5 Best Aim Trainers For Valorant

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Using the best Valorant mouse, keyboard, headset, and monitor isn’t enough to take your game to the next level. Unfortunately, you can’t buy skills. However, using aim trainers for Valorant is one of the best things you can do to quickly improve at the game.

While aim and everything that comes with it isn’t the only skill you need to be good at Valorant, it’s still a huge part of the game. Having an insane aim will take you a long way and might even bring you to that coveted Valorant rank you’ve always wanted.

So, we’ve decided to list down 5 of the best aim trainers for Valorant.



A photo of the best Valorant aim trainer, aimlabs.

Price: Free
Available via: Steam, Android, iOS

First up, we have Aimlabs. Aimlabs is by far the best aim trainer for Valorant that you can use. It was initially released in 2018 and has implemented numerous changes and improvements since then. They have also gathered over 26 million users throughout the years.

We highly recommend Aimlabs because of its highly beginner-friendly nature. They have tons of different drills that will help you improve individual aspects of your aim. However, they also feature more advanced training techniques that are perfect for veterans in the Valorant and FPS scene.

Aimlabs is also used by some of the best Valorant players in the world to warm up and aim train. The best part is that Aimlabs is completely free and easy to run. It’s available via Steam and also on Android and iOS, but we don’t recommend using it on mobile if you’re playing on PC.



A photo of KovaaK's.

Price: $9.99
Available via: Steam

Next up, we have another solid Valorant aim trainer in the industry called KovaaK’s. KovaaK’s Aim Trainer, or simply KovaaK’s, is a top-tier software that can help you improve your aim and improve your game. It was released in April 2018 and is a highly trusted trainer by pros, streamers, and other gamers across the FPS community.

KovaaK’s makes use of specific exercises and drills that you can use to hone your core aiming mechanics. They also feature various leaderboards, stats, and rankings to help you keep track of your progress. This helps makes it more of a fun experience rather than feel more like a chore.

One of the best features of KovaaK’s is their in-game map editor. The map editor allows you and other players to create specific drills or scenarios tailored to your needs. There are over 175,000 community-created drills within KovaaK’s, among other workouts. KovaaK’s does cost $9.99 on Steam, but it’s definitely worth it once you see your Valorant stats improve over time.


The Range, Deathmatch, and Team Deathmatch

Using the Valorant Range as an aim trainer.

Price: Free
Available via: Valorant

Don’t worry if you can’t get enough of Valorant and don’t want to leave the game. There are still tons of options for you to improve your aim. Different game modes, like The Range, Deathmatch, and Team Deathmatch, are all valid ways to get better at Valorant and help build your aim mechanics.

I suggest using The Range and the bots there for controlled training. You can build your flicking and tracking using the bots. Deathmatch is perfect for practicing more realistic in-game aiming matched with movements like peeking, strafing, and switching between targets.

Finally, Team Deathmatch is an excellent choice if you want to improve your aim and how to complement it with ability usage. It also allows you to go through most of the weapons in Valorant, allowing you to get used to how they feel as well.

Overall, using Valorant as an aim trainer is a decent choice. You’ll have to create your own routines, though, since Riot doesn’t really market these games as Valorant aim trainers. You’ll also be spending more hours on Valorant than usual, thanks to the extra aim training you’ll be doing.



A photo of the aimbeast.

Price: $7.99
Available via: Steam

Next up, we have another premium aim trainer for Valorant in Aimbeast. It’s one of the newer aim trainers in the market, being released only in May 2020. It doesn’t have the most amazing graphics, especially when compared to the other applications on our list. However, it definitely gets the job done.

The best feature that Aimbeast has to offer is its great implementation of AI technology. They combine their human-like AI within their scenarios and drills, which learns from your aiming tendencies. This helps you get better in the long run and automatically adjusts according to your needs.

Aimbeast also makes use of leaderboard systems, ranks, various statistics, and graphs to help you on your aim training journey. They also offer the cheapest service on our list, which is honestly a huge bargain because of their solid AI technology.


Beat Aim

A photo of the beat aim rythm aim trainer.

Price: $14.99
Available via: Steam

The final aim trainer on our list is Beat Aim. Beat Aim is an innovative take on the traditional aim trainers designed for games like Valorant. It’s a rhythm game with built-in aim drills to help you improve your flicks while having fun and blasting those beats out.

Beat Aim is the perfect game for Osu! fans. TenZ himself is an Osu! player, and look at how good his aim is. The main thing about Beat Aim is that it doesn’t feel like it’s a workout anymore. It mostly feels like you’re playing Osu! or any other beat game. This can lead to hours of fun while also improving your aim.

Overall, Beat Aim is a solid aim trainer for Valorant. It’s still in its Early Acces stage and is the most expensive option on our list at $14.99. However, it’s worth it if you prefer a more chill aiming session. It also allows you to customize your music and levels, allowing you to blast everything from K-pop to rap, just like a Discord music bot.


Our choice for the best aim trainer for Valorant is Aimlabs. It’s by far the best in terms of features, graphics, and design. It’s also free, offers advanced workouts, has a ranking system, and is trusted by millions of players worldwide.

Don’t count out the other aim trainers, though. They all have something to offer that might be more suitable to your needs, so make sure to check them out as well.

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