20 of the Best Animal Crossing Island Town Tunes

Here are 20 iconic jingles from beloved games, movies, and memes!

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a lot of creative outlets for players. From designing clothes to creating your own flag, the game lets players show their creativity and personality through these features. One fun outlet is composing Animal Crossing island tunes.

The island tune serves as your jingle. It plays as an hourly alarm or when players enter buildings or talk to villagers. Whatever vibe your island has, there’s a tune that’s perfect for it! We’ve gathered 20 of the best Animal Crossing island town tunes to help you pick the perfect jingle for your tropical home.

Best Animal Crossing Island Town Tunes

Without further adieu, here are the best Animal Crossing Island Town tunes!


Doom 2016 Theme

Island tune of Doom 2016's theme
Source: Nooknet

Back in 2020, both Doom Eternal and New Horizon were scheduled to release on the same day. These two games are the complete opposite of each other, but gamers far and wide decided that a friendship between Isabelle and Doomguy is the cutest thing there is. Thus, a wholesome meme of the two was born.

With this island tune, you’ll be keeping a memento of that adorable friendship. Rip and tear, Isabelle!


Ponyo Song

ACNH tune of the Ghibli Studio movie Ponyo
Source: Leia Leilani

Ponyo is the adorable Studio Ghibli tale of a little fish girl who yearned to live on land with her friend. Not only is this theme cute and iconic, but both New Horizons and Ponyo share a tropical theme. Fish, the sea, and adorable little critters? Sounds fitting!



Wanna welcome your visitors in a funky way? Lipps, Inc.’s Funkytown song is the perfect jingle to have. And if you picked Funky Town as your island name, consider this a sign to change your Animal Crossing island tunes ASAP.


Tetris Theme

If you love Tetris and want to make it your island’s theme, you can use its iconic tune as your jingle and even incorporate Tetris-like blocks around your island. You can design an empty space using various boxes and cubes, and even terraform or make paths to put block patterns on the ground.

Be the bonafide Tetris fan you’ve always wanted to be!


Harry Potter Theme

Animal Crossing tune of Harry Potter's Hedwig theme
Source: Swegger

Fans of Harry Potter and all things magical get to enjoy a lot of sorcery-related items in the game. There are robes, magic wands, and even glowing moss!

What better way to tie all that magic up with a magical town tune of your own? Here’s the iconic Harry Potter theme to greet your visitors in a spellbinding way!


Jurassic Park Theme

Jurassic Park theme as an Animal Crossing island tune
Source: Swegger

To paraphrase the great Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park, just because you could doesn’t mean you should.

But in this case, you definitely should use this Jurassic Park theme as your Animal Crossing island tune. It’s all the more fitting if your island is a lush jungle!


Final Fantasy 7 (Airship Theme)

Town tune of FF7's Airship theme
Source: jvgsjeff

This iconic video game theme played whenever Cloud and the gang flew in their airship. This tune gives a wonderful sense of adventure and nostalgia, and fans of FF7 would love to have this in their own Animal Crossing journey.


Final Countdown

Final Countdown as an island town tune in Animal Crossing
Source: jvgsjeff

Wanna make an impression on your visitors? Try this banger of a song as your Animal Crossing tune.

It’s an absolute earworm and they’ll be humming the song all day. Plus, it’s a great reminder for turnip visitors that there’s a countdown for their queue and not to dilly-dally.


Monster Hunter World (Quest Complete Theme)

ACNH tune of Monster Hunter World's Quest Complete jingle
Source: Swegger

Feel like an accomplished hunter with this island tune!

You might not be hunting monsters in ACNH, but paying off your loan, scoring a huge turnip profit, getting your favorite villager, or simply finishing your daily tasks are amazing accomplishments worthy of this tune.


Imperial Death March

Darth Vader's Imperial March theme as an Animal Crossing island tune
Source: Nooknet

There’s nothing like marching up to your villagers and hearing Darth Vader’s sinister theme play when you talk to them.

It’s especially amusing when it’s a sweet villager playing a cute rendition of it! You’ll have the high ground with this tune.


We Are the Champion

We are the Champion song as an Animal Crossing tune
Source: Nooknet

Make everyone feel like a champion with this Animal Crossing island tune! It’s fitting during times when you successfully net a tarantula or when your visitors score a hefty profit from your Nook’s Cranny’s turnip price. We are the champions, my friends.


Rickroll / Never Gonna Give You Up

Rickroll as an Animal Crossing island tune
Source: Swegger

If you’re down to clown on your friends by rickrolling them in Animal Crossing, here’s the perfect Animal Crossing island tune for you.

If they talk to your villagers or enter any building—bam! Rickroll! And even when they try to leave your island, they talk to Orville and get rickrolled again. There’s no escape.


Toss a Coin to Your Witcher

Toss a Coin to Your Witcher as town tune
Source: epiphajinie

Not only is this song quite catchy, but it’s also a fitting island tune for anyone who has any Bell problems.

If you want to subtly tell your visitors to toss a few coins to you, this tune will say it for you. But for other tips on how to earn Bells, we’ve got you covered.


Mii Channel Theme

Mii Channel theme as an ACNH tune
Source: Swegger

Who could ever forget the playful-sounding theme of the Mii channel? It’s catchy, iconic, and fun! The Wii might be long gone, but its Mii channel theme can live on as an island tune.


Kirby (Green Greens Theme)

Kirby Green Greens theme as an ACNH tune
Source: Swegger

Add some Kirby cuteness to your island with this Green Green theme from the Kirby games. You can make yourself and your visitors feel like you’re out adventuring as Kirby! Oh, to be a pink ball of adorableness.


TLOZ Breath of the Wild (Tarry Town)

Many amazing Zelda songs can work as island tunes—from the Lost Woods theme to the Great Fairy Fountain song.

However, our pick goes to Tarry Town’s theme due to Animal Crossing’s similarities of building a town from the ground up!


Pokemon Main Theme

Pokemon fans, feel like the very best with this next Animal Crossing island tune! It’s Pokemon’s iconic musical motif, first used in Red and Blue’s opening tune and as an overall main theme in the games.

You won’t be catching Pokemon in Animal Crossing, but getting your “dreamie” rare villagers is close enough.


Pokemon Center Healing Theme

Pokemon has so many memorable tunes that it’s hard to pick just one. If its main theme is very recognizable among gamers, its Pokemon Center healing jingle is even more iconic.

Let this island tune heal you up whenever it plays.


Super Mario Bros (Overworld Theme)

Up next, we have the Overworld theme from the Super Mario Bros.

It’s simple and short, but oh-so iconic, and it goes very well with the official Mario items added in New Horizons. With a bit of creativity, you can even turn an area of your island into a Mario stage!


Animal Crossing New Horizons Theme

Back in 2020, New Horizons was a much-needed pick-me-up for everyone who was going through a tough time. Even now, it continues to be a source of comfort and joy to a lot of people.

And that’s exactly why its iconic musical motif is our pick for the best Animal Crossing island tune. It’s a cute reminder that this game is pretty awesome and loved by many.

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