Best Apex Legends Crosshair Settings (2023)

Get ready to become the Apex Predator with these Apex Legends crosshair settings.

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The crosshair is one of the most important aspects of any shooter game. It helps you stay consistent while dinking those heads, and Apex Legends is no different. Sometimes using aim trainers just isn’t enough. So maybe it’s time to finally optimize your Apex Legends crosshair settings and use one you’re comfortable with.

Having a visible and clear crosshair should be your number one priority in a game as fast-paced and tracking-based as Apex Legends. Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Here are our picks for the best Apex Legends crosshair settings to help you aim better.

Best Crosshair Settings for Apex Legends

Using the magenta pink crosshair on the training range targets

At first, Apex Legends didn’t allow for any adjustments to the crosshairs. Everyone just had to use the default white and red colors for hip fire and ADS. This resulted in players needing to use third-party apps to customize their Apex Legends crosshairs.

However, this all changed with the version 11.1 Patch released on December 7, 2021. This patch introduced a new custom reticle system that allowed players to customize the colors of their crosshairs.

Gone are the days when players needed to use color-blind options to make the crosshair more visible. Now, you can select from one of the recommended colors or enter your own RGB color. There are also some built-in backgrounds that can help you see exactly what your crosshair would look like in-game.

This new and welcome addition to the game can help you create your own custom Apex Legends crosshair. Choosing a crosshair color you are comfortable with can help you play better while increasing visibility. Here are the best Apex Legends crosshair settings that we recommend.


Light Blue Crosshair

Choosing the light blue crosshair color in the custom reticle settings

The light blue reticle is the first color on our list of the best Apex Legends crosshairs. This color easily stands out indoors. It’s especially easy to use inside caves, rooms, hallways, spaceships, bunkers, and trains, among many others.

Outdoors, it still stands out thanks to the darker colors present in Apex Legends, like the rock formations, bunker walls, and grass. It can blend in with the sky a bit because of their similar color, but nothing that can’t be handled with.

The light blue color maintains its visual clarity, regardless of the map you play on. This allows you to use a consistent crosshair whether you’re playing BR on Olympus or being more tactical in Arenas on Drop Off.

The light blue crosshair should work for most Legends in the game, thanks to its increased visual clarity. However, you might want to stay away from it when using characters like Valkyrie and Octane. This is because they can spend a significant time in the sky, which can mask the color.


Lime Green Crosshair

Choosing the lime green color in the custom reticle settings

The lime green crosshair can help your reticle become more visible in outdoor and indoor areas. The color is sort of the middle ground between yellow and green, making it perfect for players who can’t make up their minds.

It remains visible in light and dark areas, making it a great pick for beginners and advanced players. Thanks to its yellowish hue, it stands out against the other green sceneries like trees, leaves, and bushes. Its green color also helps it stands out against brighter surfaces like lava and fire.

Unfortunately, it can blend in quite a bit with grassy fields with direct sunlight shining on them. You can notice this sometimes on a map like World’s Edge. However, it isn’t that drastic and doesn’t turn the crosshair invisible, still making it a great choice. Plus, you’re rarely going to be staring directly at the ground anyway, so it should be much of a difference.

If you’re a Caustic main, you might want to give the other Apex Legends crosshairs on our list a try. This is because the toxic Nox gas coming out of your skills has a similar hue to the lime green crosshair, making it hard to see. But, Caustic’s Nox Vision passive does help you out a lot, so the crosshair can still work on

Caustic if you really like the color.


Default Green Crosshair

Choosing the default green crosshair color in the custom reticle settings

The default crosshair color in Apex Legends isn’t actually green. It’s either white or red, depending on the sights you use. However, the reason why we’ve named it “default green” is that this is the same color that’s usually used in other shooter games. The default Valorant crosshair is set to green, making Valorant players transitioning to Apex Legends feel right at home.

Default green is one of the most popular colors not only in Apex Legends but in most shooter games. This is because it’s a great color that’s easy to see, doesn’t blend in with most surroundings, and is easy on the eyes. Many popular Twitch streamers have definitely used a green crosshair at least once in their career.

As we’ve mentioned, the default green color crosshair in Apex Legends stands out in most environments, allowing for easy tracking. With the darker color palettes present in Apex Legends, the crosshair remains visible even among other green colors like grass, leaves, and bushes.

