Top 7 Best ADCs in League of Legends

Find out which ADCs are doing good right now.

Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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ADCs are squishy champions that deal a lot of damage in quick succession. If you know how to play this role correctly, you’ll have a great time and deal tons of damage. This guide will show you the top 7 best ADCs in League of Legends.

The top 7 best ADCs in League of Legends right now are:

  1. Jhin
  2. Vayne
  3. Sivir
  4. Twitch
  5. Kog’Maw
  6. Miss Fortune
  7. Draven

If you are looking for an ADC to main or win some games, make sure that you pick one of them so that you have more chances to carry. With that said, let’s get started.



Starting off with one of the best ADCs right now, Jhin. He is performing extremely well thanks to how well-balanced he is.

Jhin’s Q allows him to bounce a grenade four times off of the enemy. It cannot bounce back to the enemy that it has already hit. If it kills the previous targets, the next bounces will deal enhanced damage.

His W is a long-range ability that can root an enemy champion if it hits them. Jhin fires a projectile in a straight line that passes through all minions and damages the first enemy champion hit. If they are damaged by Jhin or his allies, his W can root them for a few seconds.

His E allows Jhin to throw a few of his traps that will become invisible. If the enemy steps on them, they will be slowed and will take damage once the trap explodes. This is a great ability to use if you are out of wards to see if the enemy is going to gank or not.

Finally, his R is another long-range ultimate. You can fire four bullets that damage the first enemy champion they hit. The final bullet deals additional damage and it also crits.



Vayne is one of the best late-game hypercarries in LoL. She has tons of potential that can win you the game if you know what you are doing.

Her Q allows Vayne to roll in any direction and gain an empowered attack. Once you attack the enemy, her Q will go on cooldown. This is a good ability to chase someone or position yourself better in case the enemy is close to you.

Her W is a passive who deals true damage. This is where Vayne’s true damage comes from. After every third consecutive auto attack on an enemy, Vayne deals true damage.

Her E is an ability that is great at getting the enemy away from you. She pushes a target away from her by firing a large bolt at them. While this does a little damage when used on the enemy, you can stun them if the enemy hits the wall at the end.

Finally, her R gives Vayne extra AD and gives her Q a new passive. When you use your Q while in your ultimate, you will become invisible for a second. This is great for repositioning yourself and getting away from the enemy once they get close to you.



Sivir has been quite strong recently and has a solid win rate as well. Her Q allows her to hurl her weapon in a straight line that damages every enemy while going forward and while returning to Sivir.

Sivir’s W lets her ricochet her auto attacks and deal damage to all enemies nearby. This is active for about 3 auto attacks or if the duration runs out. The bounces deal reduced damage but it is still great at clearing the wave.

Her E shields Sivir for a few seconds. It allows Sivir to block the first spell of any enemy champion to gain HP in return. 

Sivir’s R is a great ability if you need to chase someone or run away if you get ganked. Sivir lets out a scream that makes her and any nearby allies run fast for a few seconds. 



If you are looking for an ADC that can quickly kill the enemy and is a beast in the late game, then look no further than Twitch. He is a great champion that has been doing amazing right now. Plus, you do not have to worry about getting peeled while playing Twitch since you can join the teamfight later thanks to your stealth. 

His Q allows him to gain stealth and move around with increased movement speed. Once Twitch comes out of his stealth, he gains attack speed for a few seconds. However, if the enemy gets too close, you will be visible to them.

His W allows Twitch to throw a poisonous vial that explodes in an area. The area becomes poisonous and any enemy that walks on it will be slowed and take damage over time.

Twitch’s E allows him to consume all of his stacks on a marked enemy to deal additional damage. You can put stacks on them by either auto-attacking or using W on them. This ability is great at finishing off the enemy if they are running away with low HP.

During his R, Twitch will gain a lot of range and he will rapidly fire his auto attacks. These attacks deal more damage and they can pass through the first target that they hit.



Kog’Maw is a strong ADC that is weak in the early game. To make the most out of him, you need to farm and make sure that you get your items. After 3 or 4 items, Kog’Maw becomes unstoppable and deals tons of damage.

His Q allows Kog to spit out a projectile that damages the first enemy it hits. This also corrodes the enemy’s armor and magic resist. On top of that, once it hits the enemy, Kog’Maw gains attack speed.

Kog’Maw’s W is a great ability that allows you to gain range and deal a percent of the target’s maximum health as magic damage. Since Kog doesn’t have a lot of range usually, using W will allow you to remain at a safe distance while you destroy the enemy.

His E is a great ability if you want to run away from enemies or chase them. He launches an ooze which damages and slows all enemies hit. This also leaves a trail that stays for a few seconds. Any enemy that steps on this trail will get slowed. 

Finally, his R allows Kog to fire an artillery shell at a great distance that deals magic damage. The lower the health the enemy has, the more damage this ability will do. Plus, it also slows any enemies that are hit by it.


Miss Fortune

MF has insane damage if you go for the lethality build. However, you can also go for the Arcane Comet rune and go for the poke build. Depending on what the enemy team comp looks like, you can build whatever you want on her. 

Her Q allows Miss Fortune to fire a bullet at a target. However, the best part is that the bullet bounces off of the target and hits the enemy that is standing immediately at the back.

Her W allows Miss Fortune to convert her movement speed to her attack speed. If you want to 1v1 the enemy, make sure to activate your W so that you can attack quickly and damage them a lot. 

Her E is the ability that most players hate facing. She fires a hail of bullets from the sky at a location. Any enemy hit by this will constantly take damage if they are in that area and they will also get slowed. If you want to poke the enemy, this is the best ability to do it with. 

Finally, her R allows Miss Fortune to fire a barrage of large bullets in front of her. She fires multiple waves of bullets which deal tons of damage to all enemies in that area. This is one of the best ultimates in the game when it comes to teamfights. Keep in mind that Miss Fortune cannot move during this or the ultimate will cancel. 



Finally, the last ADC on this list that you should try out is Draven. His Q is the main ability that makes Draven a lane bully and a strong damage dealer. He starts spinning his axe and has to catch it after every auto attack. However, these auto attacks deal a lot of damage. 

Draven’s W allows him to run quickly for a few seconds and gain additional attack speed. The best part about this spell is that every time you catch your spinning axe, the cooldown refreshes and you can use W again.

His E allows Draven to throw a giant axe in front of him to knock aside any enemy hit. Plus, the enemies get slowed if they are hit, so, this is a good ability to cast when you are fighting someone or chasing them. 

Finally, Draven’s R is a global ultimate that allows him to throw his axes to any part of the map. The axes move quickly and damage everything in their way. However, if they hit an enemy champion, they will return back without going any further.


And there you have it; those are the top 7 best ADC’s in League of Legends. If you want to climb the ranked ladder as an ADC main, try out these champions and you’ll have a great time.

Which role do you like most? Do you like the ADCs mentioned on this list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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