful mountain, a ruined nether portal, and a massive lake in the middle. 

There’s also a flat valley filled with flowers which makes it a perfect place to build your next house.


A Stunning Lush Cave Generation

A Stunning Lush Cave Generation
  • Seed: 1032336628
  • Coordinates: X: 581, Y: 63, Z: 76

So you’ve just seen the dripstone caves in full glory? Well, why not look at the other cave in its full glory as well? In the coordinates 581 63 76, you’ll find one of the most extensive lush caves in the game. But what makes this better than the rest is how you enter. 

As you traverse through the ocean, you’ll find the sea merging into a lush cave seamlessly. And how amazing does it look! You’ll find floating islands and many beautiful waterfalls. It’s absolutely magical.

So if you only want to try one Minecraft 1.18 seed, then this is your pick.


Vulcano Seed

Vulcano Seed
  • Seed: 289558371926666958
  • Coordinates: X: 70, Y: 199, Z: -460

Don’t get me wrong, the new generation is absolutely breathtaking, but there are just a few things missing. Aside from an Oasis, I’d like to see Minecraft add vulcanos as well. That would make traveling the land more exciting, and it could also introduce a few new building materials.

If that’s something you’d like to see in Minecraft as well, then don’t worry, as we don’t have to wait anymore! That’s because u/Hmmm_E found a seed that has made it possible. 

When you travel to coordinates 70 199 -460, you’ll find how Minecraft world generation has perfectly placed a broken nether portal structure on top of the mountain, making it look like a volcano. And what’s better, the netherack makes it look like it’s dripping out some lava.


Awesome Cliffside Village

Awesome Cliffside Village
  • Seed: 2
  • Coordinates: X: -871, Z: -371

This seed is yet another awesome seed with an interesting village in it! If you explore your world and stumble upon coordinates -874 -371, you find yourself in a village with a breathtaking view.

The village is located on the cliffside. With a beautiful look to a river. You’ll find houses both from the top and bottom. The path blocks have even made a dock, which is an awesome detail.

So if you’re looking to live in a village situated on a cliff, then this is one of the best Minecraft 1.18 seeds for you.


A Jungle Temple on Top of a Woodland Mansion

A Jungle Temple on Top of a Woodland Mansion
  • Seed: 150589112544105406
  • Coordinates: X: 57, Y: 117, Z: 145

As you’ve seen with the last seed, sometimes the world generation makes something perfect. But then there are some times when it just gets bizarre. With this seed, you spawn in a jungle biome.

However, what makes it weird is that there’s a woodland mansion, and on the roof of it is none other than a Jungle temple. Quite bizarre, but lucky as you’ve got more loot from one place.

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The Tall Woodland Mansion

The Tall Woodland Mansion
  • Seed: -892884632
  • Coords: 536, 164, 312

Here’s another exciting seed to try out.

As you spawn in the world, you find a village nearby with beautiful snow-peaked mountains. However, you don’t want to go there. Instead, you want to build a boat and follow the river until you reach coordinates 536, 164, 312.

There you’ll find a pretty unique mansion. That’s because this mansion is quite a tall one! 

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Triple Spawner Seed

1.18 Seeds - Triple Spawner
  • Seed: -3413533161455188749
  • Coordinates: X: -40, Y: -17, Z: -30

In 1.18, Dungeons were made more frequent than they were before. Well, in this seed it seems that they might have gotten too close together. When you mine down to the ground to coordinates -40, -17, -30, you’ll find not only one or two, but three spawners together.

And what makes it even better is that each spawner is unique. That means you’ll have three different spawners: zombie, skeleton, and spider!


Desert Village Island

Desert Village Island
  • Seed: 4954237
  • Coordinates: X: -17, Y: 63, Z: 53

If you’re looking for a village where to settle in, then I’ve got seed for you! In here, you’ll find a desert village on a small island. The place is surrounded by a beautiful coral reef.

And as an added benefit, you can find a sunken ship on the surface of the village. So a nice place to start your Minecraft survival world.