All players should be able to use the default green crosshair, regardless of the Legends they use. It’s also great on any map, whether from Battle Royale or Arenas. It’s definitely a great crosshair, and I highly recommend it for players coming from other shooter games.


Orange Crosshair

Choosing the orange color in the custom reticle settings

Next up, we have another bright reticle in the orange crosshair. It’s a great crosshair to use in most maps because it stands out in both indoor and outdoor areas. It’s easy to see against the bright room and bunker lights across all maps. Not to mention that it also stands out against the grassy terrain and rocky mountain ranges.

Unfortunately, the orange crosshair isn’t without its downsides. It can blend in with areas with too much sunlight and too bright for the crosshair. This includes areas with harsh sunlight, especially in open areas. It can also blend in with molten lava because of the brightness and color of the magma.

The orange Apex Legends crosshair should work well with most maps and Legends in the game. However, I suggest avoiding World’s Edge for Battle Royale and Overflow on Arenas if you plan on using the crosshair. This is because of the huge lava areas in those maps, which can make your crosshair hard to track.


Magenta Pink Crosshair

Choosing the magenta pink crosshair color in the custom reticle settings

The magenta pink crosshair is one of the best Apex Legends crosshairs to use for beginners and highly skilled players. It’s one of those colors that simply won’t get lost, no matter the background. This makes it a great choice, especially if you’re looking for a more unique crosshair color.

The pink preset found within the game’s settings is a little darker than the one we’ve included above. This is why magenta pink is easier to see in the brightest and darkest areas of the game. There are literally little to no backgrounds and scenes with a similar color palette to magenta pink, which is why it stands out from the rest.

This crosshair should pretty much do great with any map and any Legend. It shouldn’t cause any blending issues or visibility issues, allowing you to keep tracking those opponents and getting those eliminations.


Yellow Sun Crosshair

Choosing the yellow sun color in the custom reticle settings

Next, we have a yellow sun crosshair that’s nearly as bright as the sunshine. Even with its brighter and more vibrant color, this crosshair still stands out even in the brightest environments. It’s easy on the eyes and is great to track with. Yellow is also a popular color for Overwatch 2 crosshairs, allowing players from OW2 to feel right at home.

Surprisingly, the yellow sun Apex Legends crosshair doesn’t blend in with the game’s harsh sunlight and lava environments. This might be because of the overall darker color palette that Apex Legends has. At least, it works in our favor.

The yellow sun crosshair is brighter and more vibrant than the default yellow preset found in Apex Legends. This definitely helps it stand out in more areas. The yellow sun crosshair can blend in with Caustic’s Nox fumes, but it still remains visible, so it shouldn’t be a huge problem for the most part.


Fiery Red Crosshair

Choosing the fiery red crosshair color in the custom reticle settings

Finally, we’ve got the good old fiery red crosshair. It’s one of the darker-colored Apex Legends crosshairs on our list, making it soothing to the eyes. This is a huge contrast to the others we’ve mentioned above, but it still works as well as the others.

It easily stands out in both indoor and outdoor areas. This is especially true in the more vibrantly colored maps like Olympus, Storm Point, Kings Canyon, and Broken Moon. The list also includes Drop Off, Habitat 4, and Phase Runner for Arenas.

Fiery red is the Apex Legends crosshair that we highly recommend for CS:GO players. This is because red is a popular color for traditional CS:GO crosshairs because it stands out so much. During the early days, it was either red or green and no in between.

How To Change The Crosshair Settings in Apex Legends

Customizing your Apex Legends crosshair via the settings.

Of course, you can’t apply the Apex Legends crosshairs mentioned above if you don’t know how. So this section will focus on guiding you on how to change your crosshair settings in Apex Legends.

  1. Go to your Apex Legends settings by pressing ESC and selecting “Settings.”
  2. Find the “Reticle” option by scrolling down under “Gameplay.” Gameplay should be the first tab, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it.
  3. Click on “Customize.” This should take you to the custom reticle screen where you can change the color of your Apex Legends crosshair.
  4. From here, all you have to do is to enter your preferred crosshair color using the RGB values. You can also use the slider if you want to fine-tune the reticle color a bit more. After that, click “Apply,” and you should be good to go.

There are times when an “Unsafe Color Chosen” prompt will appear, depending on the RGB values you’ve entered. For the most part, you can simply just press “Yes” on this prompt, and the game will automatically find the closest visible color.

Respawn added this mechanic to avoid having invisible or nearly invisible crosshair colors. This is just due to the nature of how Apex processes sight colors, and there’s pretty much nothing they can do about it. At least, you’ll be 100% certain that you’re getting a visible crosshair in Apex Legends after hitting apply.

Can You Use Multiple Apex Legends Crosshair Colors?

Yes, you can actually use multiple colors as your Apex Legends crosshair. Unfortunately, there aren’t any profiles that you can save and quickly change through in the Apex Legends crosshair settings. But you can do it manually by using a config file that automatically loads once you enter the game and press a button.

To use multiple Apex Legends crosshair colors, you’ll need to use a cfg file with the different profiles saved. CS:GO veterans should know this trick because it’s the same method used to create a jump throw bind.

Follow these steps to create your own custom crosshair profiles:

  • Go to your Steam library and find Apex Legends.
  • Right-click on the game icon and select “Properties.”
Typing in "+exec crosshairprofiles" under launch options from the steam Apex Legends menu.
  • Under General, you should be able to find an option called “Launch Options.” Just type in “+exec reticlesprofiles" here. This allows you to enable and use the cfg file that we’re about to create.

Here are the steps to create a reticlesprofile cfg file:

  • Next, click on “Local Files” and select “Browse.” This should take you to the Apex Legends install folder.
Finding the local installation files via Steam
  • Find the “cfg” folder and double-click on it.
  • Create a new text document and name it “crosshairprofiles.”
  • Open the text document and type in the following lines:

bind "F1" "exec reticles"

bind "H" "reticle_color 10 255 210"

bind "J" "reticle_color 200 250 125"

bind "K" "reticle_color 70 255 70"

bind "L" "reticle_color 255 165 0"

bind "O" "reticle_color 255 0 255"

bind "P" "reticle_color 255 255 100"

bind "0" "reticle_color 200 50 50"

  • Next, click on “File” and select “Save as.”
Saving the config file as "crosshairprofiles."
  • Type in “crosshairprofiles.cfg” as the file name and select “All Files” as the file type, then click “Save.”

There you have it. You should now have a crosshair profiles config file.

How to Use the Apex Legends Crosshairs Config File

Typing in the various Apex Legends crosshair profiles in the config file.

To use the config file and the multiple crosshair profile colors that come with it, you simply have to launch the game and press “F1.” From there, you only have to press the pre-selected keybinds for each color, and it should instantly change from one color to the other.

The colors we’ve included in our version of the config file are the same ones that we’ve listed above. Here are each color and their respective keybinds:

Light BlueH
Lime GreenJ
Default GreeK
Magenta PinkO
Yellow SunP
Fiery Red0

These are just our pre-selected colors and keybinds. You are free to change them if you prefer other colors or keybinds. Simply change the respective characters to the keybinds that you like or the individual RGB values to your desired crosshair color.

You can also delete or create more Apex Legends crosshair profiles by removing lines or adding more by copying and pasting them.

What’s Next for the Apex Legends Crosshair Settings System?

The Apex Legends community has been asking for a robust crosshair customization system for a long time. The addition of custom reticle colors is definitely a huge step in the right direction and allows for a bit of personalization.

However, this system is still far away from other shooter games and how well they handle crosshair customization. Even the crosshair system in Splitgate is way better than what Apex Legends has. And that’s not even including games like Valorant or CS:GO, which both have fantastic crosshair customization options.

The game’s next logical step is bringing a custom crosshair system. This will definitely please the Apex Legends community and bring forward a whole new world of personalization to the game. It’s a staple in shooter games, and it’s surprising that Apex Legends still doesn’t have it a couple of years since it was released.

It’s unknown whether Respawn plans to add a full crosshair customization system to Apex Legends. Many players are already happy that they can at least change the color to their preferred one. For now, the community will just have to settle for having the same crosshair as everybody else.


Those were our picks for the best Apex Legends crosshair settings that you can use. Most of these are just color recommendations that can help make the reticles available in-game become more visible and easy to track.

Hopefully, Respawn Entertainment will add a custom crosshair system soon. If this happens, we’ll make sure to update our guide and add in more of the best Apex Legends crosshair settings.

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