A Village Surrounded by Three Snow Peaked Mountains

A Village Surrounded by Three Snow Peaked Mountains
  • Seed: 3377699736528049
  • Coordinates: At Spawn

If you haven’t had enough of the amazing mountains yet, here’s another seed for you. When you first spawn in here, you’ll find yourself spawned on a village. That’s lucky, but what makes this seed spectacular is the surroundings.

This village is surrounded by three massive mountains. That makes this place look like you’re in a small Switzerland village.

So if that’s something you’d like to start your Minecraft World off, then you should definitely try this one out.


Spectacular Badlands Spawn

Spectacular Badlands Spawn
  • Seed: -78688046
  • Coordinates: At Spawn

Badlands is one of the most beautiful biomes in Minecraft. And if you like them a lot and love it as much as I do, you can start your Minecraft world with this seed. When you spawn in this world, you’ll be next to a massive and jaw-dropping badlands biome.

But that’s not all! When you traverse left from the spawn and climb the high mountain, you’ll find a massive river with a coral reef. 

So what’s not to love about this seed? 

Well, the only problem is that you’re going to need to climb quite a lot to punch your first tree. 


Desert Temple Village

Desert Temple Village
  • Seed: -1891299974
  • Coords: 2314, 76, 220

There are many seeds with desert temples next to a village! However, this one is rather special.

When you traverse to the coordinates 2314, 76, 220, you’ll find yourself in a village that has a temple in the middle. And once you enter the loot room, break the wall nearby, and find a villager house spawned underground. 

Quite an exciting seed, isn’t it?


Two Perfectly Aligned Ocean Temples

Two Perfectly Aligned Ocean Temples
  • Seed: 3029700
  • Coordinates: X: 3000, Z: 2640

Finding an ocean monument is exciting. Not only will you be facing against the third boss of Minecraft, but you’ll also find a lot of gold and sponges lying around there. So finding one is a goal for many survival worlds.

However, sometimes you could get lucky! And if you have this seed and go to coordinates of 3000, 2640, you’ll not just find one monument, but two! But that’s not all!

What makes this seed so special is that they are perfectly aligned. There isn’t even a block of misalignment. 

So if you’re looking for double the sponges, and want to experience this rare generation, then this seed is for you.


A Ruined Nether Portal In The Center of a Huge Lake

1.18 Seeds - A Ruined Nether Portal In The Center of a Huge Lake
  • Seed: 69420
  • Coordinates: X: 350, Z: 150

There are many awesome seeds with scenic views of Minecraft. However, this one is quite spectacular!

What I love about this seed so much, is how perfectly the ruined portal was placed. It’s exactly in the centre of the riverbank, with two huge mountains in the background. That makes this a great place to build your home while providing you with some gold and obsidian.

So if this seed has piqued your interest, then I highly recommend you to start a new playthrough with it!

P.S This seed works for both Minecraft versions. However, you won’t have a ruined nether portal in the centre of the riverbank if you play in Java.


Desert Woodland Mansion

Desert Woodland Mansion

Seed: 1818646330

Coords: 2900, -800

This seed is a bit absurd!

You can find a woodland mansion in the coordinates 2900, -800, but with a bit of twist. Instead of being surrounded by a large forest, you’re on a desert island.

So if you’re looking for some odd seeds, this is one of the best ones for you!

Bonus: Flowery Valley Surrounded by Mountains

  • Seed: 368592799
  • Coordinates: X: -26, Y: 118, Z: 207

As a bonus for getting this far, I’d like to end with yet another Minecraft 1.18 seed with mountains. Near the center of the world (-26, 118, 207), you’ll find one of the most beautiful mountains you’ll see on Minecraft.

Once you climb on top of it, you’ll find yourself in a gorgeous valley with white and yellow flowers. And you’ll have beautiful mountains as your background, making it a perfect place to build your next base.


And these were the best 1.18 Minecraft seeds! These seeds show you how much effort Mojang put into making this update. But do you know any other impressive seeds? If you do, don’t forget to write them down in the comments. I’d love to check them out.

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